I’m so tired of seeing posts that make fun of teachers for not knowing how to use technology, like…EXCUSE YOU, but THIS teacher can do graphic design-level shit and literally grew up with the evolution of the computer, so kindly go back to Snapchatting your friends and posting selfies on Facebook and whining on Tumblr (which were all invented by my generation, by the way. you’re welcome) and give your teachers some credit for what they do. Humph.


Muwahahahaaaa! Just try to stop me! [pounces at and splashes powdery snow in the two small digimon’s faces]

Oh no!!! Oh nooooo!!!! Cheep cheep!

You’ll never get away with this! I got my… My snow ball rocket! Bam!
[Chucks a snowball at Flamon]

Arrrgh, I’m hit! But two can play at that game!
[throws snow balls back at Pengimon]


Ooooooh, I get it. They’re playing.


… I knew that.

But what about the ice wall?

You don’t suppose these kids made it??

Nahhh…. But… Maybe….?


[A familiar voice]:
Pengimon! Hyokomon! What did I tell you youngins about running on off into the wastelands!

!!! Th-That voice!

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Do you think McCree would be like a sibling to Angela? Lots of art has him being a brother figure to Fareeha which is cute dont get me wrong but Jesse and Angela were both teenagers picked up by OW and ARRRGH i want more interactions ;-;

YES!! Angela and Jesse are actually my main Overwatch brotp. I hc that they were really close in the original Overwatch; they might have been very different people but their circumstances were quite similar (17-year-olds picked up by OW and given adult responsibilities) and I think this formed the basis of their friendship. They act like bickering siblings half the time but they really do care about each other and are always willing to lend an ear. Also Reinhardt definitely called them “the twins” as a joke when they were young, ok

OMFG ALL MY SHIPS IN THIS EPISODE WERE ON FIRE !!! Luna/Matteo, Gaston/Nina and Simon/Ambar !!!!!!

Seriously Gaston is so sweet this blind dance was so cute Nina felt in love all over again in his arms.

Luna just can’t resist to Matteo anymore did you see how she react to his touch?? So much chemistry.



Back when music videos meant something…

Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! - Delinquente


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Arent u scared of going crazy liking ppls stuff?

Arrrgh, Anon, why u do dis to meh???

i am absolutely 199,000% terrified. I feel kinda like a nuisance. I really hope I’m not bothering anyone because I’d feel like a dick and a shithead.

Buuut I like it when people like my stuff, so why shouldn’t I like theirs?

Please. If you don’t want me spamming the shit out of your blogs, tell me. It may not seem like it, but I am a tad self-conscious about going crazy with my mouse… I’d never want to make anyone uncomfortable.
Anon, if you, too, are a victim of my click-y sprees and don’t appreciate or are not okay with it, let me know in a message! I’ll be sure to stop right away. No hard feelings <3

Still… Thanks for the question, Anon!

So Much Down Here

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i know I’ve been terrible! Exams! Life! Stuff! I have literally loads of plot ideas running through my head for so many ships and they’re all competing for attention ARRRGH but I’ve decided to give priority to my lovely gay babies (my gaybies?) first. This scene just… did its own thing. What’s the point of it? I don’t know. But whatever because it took me ages and I’m not redrafting it again.
Also title reference to Yellow Flicker Beat bc I’m pretentious

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incoming whining and bitching that no one cares about

so I just watched the video about butch hartman drawing the danny phantom trio 10 years later and I’m kind of upset? I don’t want a reboot or a continuation. I want to make up my own future for them, like I have been since I was in 7th grade. I’m just frustrated because this is gonna become the new canon and no one is going to pay attention to my fanfic of their future because it’s gonna directly contradict canon. I haven’t posted it online yet because I’m still polishing it–it matters that much to me–and arrrgh.