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So can we just appreciate @balthasar02 ’s amazing art?? Because I love his artstyle so much, and I think it deserves some love and appreciation. Also, look at the new character Eureka, she’s so gorgeous and badass. And a rare image of Arris smiling!! And our little Luna looking sweet as always.

Ahh I’m fangirling so much I’m dying!
<i>Arrested Development</i>'s Crazy, Existential Message: We're All In This Together

This is a show about liars—twins switching identities to make a buck, kids pretending to be moguls, moguls pretending to be altruists, cheaters cheating on cheaters. By fragmenting the narrative into a half-dozen or so points of view, by withholding info from the viewer at the same time as characters withhold it from each other, the program makes us appreciate just how all this lying works, how levels of deception accumulate until it’s nearly impossible to remember where the truth really is.