Tunézia biztonságáról (?) már sikerült meggyőznöm a barátnőimet,

emberfeletti rábeszélő képességemmel, -meg azzal, hogy buknánk a befizetett összeg 90%-át.:P-, így már csak arra várunk, hogy egyikük APUKÁJA is igent mondjon, omfg, mint az oviban: Izébácsi, Brigi átjöhet hozzánk? 
Arrrgh. Ha ez a nyaralás mégis összejön, bontok egy Bollingert.



While in Paris for Capsule recently, I stopped by the ARRRGH!* Monstres De Modes (Monsters of Fashion) exhibition at the Gaite-Lyrique.  The exhibition explores how contemporary fashion takes the human body and constantly morphs and transforms it into unknown, bizarre and often monstrous shapes. That may sound like a critique but it’s actually a techni-color celebration of the experience of fashion and how it can set us free in so many ways. Designers featured include Alexander McQueen,Craig Green, Walter Van Beirendonck,  and loads more.

I know some of you are enthusiastic about this future illustration so, one more WIP before final result ;p

Started over her body like one hundred times, trying to find a good balance between stylized anatomy and good looking proportion regardind to classical anatomy :) But I think I’m good to go and render now don’t you think?


PPS: yes there will be crows…because they are cool and help for composition xD


Arrrgh, I need this. Best looking Adventure Time game yet. 


The soundcheck for West End Live. Oh.

  • Sehun:I saw some pictures where you were eating with your friend ..
  • Tao:I saw your instagram post too..
  • Sehun:It's been a long time since we had a eating outside
  • Tao:Yeah,i think of that too.Should we go on a date when i come back?A romantic one,with candles and bubble tea.What do you think baby?
  • Sehun:I would love it.
  • Tao:Then i can't wait for that day
  • Sehun:I hope you come back soon
  • Tao:I hope to see you soon
  • Sehun:I love you
  • Tao:Forever and always.

friendlytroll asked:

ahhhhhhh I didnt know its random. ALSO THE SUN MACHINE IS SO TERRIFYING AND WORRISOME. SO. SO WORRISOME. its in the top five most worrisome zee locations.

Yeah I mean I wish it had taken a lot longer so I could have saved up for a better ship, arrrgh.

So worrisome. I zailed down there to get a look at it and wasn’t quite prepared for the ship’s log to suddenly be filled with THE SUN. THE SUN. THE SUN. THE S- (you get the idea).

Also the guy in charge of the Grand Geode drugged Fran’s tea with SOMETHING and xe got a point of the “yearning, burning” menace. Somehow more alarming than that was the sign in the port which used to have “station IV” (I think?) on it which was crossed out. Station III is WEIRD ENOUGH, you can’t be telling me they were doing the same thing there but went rogue. What the absolute piss are the people down in the southeast corner of the Zee doing. WHAT ARE THEY DOING.

Ano kaya?
  • Ano nga kaya? Kaya? Subukan ko kaya? Pagsubok din eh. Subukan ko ngang mag-purong sariling wika ngayon.
  • X:Paalam inay, ako'y yayao na patungong pamantasan.
  • Y:Nang-aasar ka ba?! Anong meron sayo? Anak? Anak!
  • So help me God.
  • X:Kaibigan, ikaw ba'y nakakuha na ng mga babasahin para sa ating agham panlipunan? Nais ko sanang masulyap kung ito'y ayon sa yaong kalooban.
  • Y:Arrrgh! Ano sabi mo? P$t@#@&%*!! Gulpihin kita!! Ayusin mo salita mo!