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A jungkook scenario in which he is your best friend, and you have to bail him out of dangerous situations constantly, even if it means putting your feelings aside.

Genre: Fluff and angst


The next week passed in a blur. Monday turned into Tuesday, Tuesday into Wednesday, and before you knew it, it was Thursday. You still hadn’t spoke to jungkook, nor had you paid him any mind as you saw him on campus. Why should you care? A break is a break right? That’s what you had to tell yourself at least. Every time you passed him in the hall, heard girls whispering his name, or had a class with him, you felt a tug at your conscience. You felt the need to talk to him, to ask how he is or see if he was staying healthy. But every time you did, the thought of yelling at him that night replayed in your head like a broken record. It taunted you in the day, and crept into your dreams at night. You weren’t going to let your conscious get the better of you though, not this time.You needed to finally stand up for yourself, and what better time than the present. 


The end of the school day came sooner than you had hoped. That meant your hardest final was fast approaching, and of course it was your worst subject: history. Everyone had left school for the day, but here you were, heading to the library to bury your nose in stories from the past. You internally groaned at the thought of it. Reading was a hobby of yours, but when it came to history, you couldn’t absorb the words on the page. You have tried taking notes and making flash cards in the past, but your efforts were futile. 

 "Welcome back __________“ the librarian greeted as you entered your home for the next few hours. 

She was used to your presence here, especially when finals rolled around. You waved back in response before heading to your favorite table by the window. It was hidden behind the shelves of math related texts, so it was never occupied. It sat next to a window that overlooked the school courtyard. It was a peaceful place for you during this week of stress. However, nothing was peaceful about the history book laying in front of you. It was menacing as it called your name, practically laughing at your inability to memorize the words. 

 "Stupid book” you muttered to yourself. 

 You opened to the first page and stared blankly at the words. It was almost as if they were in a foreign language. 

 "Arrrgghhh" you grumbled, running your hands through your hair with frustration. It hadn’t been 6 minutes and your were already over studying. 

 "Not a fan of history, are we?“ Asked a voice as smooth as silk. You looked up and saw none other than Oh Sehun standing in front of you. He was glorious really, the way he stood with his broad shoulders and perfect hair. It was a wonder you weren’t attracted to him like all the other girls at your school. 

 "I hate history so much. I can read the page 100 times and only remember the first sentence of the text. It’s so fustrating.” You replied, slamming your head on the desk. A melodious laugh filled your ears at your antics. You looked through your lashes and saw him laughing at you. His smile was beautiful. If you didn’t know any better, you would say it was almost charming.

 "How about I help you cram in the rest of the material for tomorrow? I am a history whiz afterall" he spoke, pulling out the chair across from you. You couldn’t deny what he said. He always had the highest mark in history when the test scores came out. But it did seem odd considering he hated jungkook, and you were jungkook’s best friend.

 "Why would you want to help me?“ You questioned, curiosity getting the best of you. He leaned back in the chair, running a hand through his golden locks. 

Because I like you." 

 You forgot how to breathe for a moment, but quickly regained your composure before he could notice. 

 "You-you what?” Dammit! Why am I stuttering.

 "I like you, simple as that. I just never approached you because you were always with jungkook. I always thought you were an item, but seeing as how he fucked my sister and my ex girlfriend this week, I think it’s safe to say I was wrong.“ You noted how he said ex girlfriend. They must have broken up because of jungkook. 

 "No we aren’t an item, never were. As a matter of fact, I’m not even talking to him at the moment.” You don’t know why, but the words spilled from your lips. Being open was not what you were like at all. If anything you were so closed off, you came off as cold. That’s why you didn’t have any girlfriends, you were the ice queen. The freak who only liked jungkook. The school outcast really. But for some reason, you were comfortable with Sehun, even though he was your polar opposite. 

 "Is that so?“ He asked with a smirk, "maybe I came at just the right time.”

His hand reached across the table and tucked a stray hair behind your ear. It was obvious he was flirting, but you would be lying if you said you didn’t like it. It made you feel special, and gave you butterflies, something you didn’t think you could feel outside of jungkook. You weren’t complaining though. If this is what it took to forget about jungkook for a while, then so be it. 


 Jungkook was walking to his locker after class had ended. Normally he would meet you here, but after your argument, he hadn’t seen you. It made him sad not having you around. He missed how your smile always brightened his day, how no matter how tired you were, you always made sure he was doing well. You were a caring person and had the biggest heart of anyone he knew. It made him feel lonely not having you around. He tried to fill the void by sleeping with 3 girls on the cheer squad, but it didn’t help. If anything, it made it worse. He felt as if all the air was leaving his lungs slowly. The sleep he used to find so easily seemed further away from him at night. He felt as if a part oh him was missing. He knew it was because he lost the light in his life. He felt like an idiot for abusing your friendship. He felt like an idiot for abusing you. Jungkook wanted you back in his life, no.. he needed you. He would be damned if he didn’t try to make things right today. 

He slammed his locker shut with a new found hope and made his way towards the library. He wasn’t allowed inside anymore due to some atrocious acts he committed with the librarian’s assistant in the atlas section, but he did know that if you were there, he would see you in your favorite seat by the window. He was making his way through the courtyard, excitement growing by the second as your window neared. Just as he thought. There you were sitting in your favorite seat. You weren’t alone though. He couldn’t quite see who was with you due to the glare, so he moved to get a better view. There you sat with the last person he wanted to see: Oh Sehun. He watched as his enemy reached across the table and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. Anger and jealousy boiled within him as his hands clenched into tight fists. He practically shook with raw hatred as the scene unfolded in front of him. If Oh Sehun thought he had a chance with you, he had another thing coming.


A/N: Sorry this took so long T.T I got so caught up in the holidays that I didn’t realize i never posted the next part. Please enjoy. I hope it is a length you all like. ^^

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omgomgomg so in my English class we have a project that's like "who would you cast to play who for a movie rendition of a Midsummer nights dream" and shit and I wanna put Eddie in there summer but I have James McAvoy, Harry Lloyd, and Jensen Ackles and arrrgghhh (you have to pick someone that's played a role similar to that character (ex. The pretty boy that everyone wants is Demetrius [my opinion] totally Dean Winchester so I picked Jensen) LMFAO HELP

I’m just picking Eddie because it’s Eddie lol I’m no help.

Sonamy Week Day 2: Blanket

Sonamy Week (Oct 12-16, 2015)

Day 2: Blanket

I actually got the idea to make this a sequel of my story for Day 1. Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

Sonic, with Amy in his grasp, kicked open the door to their dwelling. Amy made the Piko Piko Hammer disappear so the two could make it through the door as she was cradled bridal style. Sonic gently set her down and immediately began to shake like the wet animal he was to detach any loose water that still clung to him. “Gah, Sonic!!” Amy shouted as she shielded her face from the shower of stray water. “Not in the house!”

