97leo  asked:

hi!! answer this with ten random facts about yourself, then pass it on to ten of your favorite followers.

1. I got food poisoning this weekend. It was just like it sounds.

2. I have the best bad luck in the entire world. This means shitty things happen to me, but always in the best way they can happen. It’s kind of a wonder to watch in action.

3. I really like nutella on toast.

4. I also really like trashy rom-coms, like Chasing Liberty, which I watched yesterday.

5. My brother is currently studying for his SATs. As such, I text him one vocabulary word a day. He generally sends me back insults using the vocab word.

6. I spent last weekend babysitting my two cousins and watched approximately seventeen-thousand episodes of Calliou.

7. My family just bought a house in Florida. It is probably unhealthy, the amount of vacations I’ve already planned there.

8. Ten facts should not be this hard to come up with.

9. I have a very large scar on my right forearm from that time I burnt myself cooking. It reminds me that I probably should never be cooking.

10. I haven’t read any James/Lily in ages. Someone write me a drabble. Which doesn’t make this a fact, really, more of a request. Or an order. So let’s say: I really wish someone would write me a drabble.