The one with the royality

I live in a country where this plant is condemned not to live. There are very strong rules against it, it is heavily mointored, and the arrsets are high as fuck (pun intended).

Today we embraked on a journey of seeking the different reailty. While on our journey we have encountered a group of people who turned out to be royality.

It was a late session and some might say that this was a boost to support the first one. It was long. It was vivid. It was royality reality.

The first car was marked with red, a code red for our journey. The debate between slow and go was harsh, and our escape wasn’t a total sucess. The next one was bigger(, and bigger). Then there were four, in a lot of different shapes and forms. It was a whole damn scary convoy. We don’t want to mess with the wrong people now, would we?!

We look to where they were headed, and we though it was the father of family, the king. A tiny check of the surroundings reveal that it was one of the kids. It was royality.

It was royality. It was royality.