Sonic’s shake came to a stop and he stood as he continued to drip a little bit. “Sorry Ames.” He grinned a pleadingly.

“Wait here you wet-hog while I get you a towel to dry yourself with.” As she walked off, she too did a little habit of her own to ward away any stray droplets that latched onto her.

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#26: Injury

(A/N: Finally, Part 3 of my OiKise College AU is up!!! If you haven’t yet, please read Part 1 here or Part 2 here! Thanks!)

Pairing: OiKise

‘\(O.o)’ Look to your left.

Kise swiftly turned to his left, beaming when he saw a man with a mask, baseball cap, and sunglasses running towards him while waving vigorously.

“Ryoutacchi!!!” Oikawa yelled, skidding to a stop in front of his “boyfriend.”

“Toorucchi!” Kise exclaimed, jumping on Oikawa for a hug. “You finally learned to wear a baseball cap!” The blonde chuckled, watching as the brunette took the cap off and ruffled his hair.

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I was having this thought for a couple of days and I couldn’t resist drawing it.  So the thought was that Underfell!Sans and UF!Pap somehow (MAGIC) found thenselves at the original timeline. So long story short: both sans (because in me headcanon they are both ex-scints-nerds) and alphys working on the machine to return them back but this is taking alot of time. They were working on it for something like week and get really tired of this crap so they decided to take a  day off.  Alphys probably went to watch some anime and both UT!Pap went with UF!Pap to show him undyne’s training. And both Sans were left by there one in a huge empty house. So I like to think that UF!sans is the youngest brother and UF!pap is the oldest one, which is the complete opposite of my undertale headcanon. And because of Pap controlling him that much he never had a chance to stuff himself and that’s why it was so easy for ut!sans to force him in burger eating competition. They went to grillby’s and ordered there as many burgers as they can carry (they were packet int thouse purple boxes. why purple? idn). 
At first everything went ok. They were eating, watching tv, making puns (which uf!sans can do only if uf!pap isn’t around). But then in some moment shit get reall. and they started literelly stuffing themselves to to show who’s the burger boss. Uf!Sans had a little experience in this kind of stuff but hes a greedy little bastard  + he’s brother told him hundreds times that he not just “shouldn’t” - he CAN’T loose to anyone. So he forced himself to eat twice as much as the second sans, ignoring the pain and the fact that he was already past his limit. He ended up with a huge massive painfull belly and no fucking clue what to do in this situation and how to easy the pain. Also he won.
And I couldn’t resist and added a shitty sketch about the pap’s reactions to it.
And why is UF!Sans in pink sweter? IDN I just thought that sadistic mad psycho in pink sweater is a cute thing. (And why is UT!Sans is behind the sofa? Actually i wanted to draw both of them with bellys but when i finished with UT!Sans the power go down and my PC switched of without saving it. I get really mad and just wasn’t filling to doing the whole thing again (also this is the reasone of lazy coloring work))
Aaaaand sorry for all mistakes, I’m trying. (ARRRGGHHH!!! Why is it so difficult to write in english?! Maybe instead of that all you guys just learn russian? That will be easyer for everyone! What do you mean “NO”? C’mon guys it’s not that hard!)

Freaking group of neurotypicals sittin a couple paces away from me…

“Oh yeah I might have ADHD, uhhhh Attention…Defective??? Hyper Disorder??? Yeah, is that what it’s called?? Yeah yeah that’s it. I’m just gonna say I have it, though I’m like NEVER gonna go to a doctor about it haha. Oh really, why not? If you did you could get like serious money if you told people you had it, everyone has it these days!!!!”



In case you missed the original post, here’s what’s going on.  

And here are all the other stories so far!

ARRRGGHHH!!!! It’s finished, I did it woohoo!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed it :) Sorry the last few stories were a little later than expected.  I’ve had a wonderful vacation writing for so many different ships, most of which I’ve never done before, but honestly?  It was so lovely to come home to my darling Harry and Draco <3

I changed my mind about this fic a few times, and in the end, I went from the heart.  When it doubt, get out the feels :D

1.8K words, no smut.  Picture set by me, though I don’t own the images.  Featuring Sean O’Pry and Harry, and Boyd Holbrook as Draco.  

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And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

  Harry wasn’t sure why he still did this to himself.  

  Year after year he came back.  It wasn’t that he did or didn’t want to, it was that he couldn’t not.  Not since that first time with Hermione in the snow, realising it was Christmas Eve as they stood in the square in Godric’s Hollow, staring at the monument built to Harry and his parents.

  Every year he came.  And every year it seemed a little colder.

  He knew come morning he would find himself at the Burrow, almost suffocating with happy cries of love and family as the extended Weasleys made him even more welcome than they did the rest of the year.  He knew he would be hugged and fed and teased, and he would be surrounded by nothing but life.

  He wasn’t sure if that was part of the bribe.  Of why allowed himself to come and stand alone on the night of the 24th, and lose himself for a while in his grief.

  He liked to think his parents were watching him all the time (well…maybe not all the time, he’d rather his mother not see him in the shower).  But in moments like this, where he reached out to them, he hoped they saw, and that it made them happy.  He hoped Sirius was there too, maybe with Remus and Tonks.  He hoped they had each other.  

  He took a shuddery breath as a cold tear slid down his face.  He never cried for them anymore, not in many years.  As the wounds from the war and the final battle healed Harry had vowed to live his life fully, honour the dead by celebrating the here and now.  But on Christmas Eve, he let himself be just a little sad.

  “I miss you,” he said quietly.  He knew he’d never really known his mum and dad enough to miss them, but he felt like he had through Sirius and Remus.  But them he did miss, deeply, along with Tonks, and Fred Weasley, and his beloved Hedwig…

  Another tear slipped down his cheek and he let a small sob rattle his chest. He wished he didn’t feel like he had to do this to himself, but there seemed no other way to get through Christmas Day and all its joy without succumbing to the guilt if he didn’t.  The only way he allowed himself that happiness was if he remembered those who had sacrificed themselves for him to be there in the first place.  He got to have a Christmas, because so many others no longer could.

  In the early years he had also visited his parents’ graves as well, but that had proven to be too much.  He needed the warm glow of the street lights, the chatter of passers-by, the rumble of traffic, otherwise, his thoughts drifted too far into the darkness.

  It was late now though, so most of the Muggles had headed home to prepare for the excitement of the morning.  Not that they paid much mind to the young man stood vigil at what they thought to be a water fountain.  

