Bi derdim varsa şişeler dostum olurdu evim bir arsa
Ne yapsam bilmiyorum nefesim daralsa bazen
İçimden taşsa öfkem kaçıp gitsem Mars’a
Keşke mesafeler cayır cayır yansa
Başımı kesip fırlatsam biraz da benden uzak kalsa

anonymous asked:

Hello! Have we ever seen Daryun with his hair loose, without a ponytail? It would be cute to see him like this, and a lovestruck Arslan touching his silky hair XD Congratulations on your drawings!

I actually like to think Daryun’s hair is a bit rough and dry because he doesn’t care for it as much but because the sight of a Daryun with his hair down is so rare, Arslan can’t help but practically beg Daryun to let him play with it. Afterwards, Daryun takes a bit more care just in case his highness wants to play with it again (yes, Arslan wants)