Happy Birthday Martina Arroyo! (born February 2, 1937)

American operatic soprano.

Portrait of soprano Martina Arroyo. Printed on front: “Robert C. Ragsdale, f.r.p.s.” Stamped on back: “Robert C. Ragsdale Limited, photography. 21 Avenue Road, Toronto, M5R 2G1, (416) 967-3326. Please credit Robert C. Ragsdale, F.R.P.S.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

The reason the Philippines remains, as always, poor 

From left to right

Joseph Ejercito  “Erap” Estrada - CORRUPT former president of the Philippines, found guilty of plunder, stealing from the Filipino people. Former actor. Massive protests resulted in his resignation, but he was still able to run for and win a position as Mayor of Manila. 

President Rodrigo Duterte - current president, known best for the drug war that resulted in the deaths of over 7000 filipinos in the span of 9 months, as well as for insulting multiple world leaders and making rape jokes about dead missionaries and short skirt jokes about his Vice President Leni Robredo. 

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo - former president of the Philippines with a 10 year term that spanned from when she as vice president replaced erap, to when she was re-elected for a 6 year term. Known for scandals of corruption and extra judicial killings in her time as president. 

Imelda Marcos - WORST OF ALL, wife of infamous dictator whose regime resulted in the kidnapping, torture, rape, murders of thousands of Filipinos and the stealing of billions from the Filipino people that still have not been fully paid back to this day, an act which permanently crippled the Philippines’ economy, or at least has for the last thirty plus years. She’s still wealthy, living freely, with her son having run for VP in the previous 2016 election.

All together, one big happy family of murderers and thieves, all free and rich and influential. 

Love withers when one stops deciding to put an effort on making it grow.
—  Things I realized when I was talking to my friend, part III

Fallout 2 - warm up portraits.

Oh man, i really enjoyed this set. Not only one of my favorite games ever and forever, but also so many various face types in there, it was a real pleasure.

Added captions for those, since not all characters had their in-game portraits.

Cheers <3

PS.: I still remember all the feels i had during the talk with President Richardson. The moment when he talks about Vaults and FEV might be the exact moment i fell in love with video games. Thank You, Interplay <3