  If any wizards or witches had ever seen him over the years, they had mercifully let him be.

  Until now.

  “I understand if you want to be alone,” the voice said softly beside him.

  Harry didn’t react visibly.  Part of him wasn’t surprised, but a part of him jumped internally with several different emotions.  He was both surprised and not, scared and happy, resistant and welcoming.

  No one had ever acknowledged his little ritual, despite knowing full well about it. He smiled to himself though as he turned to his new companion.  Because if anyone was going to ignore Harry’s unspoken request, of course it was going to be Draco Malfoy.

  “Hi,” Draco said gently, a smile tugging at his lips.  “I hope you don’t mind, but, Hermione explained what you were doing – what you do every year apparently.”

  Harry sighed as the wind ruffled both their hair.  “And you thought you’d come and talk some sense to me?” he asked ruefully. He knew someone should, it had been a long time coming after all.

  But Draco shook his head.  “No,” he said, looking back up at the stone-carved baby Harry.  “I came to keep you company.”

  Snow was gathering on the Potters’ heads, and Harry shivered in his coat.  Draco huffed at this, and discreetly flicked his wand, enveloping them both in a warming charm.  

  Harry managed a smile.  “Thank you,” he said genuinely.  

  They stood a while in comfortable silence, looking up at the monument.  Harry had always firmly believed this was something he wanted to do by himself, that it was his burden to bear alone.  But he couldn’t help but admit that it was nice to have Draco with him now, as strange as that might seem.

  They weren’t the same two boys they were during the war.  Those boys had both been pushed by greater powers than they understood to play parts they couldn’t comprehend, and after the dust had settled, a surprising bond had crept between them.  They were both survivors, and all the petty reasons they had fought in the past had slowly melted away until Harry realised one day that he actually cared quite deeply for his former rival.  

  “Thank you,” he said again.

  Draco, ever the smart arse, gave him a fond little smirk.  “I’m just standing here, Potter,” he said, but the words were warm. “Not all that difficult.”

  “You know what I mean,” Harry said, rolling his eyes.  “Prat.”

  Draco nudged his shoulder with his own, and Harry found himself leaning in closer.  “Do you talk to them?” Draco asked in a voice so small it almost got lost in the snowflakes drifting to the ground.  

  Harry swallowed and inhaled slowly.  “Sometimes,” he said.  “There’s not really much new to say.”

  He felt the gloved hand slip into his own, and he stilled in shock and fear.  “Nonsense,” said Draco as if this was perfectly normal behaviour.  “I’m sure they’d love to know how brilliantly you’ve been doing at work.  Did you know that Mr and Mrs Potter?  He got another promotion.  He’s going to be Head Auror before you know it.”

  Harry laughed, it was small and incredulous, but there was a tiny amount of delight mixed in there too.  “I think that’s getting a little ahead isn’t it?” he said to Draco, who only glanced at him as he focused on the statues of his parents cradling the infant version himself.  

  “Nah,” said Draco grinning.  “You’re just being modest – he’s so modest Lily,” he said scornfully to Harry’s mum. “James – you’ll be thrilled to know he’s still beating me at Quidditch every chance he gets – his team trounced us at the inter-department tournament this year.”

  “You bet I did,” Harry did, squeezing Draco’s hand through their gloves, still not believing he was being allowed to do so.  More than that though, he couldn’t quite believe he was smiling, that the cold tears were drying on his cheeks.  “I love seeing that look on your face when I catch the snitch.”

  “I let you catch it,” said Draco.  “I love seeing the look on your face when you win.”

  They were staring at each now, and Harry wasn’t sure whether Draco was joking.  He didn’t really sound like he was.  “Oh,” he said nervously.  

  Draco seemed nervous too, but a little smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.  “Don’t your parents know how lovable you are?” he asked, raising an eyebrow as his voice wavered ever so slightly.  “Do they know how the room lights up when you enter? Do they know how you go out of your way to make people feel good about themselves?  Do they know,” he said, turning and stepping just a little closer. “That there’s no one else in the whole world quite like you?”

  Harry swallowed as the snow swirled around them, settling in the tendrils of Draco’s fine, pale hair, making his silvery eyes sparkle.  “Draco…?” he said, not really knowing what question he was asking.

  Draco bit his lip, and tentatively reached out his free hand to take Harry’s other one. “Hermione said you always do this every year, and you want to be alone.  But I couldn’t stand the thought of you being lonely.  And I realised, I don’t ever want you to feel alone.  I wanted to tell you…to finally tell you…that…”

  He blinked several times, unable to hold Harry’s gaze, instead looking to the flecks of snow resting on their boots.  “Yes?” Harry breathed, heart in his mouth.  

  Draco took a deep breath, and looked back up.  “I wanted to tell you that I’m here.  I’m right here and I don’t want you to be alone, to be lonely.  I want you,” he faltered but clenched his jaw, refusing to give up.  “I want you to be with me.  If that’s what you want.”

  Despite the cold Harry felt like he’d just slipped into a warm bath.  “You want to be with me?” he said, knowing he was just repeating what Draco had said, but it was so wonderful he wanted to hear it again.

  “If you’re going to be sad,” Draco said, grey eyes shining.  “On Christmas Eve, or any time.  I want to be there with you.  I can’t make it go away necessarily, but I’d like to try and make it a little better.  I want to be there for the good and the bad.  I want you…all of you.”

  Harry couldn’t help it as his face split into a grin, his eyes closing as tears of a very different nature sprung from behind his lids, tracing clean lines down his face as he tried to find the words that could possibly do justice to how he was feeling.

  “Yes,” he rasped after far too long, opening his eyes.  “Yes Draco, I want that too.  I want your good and bad, I want all of you too.  You’ve got me, you’ve already got me.”

  Their embrace was more a hurried bundle of scarves and coats, but Harry pressed the side of his face to Draco’s cheek, cold from the wind, and held onto him as if he intended never to let him go, which in a way, he guessed was true.  “You’ve got me,” he mumbled into his neck.

  Slowly, Draco pulled back, just a little, enough to move his face around hesitantly, before leaning carefully in to press their trembling lips together in their first, blissful kiss.  It was chaste to start with, a sweet touching of mouths that held a million promises. But slowly, gently, they began to move, moulding together, tongues slipping out to find their partner, dancing together as Harry finally admitted that he had wanted this for an extremely long time.  

  Eventually they parted, their bodies still pressed against one another as they hugged each other tightly, foreheads resting together under the dim glow of the snowy night.  “You’ve got me,” Harry said in little more than a whisper.  “The good and bad.  You’ve got me.”


