arroz caldo recipe

Made arroz caldo for breakfast last week when I was sick. Lighting and angle for this photo is SO much better than the adobo post. But anyways, this Filipino dish is super easy to make. My boyfriend and his friend were out on a mission to gather the ingredients. I wish I could’ve been their to witness it, apparently the boys were struggling. I had chicken and onion ready to go at home, but I was missing some key ingredients: ginger, scallions, and fish sauce. I literally sent pictures to them of what I needed for safety:

External image

“This is ginger. It’s not a red head reference”

External image

“These are all types of fish sauce.”

Unfortunately they couldn’t find the ginger, but did mange to bring home ginger powder (which I might I add works perfectly fine!) :D

Ingredients…super basic

  • Chicken
  • Chicken broth
  • Onion
  • Rice (uncooked or cooked, whatever you want)
  • Minced garlic
  • Agua/Tubig

For garnish I like to add scallions/green onions and hard boiled egg.


  • Defrost the poultry. Slice the suckers into conventiently bite sized pieces.
  • Prep the egg if you’d like (conveniently boil the egg while you’re cooking)
  • Cut le onions (and the green onions if you dig those too)


  • Saute the onions/garlic then add the chicken to brown. Cook on low heat with pot cover so you get equal amounts of cooking all the way around.
  • Add your water and a hefty amount of chicken broth (again the amount of liquids you put in are at your preferences. If things didn’t turn out as soupy as you like you can always add more at the end after everythings been cooked). 
  • Add your fish sauce AND soy sauce. Again pour to your liking. I usually do large serving spoons full. I’ll add more fish sauce at the end for that bang.
  • Once at a boil add the rice. Obviously if you’re cooking with uncooked rice you might want to cook a little longer just so that way you’re not sucking down on some hard grain…unless…you’re into that. Again, cover the pot and leave alone for a good twenty minutes (depending on how strong your stove is).
  • Check back every now and then to stir so that your rice doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. Add some salt and pepper.
  • Boom. Add your garnish. Enjoy.