whoops jessie tagged me ages ago but i’m only just getting round to doing it

  • nickname: katie
  • star sign: virgo
  • gender: female
  • height: 5′3″ at a stretch
  • time and date: 27th June, 23:51
  • average amount of sleep: 5-7, i’m trying to stick to that
  • lucky number: 6
  • last thing I googled: multichaptered mcdanno fic (cough)
  • how many blankets do you sleep with: my duvet and a thick blanket
  • favorite fictional characters: capheus, jude foster, mariana foster, arrya stark, benedick hobbes just off the top of my head
  • favorite books: the last battle by c s lewis, gone by michael grant, and the toymaker (amazingly creepy if you love that stuff) by jeremy de quidt
  • favorite musician: taylor swift (i know, so basic)
  • last movie i saw in the cinema: age of adeline (surprisingly enjoyable)
  • dream holiday: east coast of america, in particular new york
  • dream job: college media teacher

i tag tamy, ashley, lucy and stacy, and whoever else fancies it :)

Cain is dead. That’s how far I’ve gotten with Arrya. As I enterred the Caves of Araenae (did I spell that right?) I came across spiders outside the caves. I don’t remember these spiders being here before. Guess they added that with ROS. Also, the cheap vendor was there so I got 100 healing potions (I think I bought 87, because I already had 13). I also noticed that the potions are no longer 500/250 coins, but are rather 100/50. That’s a nice touch, although now the gems are exponentially more expensive to combine and remove…ugh!