Maknae line when you are angry at yourself


All gifs belong to their rightful creators=owners (see urls right under the gifs as always :*)! Please support each other and BTS well :)

Al eonni sends all her love to BTS and ARMY <333

PS: I’ll post more about Jin’s birthday tomorrow when it’s Dec. 4th in my country, too~ Please watch and listen to him well! He’s doing so much for us with Jinsta <333

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Jimin: *knows the feeling so well and just strokes your back to comfort you*

Him: “_______, don’t be sad, okay? We all make mistakes, you can do better next time~ I’ll help you with it, just don’t be angry at yourself. I love you too much to see you like this~~ It’ll all be forgotten in no time~”

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V: *I think Taehyung would be a bit surprised if you got really angry at yourself*

Him: “Ya, _______! Don’t be like this! That’s not the _______ I know~ You are so kind towards others, be a bit more kind to yourself. Remember when I lost our luggage at the airport? You shouldn’t be angry at yourself when you weren’t angry at me back then, either. Let’s see, we’ll fix it real soon~~”

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Jungkook: *Since we all now know how much Kookie suffers when he sees his hyungs suffer, I think that he’d be very desperate to make you feel better*

Him: “Nuna, don’t be so hard on yourself~ Don’t beat yourself down like this~ Look at me, huh? You are so perfect, it’s just a small mistake. Seeing you unhappy like this hurts so much, please tell me that you won’t be angry at yourself anymore? Please?”

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Vampire Diaries Live Blog: “The Downward Spiral”

Caroline - Her humanity + Alcohol = Badass and Hilarious…

I mean, I love the normal Caroline. She’s my favorite and I want her back. But, it’s a nice change of pace to see one of our vamps without their humanity. Is it bad that I like the no humanity side to these characters a lot?! Like remember 70s-punk Damon and Rippah!Stefan…

Except for the fact that Caroline turned off her humanity before Stefan could tell her he loved her…Arrrgghhh. We almost had Steroline. 

Caroline: “Liam, the boy I totally forgot existed!” 

Is that meta? Because it feels meta. Seriously, did anyone actually like or remember that Liam guy? Boring.

Did she just kill him?!?! 

So, chronologically, if Bonnie came back the night before, aka the Bamon reunion hugging scene, and she JUST now, the morning after, revealed that she was back to Elena…Does that mean she and Damon hung-out and had a best friends sleepover? 

(I’m accepting it as canon.)

Kai: “Feelings are hard.”

Are Kai and Damon becoming friends now? Because I like this unholy, diabolical duo.

Damon is in total denial about his mom being alive in a prison world and possibly being a vampire, so he decides to dig up her grave only to discover that her coffin has been empty the whole time. Anyone getting serious S1-Katherine’s-tomb-‘She’s not here!’ flashbacks?! Think about it: a woman he loved, who is still alive, and isn’t who he thought she was after over 100 years…

Ugh…Enzo is still stalking Sarah Salvatore. Not this again…

Why did Bonnie jump at the sound of the champagne bottle popping? Is it because she’s so use to silence and being alone? Is it PTSD from all the dying and not-dying and trauma over the years, from not only Kai but just in general? Also, is she an alcoholic now? Dang, poor Bon-Bon. Hang in there, lovely.

Elena to Bonnie: “You were stuck there all by yourself. While we were here living our lives. And this is the worst toast ever…” 

Yes, yes it is, Elena. Also, stop pretending like you were actively trying to get her back or caring about Bonnie at all. Because the only one who seemed to be doing that was Damon. And heck, even Kai was helping out with his magic when he became all non-psycho. You were off taking magical, hallucination herbs and planning birthday parties where the guest of honor couldn’t even attend.

No happy, hugging Caroline/Bonnie reunion because Caroline flipped the humanity switch!! Dang it, Caroline!!! 

Although, I have to say, Caroline showed her true colors by not killing Liam and saying she’s giving herself a one-year deadline before she turns the switch back on. She has always had incredible self-control, resolve, and compassion. Not even taking away her humanity can take those things away from her. There’s a little bit of our girl still in there. She’ll be back soon.

Caroline to Liam [in flashback]: “You got blood on my necklace!” 

Caroline to Bonnie/Elena: “If anyone tries to get me to flip my switch back on, I’ll become their worst nightmare…I’m gonna get a latte.” 

Awwww, Kai wants to apologize to Bonnie. Kai, I love you more and more with each passing episode.

Sarah: What are you?
Enzo: I’m a vampire.

Hold up. No. I did not sign up for shoddy, Twilight writing, Vampire Diaries. You’re better than that. Twilight blows. Please never do that again.

Stefan was all jealous when Liam was talking about Caroline…Adorable.

“Do you wanna go to a rave?”

Rave!Caroline is the BEST Caroline!

That Damon/Bonnie phone call! They were getting all flirty and they miss each other and they are friends. And Damon was protective of her when Kai insisted he wanted to see her and Damon said no…I’M SO HAPPY! Yay Bamon! 

Stefan FINALLY told Caroline that he likes her and they were SO cutesy together at the rave…And then she ran away. Noooooo!!!

Kai’s apology to Bonnie…

Poor Bonnie. That place changed her. She’s so messed up and has some serious PTSD…

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Damon, I know you wanted to learn about your mama, but Kai was the last thing Bonnie needs right now. You knew that! Use your head!

Bonnie and Damon were becoming the best of friends and now she hates him and doesn’t want to be around him…Why would you do this, TVD writers? Why?!?

Caroline to Elena: “I compelled a student to perform surgery on Stefan’s niece. And you find a way to make this about you? You are good.” 

It’s probably not gonna happen, but can you imagine Stefan and Caroline flipping the switch…together. They’d make such a badass, crazy, dynamic duo…


Well, I guess that explains where Stefan got his ripping tendencies from.

Poor Damon. He lost Bon-Bon and the image of his wonderful mother has been tainted now that he knows who she really is. And he can’t even talk to Stefan about it because he’s trying to preserve little Stefan’s memories of her.


I know I should be horrified, but, I actually LOVE Ripper Stefan. And, rest assured, the Stefan we all know and love will find his way back to us. So, for now let’s just enjoy snarky, funny, no humanity Stefan.

AND we get The Hilarious, Sassy, INSANE Adventures of Rippah!Stefan and No-Humanity!Caroline!!

Side Note: Can Stefan sipping that margarita be the new Kermit tea-sipping meme? PLEASE?!?!

Damn! That was one of the BEST TVD episodes we’ve had in a while! So action packed! Very nostalgic Season 1-3 TVD. Just like the good ol’ days. Also, congrats to Director Somerhalder!

Until next time, my little vampcakes.

