AAAAAAH! So this is a shoot that has been a LONG time coming! I got to do Sunflowyr bunnies with @burnxgold!!! Sadly we had some issues, I lost my apron and Burn her buttcape (she improvised from her regular Yang costume) BUT I AM STILL REALLY HAPPY FOR THIS! Photos were taken by the super amazing @lacee-girl

We have wanted to do this shoot for a long time because we both think the ship is cute and we really wanted to do this for @chiicharron who drew pretty much all the RWBunnies! (Yang’s design was by @chichenbutt ) We know how much she loves Sunflowyr, and got us into the ship.

So thank you Arrya for drawing such inspired and amazing designs and introducing us to a wonderful ship! We really love your work!



when your ex is a fuckboy❤️


(Robb x Reader)

Request:  Imagine being Tyrion’s little sister but you’re more like a tomboy (like Arrya) which displeases Cersi to a great extent but you catch the eye of Robb Stark when he visits his father in KIng’s Landing (even though it didn’t really occur in the show)


“Arya!” You shouted behind her, running through the castle together.  

If there was one thing you were happy about it was the Starks coming to King’s Landing. It had been so boring around here. Your sister Cersei always reminding you how to act properly, Jaime backing her up and Tyrion being ignored like always. You were the youngest of them, nearer to Myrcella’s age but your sister didn’t necessarily like you hanging around her kids because she thought you had a bad influence on them. Like Joffrey needed any bad influence he was literally the devil himself.

Arya dashed away, out of the castle and into the yard. You followed her, rushing around a corner and down the steps only to stop abruptly at the bottom when you saw someone blocking your way. You tried to stop yourself from falling but it didn’t work quite well. Luckily the handsome stranger at the end of the stairs caught you.

“Careful.” He says, letting go of you when your feet are safely on the ground again.



“You wouldn’t be Robb Stark would you?”


“Oh great…my sister will kill me for making a scene like this.” You could already hear her scolding you in your mind. ‘That’s no proper way to great a lord’ or 'What were you doing running around with that kid again’. Always the same.  

“Your sister…?”

“The queen.”

He starts to laugh, taking a closer look at you. You weren’t really dressed like someone of high birth today.

“Your Cersei’s sister? I have to say I can’t see the resemblance.”

“I’ll  just take that as a compliment.” You say, making a pouting face at him.

“It was meant as one.”

“Thanks.” A smile appears on your face and you move aside to let Robb and his men pass. You really couldn’t understand your families distaste for the Starks and the North. You liked every one of them, they were nice and loyal people. Probably too good for King’s Landing, honesty wasn’t something many people possessed here.

“Don’t worry about your sister. I’ll just act like I’ve never seen you before. Will that work?” He says with amusement and starts walking up the stairs.

“Sure, works for me.” You shout behind him.

You make your way to look for Arya after he’s gone and out of sight. She would be happy to see her brother again.  

“You like her don’t you?” Theon says to Robb with a smirk when they’re gone.

“Now why would you think that?” He replies with amusement.

“I know you. She was cute and you’ll happily piss off the queen any chance you get.”

“That is true.”  

The Heroes Gambit

Juggling a long con, several disguises and a chance at revenge,  Vox Machina’s second casino night may turn out to be much more lucrative than the first

For the CritRole Reverse Bang, to match @curriebelle​‘s beautiful art

It turned out slightly longer than 2,000 words. For ease of reading it is also on AO3

The Luck’s Run casino was always bustling. In the five days she’d been staying there, she had yet to see it truly in a lull. Tonight, though, it seemed as if half Marquet was pressed together on the floor. The promise of a new performer and a duel in the fighting pits tomorrow encouraged all kinds of people to part with their hard won coin.

She, on the other hand, was afforded a little more breathing space. Being a high roller and a valued client kept a seat reserved for her at her favored game and a bouncer’s discouraging eye on the riff raff - which was part of why she looked up in surprise when someone pulled out the seat beside her.

“Is the Lady feeling favorable tonight?” the intruder asked, his accent smooth and sounding of somewhere far away.

He was handsome and pale, with aristocratic features and a shock of white hair that stood out starkly against his clothing. If his accent hadn’t marked him as an outsider, his clothing would have; no one in Marquet wore black in such a way. Next to his monochrome appearance, the vivid blood red of her dress stood out even more.

“Avandra’s blessings are fleeting this evening,” she replied evenly, unsure whether the strange man was worthy of her time. “The goddess’s favour comes and goes at no one’s will.”

“So it always is with gods. But it’s your favour I’m devoted to earning.” His smile was charming enough and despite her better judgement, she warmed a little.

“Devoted, hmm?”

“Of course.” He glanced at the table and back at her, his gaze pausing on the neckline of her dress just long enough to be flattering before he met her eyes again. “After all, if I wish to play, it seems I am at your mercy.”

She chuckled and shrugged the fur stole from her shoulders, leaving her decolletage invitingly bare. “I do like a man who knows his place.” Tipping her head just slightly toward the table and the poised dealer, she indicated he should sit. “For the moment though, you may as well join the game.”

She waited until he’d pulled out his chair before holding out a hand to stop him. “You have played before?”

Rather than pause, he simply took her hand in his own as he sat. “Played and won. Might I know your name? Or shall I simply refer to you as the Goddess of Beauty?

That was laying it on a little thick, but she permitted herself a small smile. “Countess Velora Whitewood of Kymal.”

The name rolled easily off Vex’s tongue after five days of constant use.

“I am Frederick,” Percy said as he bowed over her hand and pressed his lips to her knuckles through the gloves that Vex had worn to hide her archer’s calluses. “Delighted to meet you.”

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anonymous asked:

No rebellion. Ned and Ashara living in Dorne and Ned adjusting to a different lifestyle. Like being a consort to his wife, Robb and his paramours, Sansa carrying a dozen daggers under her revealing dress and Arrya wanting to joust.

I hate Ned/Ashara. I’m sure there are plenty of other writers who could fill this prompt, but not me. Sorry.