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Nickname: Arrya/Monty/Livvy/anything you want to call me

Gender: Genderfluid (any pronouns)

If I had a cat in would name it: chairman meow or whichever neko atsume cat it looks like

Height: 5′9″/ 175cm

Hogwarts House: i think hufflepuff its been so long since i looked

Favorite color: any shade of blue or green

Time right now: 6:22pm

Average hours of sleep: lately, 5-7 hours depends on the day

Last thing I googled: emerald puppet man (i forgot Kakyoin’s name)

Fictional character I want as a younger sibling: It would be funny to have Jotaro as my younger sibling

Blankets I sleep with: 1

Favorite bands/artists: Twenty One Pilots Panic! At the disco and Imagine Dragons

Dreams trip: Anywhere that isn’t America

What I’m wearing right now: shorts and my new super awesome game of thrones shirt with A HOCKEY STICK SO COOL RIGHT??

How many blogs I follow: 461

What do I post about: whatever im hyperfocused on

Pick a word that starts with the first letter of your name and ends with the last letter of your tumblr url: A and N: an (how unique wow such word choice)

Do I get asks on a daily basis: no but i can see why

Why did you pick your tumblr url: i love monty python and being gay

tagging: @onlyslightlycynical @shirolovesyoubaby @irl-zer0 @alittleyama @maidofheart5 and anyone else because lets be honest im lazy