Parte 1: Un gusto conocerte (2/3)

[de ahora en adelante la historia estará narrada en tercera persona]

Claro, Marlo no se había fijado en Xxino esa vez que el muchacho fue a la tienda de pintura. Se sentía estúpido al hacer ese comentario en voz alta y pensar en que el muchacho más joven podría haberlo escuchado.  Pero en este momento y mientras salían nuevamente de la tienda tenía algo más importante de que preocuparse. “A dónde puedo llevarlo?” pensaba mientras intentaba recordar todos los lugares que conocía en los alrededores, lo mejor era preguntar.

-Ammm… oye Marlo, tienes algún lugar que te guste o hay algo que te gustaría comer?- se atrevió a preguntar

El muchacho se sorprendió un poco por la pregunta, osea que realmente lo estaba invitando a comer? Bueno, ya había entrado a su ‘casa’ y había usado su baño así que ir a comer algo no sería una mala idea, además empezaba a hacer hambre y aunque no quería causar molestias aún seguía enfadado con…Xxino? Por el accidente de hace rato y aunque él había arreglado todo cordialmente, no le importaría aprovecharse un poco más de su hospitalidad.

-Puesss… hay un lugar donde venden unos muy buenos tacos y             queda cerca de unas aguas riquísimas – dijo Marlo. Xxino lo miró sorprendido ya que no esperaba una respuesta tan agradable viendo que antes estaba tan molesto y pesado.

-Entonces tendrás que guiarme porque yo no sé dónde queda. Pero si quieres ir para allá, entonces vamos- Le dio una tierna sonrisa, y es que al mayor le gustaba más de lo que debía la idea de que ambos salieran a comer. “Ya estoy desvariando de nuevo! Mierda! Si es solo ir a comer nada más! Deja de pasarte rollos Xxino qlo!” se decía a si mismo intentando calmar sus propios pensamientos.

Juntos se fueron al local que el muchacho había dicho, pero Marlo no era muy bueno para aprender el nombre de las calles por lo que se perdieron un poco en el transcurso, aunque no fue mayor obstáculo para que lograran llegar.

Al joven se le hacía agua la boca con tan solo oler la carne de los tacos. Miró a Xxino con unos ojos impacientes que le indicaban que hiciera ya el pedido, Marlo tuvo que admitir que su actitud estaba siendo algo grosera, pero bueno primero sus dientes y luego sus parientes. Xxino miró al muchacho, al verlo tan ansioso por comer solo le hizo gracia y sonrió. Hizo el pedido y lo pagó altiro [de inmediato].

-Vamos a sentarnos mientras nos traen el pedido? Pedí artos tacos, así que seguro se tardan un poco- Sugirió el mayor.

Tomaron asiento y se quedaron en silencio por un momento. Fue realmente muy incómodo, más porque Marlo se daba cuenta de que Xxino no le despegaba la mirada, tal vez esperaba que le dijera algo por lo que soltó un suspiro recordando todo lo de hoy, supo que tal vez ya era hora de dar las gracias.

-Esteeee, pues…gracias por todo lo de hoy. Eres muy buena onda a pesar de que tienes el aspecto de un rebelde- Marlo se cruzó de brazos apartando su mirada apenado, había tratado algo mal al tipo y ya era hora de comportarse mejor. Sintió un leve sonrojo subir a sus mejillas, realmente le daba pena todo este rollo.

Xxino no atinaba a decir nada, no esperaba oír un ‘gracias’ por lo que lo tomó por sorpresa. Había dicho que era buena onda? Se puso nervioso, desvió la mirada y se estiró en la silla haciéndose el tonto.

-Jajaja- se rió nerviosamente –y-yo un rebelde? N-nah que va! Jajaja- miró a Marlo de reojo –bueno q-quizás un poco, pero mala gente nunca. De todas formas, gracias a ti por dejar que te retribuya por lo que pasó –le dijo a la vez que con lo último ponía una mirada que parecía de perro arrepentido. Vio que el muchacho lo miraba con gracia, le parecía que su manera de tartamudear era graciosa y más con esa mirada de cachorro.

Marlo pensó que Xxino tenía lindas expresiones faciales. QUÉ?! No no, pensar eso fue muy joto de su parte, desvió esos pensamientos de su cabeza para después solo dedicarle una sonrisa divertida.

-Oye pues jaja, gracias por todo esto, perdona si soy un estorbo pero es que soy muy bueno para estorbar- le dijo entre risas mirándole a los ojos.

- No-no, no importa…- Qué mierda pasaba con él? Hace tiempo el chileno no se ponía tan nervioso con alguien, tan inseguro. Su corazón latía a mil por hora cada vez que ese enano decía algo o le dirigía una mirada.

Marlo se quedó en silencio, pero luego fijó su mirada en el cocinero de la tienda y frunció el ceño.

-arrrgghhh tengo hambre! –gritó molesto. El cocinero solo le dio una mirada rápida, como si no le importara. El muchacho rió y arrimó su silla más cerca de Xxino-Bueno! Como esto va un poco pa’ largo que tal si me hablas de ti?- dijo Marlo mientras lo miraba fijamente lo que hizo sonrojar  a su compañero, quien se sentía estúpido a más no poder, así que miraba a otro lado intentando disimularlo.

-Qué te gustaría saber de mi? No tengo mucho que contar más allá de lo que te dije. Vivo en ese pequeño cuarto de la tienda de pinturas, trabajo ahí mismo. La chica que estaba allí es mi compañera de trabajo que hoy se dignó ir a trabajar y por eso tengo el día libre… Entonces fui a dar una vuelta, comprar un batido cuando…choqué contigo. Eeeeh…eso po! Si quieres saber algo pregunta no más.- Le contó Xxino haciendo un corto resumen.

El chico suspiró algo aburrido, la verdad que ese tipo a su lado tenía una pinta de esos chicos que andaban rompiendo vidrios de casas por lo que arrimándose un poco más le susurró al oído.

-Y nunca has hecho cosas malas?-

-AH?!- ese susurro en el oído sí que no lo esperaba. Xxino sintió un escalofrío que le recorría la espalda y como sus mejillas se ponían de color rojo- malo… m-malo cómo qué?

-Malo en plan…alguna cosita vandálica que hayas hecho- le dijo el muchacho lentamente manteniendo su sonrisa. Marlo se sonrojó un poco, tener a Xxino tan cerca le causaba una sensación algo rara, no sabía si él jugaba para ese bando, como dicen muchos, pero no perdía nada con decirle cosas con doble sentido. Eso de que todos los guapos eran gays era mentira, él aún no tenía la suerte de encontrarse a alguien que le gustasen los hombres.

-Aaah… en ese plan. Cuándo iba en la universidad salíamos con amigos, rayábamos paredes con spray, tomábamos cerveza en la calle, nada más allá de eso- Miro al chico directo a los ojos algo desafiante y coqueto- Esperabas algo más rebelde? Te decepcioné?

-Jajaja pues en que cosas malas pensabas eh?- Marlo se separó un poco del mayor –Eso es genial, mis amigos no eran tan aventados -se recostó en la mesa y lo miró a los ojos- Y tienes novia? –aquello salió de repente de su boca, casi como algo involuntarios. Miró hacia otro lado fingiendo no tener interés en lo que le contestara a pesar de que moría por recibir un ‘no’ como respuesta.

Se hizo un breve silencio incómodo, ambos se miraron por un segundo.

-No, no tengo- respondió –Hace ya mucho tiempo que no tengo perro que me ladre, tampoco es que me apresure a encontrar a alguien- miró a Marlo preguntándose lo mismo, pero fingió que no era la gran cosa – Y tu? Vas a ir una fiesta con tu novia que ibas tan arreglado cuando nos topamos en la calle?

Justo en ese momento llegaron los tacos a la mesa – Disculpen la tardanza, teníamos bastantes pedidos que atender – Dijo la mesera al momento que colocaba el pedido en la mesa.

Marlo miró su comida contento, tomó un taco y le dio un mordisco como modo de victoria al saber que Xxino no tenía novia. Una vez que tragó su comida volvió a dirigirse a él, quien aunque parecía indiferente, estaba impaciente por escuchar la respuesta.

-Ejem, sorry. Pues no, no tengo, aunque si me urge juntarme con alguien- dijo esto con una tristeza fingida- Últimamente solo me entero de que las personas que me gustan les gusta alguien más –dijo con tono molesto- Míranos, tan guapos y tan solos –dijo entre risas dándole un pequeño codazo y guiñándole un ojo a Xxino quien se rió de eso al tiempo que intentaba tragar lo que tenía en la boca.

-Pero no me digas eso que voy a pensar que te me estás insinuando- esas palabras se salieron de su boca, medio en broma medio en serio. Cuando se dio cuenta se quedó mirando a Marlo esperando una reacción. El muchacho, que tenía comida en la boca, se atoró un poco y comenzó a toser.

-Jaja, en serio?- Marlo tomó un poco de su refresco, lo dejó a un lado y nuevamente se arrimó hacia su compañero de mesa –Tal vez si lo estoy haciendo –Le dijo de manera coqueta pero casi de inmediato comenzó a reír- jaja! Es broma wey! –dijo dando otro trago a su bebida.

Xxino lo miro serio, tragó su comida y dio un sorbo de su bebida, se acercó sutilmente a Marlo.

-Casi me lo creo, pero si lo hubieses dicho en serio no me hubiese molestado-

El chico lo miró sorprendido, estaba ligando con él? Lo dijo en serio? Lo estaba molestando o qué? Tenía demediadas dudas. Se sonrojó un poco y tratando de actuar normal le dijo.

-No sabía que jugabas para ese bando Xxino- Trató de decirlo como si fuera a broma pero realmente deseaba que le confesara su orientación sexual, no se daba muchas ilusiones ya que la mayoría de los chicos solo bromean con eso, a parte sería raro que él le dijera su orientación sexual, después de todo siguen siendo completos extraños.

Xxino escuchó a Marlo a la vez que seguía comiendo, pensó inmediatamente que se le había pasado la mano. Lo habría asustado? Después de todo se veía que el muchacho era menor que él…apostaba que había quedado como el weon raro. Qué podía hacer? Decirle la verdad, quizás.

-Espero que no seas una de esas personas cerradas de mente- volvió a tomar un sorbo de su bebida y miró hacía cualquier lado sin mirar al joven –La verdad no me importa si son hombres o mujeres, para mi es el interior de la persona lo que cuenta así que no decido yo quien me gusta o no. Espero no haberte hecho sentir incómodo –dentro de él sentía que explotaría de vergüenza, vaya imbécil haberse insinuado así sin saber más de su acompañante.

Miró a Marlo quien enseguida puso una expresión de sorpresa. Carajo! Por fin alguien buenote que le gustaban los hombres y las mujeres! A pesar de que se mantenía callado, por dentro celebraba con gritos y patadas. Ahora Marlo no sabía qué hacer, le echaba los perros? Lo trataba igual? Un rubor subió a sus mejillas, comenzó a temblar pensando en qué hacer. Xxino era un buen tripo, podrían ser buenos amigos, pero vamos! Coquetear con él estaría padre! Pero luego las cosas serían raras, es verdad que le urge conseguirse una novia o novio, pero no quería parecer un puto que solo va a ligar con el primero que le dice que es bi o gay.

-Oye pues tranquilo! Estás con alguien de la manada! Soy bisexual después de todo- Le dijo algo avergonzado, aunque ahora se sentía más en confianza con Xxino- No hay muchos chicos por aquí que piensen como tú, eso me agrada –le dijo mientras le dedicaba una sonrisa sincera lo que hizo a Xxino, sentirse aliviado y realmente feliz.  Algo tenía Marlo que le cautivaba, no sabía si eran sus ojos, su pelo, su tono de piel o esa sonrisa tan linda que tenía.

-Entonces –le dijo a Marlo a la vez que pasaba su brazo por sobre los hombros del chico- Significa que puedo coquetearte?

La gente de la tienda de tacos se les quedó mirando raro unos segundos, dos de las meseras comenzaron a cuchichear mientras observaban la situación. Marlo se sonrojó al máximo, comenzó a tartamudear y a temblar, sentir todas esas miradas lo incomodaban mucho.

-Shhhh m-mejor  va-vamonos –el chico tomó a Xxino de la muñeca y jalándolo lo alejó de la tienda- Qué crees que haces?! –le dijo histérico. Ahora estaba rojo de vergüenza e ira.

-Oye, lo siento, lo siento! –le dijo el mayor intentando calmarlo mientras seguía siendo jalado por el muchacho. Se puso delante de Marlo al tiempo que le detenía el paso, lo tomó de los hombros y lo miró a los ojos- Oye, disculpa… de verdad. Es el segundo error que cometo contigo…lo siento, en serio. No te voy a molestar más, solo…vamos a ver la polera que prometí que te compraría y podrás marcharte.

Marlo abrió sus ojos de pronto, tampoco quería ser un grosero.

-No no no, espera -Se quedó callado un momento, Xxino estaba atento a él. Marlo se acercó a su oído –N-no me molesta eso del…del coqueteo, es solo que estábamos en público –el joven sentía su rostro arder, tan sonrojado estaba?-No te disculpes Xxino, tu solo tratas de hacer las cosas mejor, eso habla muy bien de ti –se le dificultó un poco verlo a los ojos pero al final lo hizo, se podía ver en Xxino que estaba apenado pero aliviado a la vez. Realmente le parecía tierno, algo repentinas sus acciones, pero era realmente tierno.

- Entonces intentaré no hacerlo en público, de todas formas disculpa por hacerte sentir incómodo –le dijo al tiempo que le hacía una pequeña caricia en la mejilla, la cual estremeció un poco a Marlo, pero fue muy agradable –Pero vamos a ver esa polera, está bien? O camisa, lo que quieras que te compre –dijo animado intentando dejar el incidente ocurrido atrás –Y si aún te parece bien podríamos ir a dar una vuelta a otro lado o…no sé –dijo dejando la propuesta abierta.

Marlo sonrió tranquilo al oírle decir eso…vaya, Xxino era lo más noble en el mundo.

- Si no arruinas por segunda vez mi camisa tal vez si salga a dar una vuelta contigo –le dijo en tono de broma comenzando a caminar.

- Ya… me estás haciendo bullyng! Jajaja –le dijo devolviendo la broma, caminando a su lado.

Llegaron a la primera tienda de ropa, era muy bonita y algo elegante.

-Quieres pasar a ver aquí?- le preguntó a Marlo quien asintió.

Entraron y el más joven se puso a buscar alguna camisa que le quedara bien, no sería difícil ya que no era muy exigente para el vestuario. El mayor también se puso a buscar algo para Marlo, intentando que éste no lo notara.

-Encontraste algo que te gustara? –preguntó pasado un rato

-No mucho, todo está muy cholo. Pero mira! Encontré esta negra de rayas! Todos aman las rayas –dijo Marlo victorioso mostrándosela a Xxino.

-Mmmmmh sí, está linda –respondió no muy convencido –Ve a probártela, nunca sabrás como te queda si no te la pruebas.

-Va, nada más no espíes –le guiño un ojo a Xxino quien se sonrojó mirando a otro lado haciéndose el tonto. Se fue a los probadores y Xxino entonces alzó la mirada para verlo entrar.

Miles de pensamientos pasaron por la cabeza del chileno, desde los dulces hasta los más sugerentes. Tragó saliva intentando apaciguar tanta imbecilidad que venía a su mente. Intentó concentrarse en buscar algo más que pudiese quedarle bien al muchacho.

En el probador Marlo se medía la camisa, le quedó bien a final de cuentas. Se sonrió en el espejo para después quitarse la camisa y devolverla a su colgador. Nuevamente se miró fijamente en el espejo, tocó suavemente su piel desnuda mientras pensaba en aquel tipo que lo esperaba afuera. Aún se le hacía difícil de creer que encontró a alguien como él, tuvo mucha suerte. Tocó su torso y pensó que sería mejor si fuera Xxino quien le hiciera esos roces. Se detuvo casi de inmediato al pensar lo último, después solo se rió.

Se puso nuevamente esa playera que le quedaba grande, salió del probador dirigiéndose donde se encontraba Xxino. Este lo miró salir, miró a otro lado un momento intentando calmarse y luego le devolvió la mirada a Marlo.

-Entonces, te quedó bien? Te gusta o quieres ver otra cosa? –le preguntó con una sonrisa.

-No no, esta está bien! Pero mejor déjame pagarla yo, tu ya hiciste mucho por mí –le dijo el joven seriamente pero con una sonrisa.

-Mmmh! –exclamó con gesto de desaprobación mientras lo miraba –Y te probarías esta? Solo por darme en el gusto –le mostró una camisa a cuadros celeste, azul, blanca y fucsia –Por favor? –le dijo con un tono tierno, como de niño pequeño intentando convencerlo.

Marlo tomó la prenda en sus manos y miró al sujeto. Vaya! Que aparte de sexy era lindo!

-Bien, pero solo para darte gusto. Me esperas afuera del probador?-

-Sí, te espero. Pero tienes que mostrarme como te queda, ya? –le dijo con una sonrisa sincera y coqueta.

El chico se sonrojó. Entró al probador, se colocó rápidamente la camisa y después de acomodársela un poco salió para que Xxino la viera.

-Y? Qué te parece? Ya te di en el gusto? –le dijo en broma, aunque tenía que admitir que la camisa no le quedaba nada mal.

-Sí! –le contestó con una gran sonrisa y un brillo en sus ojos –Te queda linda. Pero es tu camisa así que tú decides cuál te llevas.

El joven miró ambas camisas, le gustaron mucho ambas, aunque esa que le dio él era especial…por qué? Pues porque Xxino la eligió para él –Quiero esta, la que tú me diste.

-Bueno! –dijo rápidamente, al tiempo que la tomaba. La llevó a la caja y la pagó –Ni creas que te iba a dejar pagarla –La cajera la envolvió y se la entregó al mayor en una bolsa.

-Perdona si te hago gastar tanto, en serio, parezco tu novia –Marlo se rió de su propio comentario esperando no haberlo incomodado con eso.

Xxino volteó con la bolsa en las manos, sonrojándose por el comentario.

-Toma tu camisa, es un regalo por causarte tantos problemas –le dijo mientras le pasaba la bolsa al chico mirando a otro lado –Y quizás…me gustaría que lo fueras –dijo en un tono de voz bajo.

-Qué dijiste? –preguntó Marlo mientras tomaba la bolsa.

-JE! Jaja, que fuéramos a dar una vuelta –respondió rápidamente haciéndose el tonto de forma olímpica –Te gustaría?

El muchacho lo miró por unos segundos, dudoso por lo que hubiese dicho.

-Bueeeeeno, a donde quieres jalar? –

-Qué te parece ir a dar una vuelta a la plaza? Una cosa poca, así tampoco te quito demasiado tiempo –dijo un poco apenado, no sabía si estaba así porque sabía que ese día se estaba agotando o porque en el fondo hubiese querido que él escuchara lo que había dicho en voz baja.

-Vas! Me gusta la plaza! –Marlo lo tomó de la muñeca comenzando a caminar fuera del local para dirigirse a la plaza, Xxino se sonrojó al sentir esa mano sujetándolo firmemente.

 Durante el trayecto el muchacho tenía un par de dudas que le gustaría saber sobre el extranjero por lo que se animó a preguntar.

-Así queeee, eres de Chile-

-sip soy de Chile, hace un tiempo que me vine a México-

-Que Chido! Y por qué el cambió? –Dijo aun sujetando la mano de Xxino con la intención de no soltarla.

-Yo… -la mirada de él se tornó triste, melancólica. Entonces dejó de caminar –Preferiría no hablar de eso –dijo con una sonrisa fingida –Al fin y al cabo estoy aquí y eso es lo importante.

Marlo no dijo nada más, no quería seguir viéndolo así de triste.

-Ey, no te pongas así –soltó la mano de Xxino y con ambas manos tomó el rostro del mayor –Te ves más guapo cuando sonríes –Le dijo de forma dulce sin dejar de ver sus ojos. Él no le respondió, solo lo miró seriamente antes de pasar los brazos por la cintura de Marlo abrazándolo y dejando caer su cabeza sobre el hombro del más pequeño.  El joven se sorprendió, pero no hizo nada. Xxino lo abrazó un poco más fuerte y hundió su cara en el cuello de Marlo quien podía sentir la respiración de él cerca de su cuello y eso lo tensaba.

-Xxino… está bien, mejor ya no te pongas triste y vamos a la plaza-

Xxino lo soltó, se incorporó, miró al cielo y respiró profundamente. Miró a Marlo y le dio una gran sonrisa.

-Ya estoy bien, no pasa nada –puso su mano sobre la cabeza del joven y le revolvió el cabello tiernamente –Vamos a la plaza.



[mil gracias a marl-arts que ahora me ayuda a escribir la historia pudiendo profundizar más en la misma <3]

Funny and so true

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“Tear you’re so pretty!”

“Ehh? (But you’re so cute Mieu…)”

“(I should probably say something but anything I say will probably sound stupid arrrgghhh I should just say she looks nice but that’s such a generic compliment but then if I say something stupid she’ll get mad at me…so should I say something??)”

Happy New Year 2015! (belated)

My favourite Abyss couple in New Years kimono!

anonymous asked:

What video was it when Harry was holding back tears just after Liam explained how Louis And Eleanor met (in Dallas I believe)

It’s this one here. Watch Harry from 4.40 onwards: he holds it together so bravely till about 5.10 ish, and straight up is rubbing his eyes by 5.30, distracted, not hearing the questions,  and says “you’re wrong”. He is so out of it, that finally, the interviewer notices and changes the subject after 5.30.

Warning for heartbreak.


If you want me to “calm down” or “trust CC” or “not worry so much,” then why don’t you GIVE ME SOMETHING THAT IS CALMING, TRUST-EARNING, OR WORRY-RELIEVING, instead of the nothing you have given us thus far? ALL we have heard is worrying stuff and they have made ZERO effort to mitigate that except to say “trust us, it’s fine.” It may very well BE fine, but they have been JAW-DROPPINGLY inept at giving us any reason to feel that it is.  

Do I trust Chris Carter? HELL NO, I DON’T. I have followed him because I thought we were GOING SOMEWHERE, and if we aren’t going anywhere, or going to the same places we unsatisfyingly went already, then why should I be excited to keep going? I would grab onto ANY pitiful tidbit of possibility that this wasn’t going to go exactly the way I don’t want it to go, ANY cute set story, ANY tweet about David and Gillian doing “an intense scene together that I think fans will be pleased with winky face,” ANYTHING AT ALL besides “calm down” or “stop worrying about silly stuff” or “anything can happen on The X-Files” (we haven’t actually encountered that one yet but I’m sure it’s queued up).

Here are the things that have made me feel better about Fox Television’s X-Files revival so far: Fans. Fanfic. Fans making beautiful videos (that Fox has been doing its best to take down) and beautiful art. Fans working hard to come up with reasons why every last piece of worrying news might not be so worrying after all. Fans writing emotionally insightful stories on their own time trying to fix things that the show seems to be breaking. And also: David and Gillian, the show’s best assets by one million billion miles. Dana Walden today referred to the “opportunity to bring back two characters who have enormous chemistry,” and they have been heartbreakingly, loyally, sweetly enthusiastic about the whole endeavor and are BY FAR your best ambassadors, AND THEY ARE RIGHT THERE, ALL THE TIME. Post a vine of them on set looking like they’re having fun. Post a picture of Gillian’s dog in a director’s chair. Release Kumail’s audio recording of them reminiscing. Tweet a picture of David in a cowboy hat with a funny caption instead of letting the show’s SCIENCE ADVISOR do it. Something. ANYTHING instead of the radio silence and the “I know, why don’t you watch the episodes you already have?” and the cryptic “trust us, the show will be great.”

And if you don’t HAVE anything like that, if you don’t HAVE anything brewing that fans are going to like or be pleased with or be happy with that you could share hints about, THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD CONSIDER DOING SOME SHIT DIFFERENTLY?? ARRRGGHHH.

the best thing about mondo is that he’s the only human so far who has gotten mutated and not immediately been like “arrrgghhh im a hideous freak” he LOVES being a gecko and it’s adorable

goldengrasp  asked:

What does Mance want... I thought long and heard... found absolutely nothing that might motivate him into helping Jon, or anybody for that matter...he says he is done with the free folk... so what is he doing? Why is he in Winterfell to help Jon? Why did the spearwives follow him? Starks are nothing to them... Arrrgghhh...

Note that when Mance said he was done with the wildlings, he was pretending to be Rattleshirt at the time. I don’t think that can be trusted to be anything close to his true thoughts on the matter.

As for why he’s helping Jon, it’s said straight out in the chapter where he offers his help:

“Our false king has a prickly manner,” Melisandre told Jon Snow, “but he will not betray you. We hold his son, remember. And he owes you his very life.”
“Me?” Snow sounded startled.
“Who else, my lord? Only his life’s blood could pay for his crimes, your laws said, and Stannis Baratheon is not a man to go against the law … but as you said so sagely, the laws of men end at the Wall. I told you that the Lord of Light would hear your prayers. You wanted a way to save your little sister and still hold fast to the honor that means so much to you, to the vows you swore before your wooden god.” She pointed with a pale finger. “There he stands, Lord Snow. Arya’s deliverance. A gift from the Lord of Light… and me.”

–ADWD, Melisandre


  • Mance owes Melisandre for saving his life (in fact he knows she could probably kill him with her magic just as easily as she saved him)
  • He owes Jon for his life too
  • Jon holds his son (or at least he believes he does)

That’s plenty. Also he may have considered it a challenge of his skills to get in and out of Winterfell once more without being noticed, while saving the girl – and remember, Mance is a musician, and thus a romantic.

As for the spearwives, they followed Mance because they follow Mance. Cult of personality. Your king, your people’s chosen king, who was going to bring you to safety and nearly succeeded, who you believed dead and burned, comes back and says he needs your help? You help him with whatever he asks for. And you help the man who he says saved him, too.