an arrow social media au

the lance sisters go to war over who has the cutest girlfriend. felicity & nyssa don’t appreciate it.
a blatant knock off of this work of art!


an arrow social media au

black smoak being adorable girlfriends
requested by laurelisbetterthanyou


an arrow social media au

felicity and laurel go on their first vacation together as a couple. (sara’s not bitter about being left to the starling city cold at all.)

hint: it was totally a sex thing.

a psa about arrow social au

i had forgotten during my photoshop hiatus how amazing the reaction to these edits could be! (which is great bc they’re fun to make and give a bit of light to a typically dark universe and they’re just super fun) anyway, because of that i have a couple requests pending for them on top of a couple ideas of my own i have yet to do - specifically integrating the flash into it - plus the edits for other shows/types i’ve been unable to make while not having photoshop. i’m also working almost every day and applying to college for the summer so basically;

tl;dr you guys are awesome and i love you! i am not ignoring any requests for the arrow social media au i just have a lot to do (plus you know personal stuff) but i am keeping them in my inbox to remind myself bc i will make them!!

Another Arrow Social Update

i swear to god i do nothing but this series anymore phew! not to say i don’t love it and the response to it bc it’s been like a year~ about and i still get requests all the time it’s amazing!!

so for the update; i’m getting you’re requests i promise! i have them all on a neat little sticky note on my desktop BUT i don’t always get to them in order, i tend to just reach them when inspiration strikes. however, i am moving in less than a month and then i’ll be starting school and i might not have a whole lot of time for them. BUT i promise you’re requests are being seen, thought over, and kept at the forefront of my mind.

if you sent a request in more than say a month ago and it hasn’t been filled, feel free to send it in again. they do sometimes get lost in my ask box where i have conversations and idk if tumblr is still in the habit of eating asks. also, i know it can be scary not to be an anon, but if you feel comfortable off anon messages are best because it’s easier for me to follow up and try and get the request as much to your liking as i can while still adding my own spin to it!

tldr; you all are fantastic and i love you!! i am seeing your requests but also incredibly busy. they are not being ignored believe me! if you fear i’ve lost your request or it got eaten but tumblr, feel free to resend it! (off anon is encouraged but not required!)

anonymous asked:

have you considered doing more smoaking canary edits? like for the social media au.

oof. this is a good question! originally the social media au started out as literally just a reason to make that first smoaking canary set and, having glanced back through them, i realize i only ever made the one and then another where they were dating but it was background to laurel and felicity being friends (and now i’ve spiralled into a full on black smoak situation).

anyway, point of this is, i feel terrible that i haven’t made more smoaking canary because i do love them so!! so, if you have any specific requests pertaining to sara/felicity please please please send them in! in the meantime, i’ll be over here trying to brainstorm some!

anonymous asked:

Hi :). I'm so sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could do more social media arrow thingy (especially of Tommy/Laurel) I love those you would be my new God! Thank you you and have a nice day :)

i would love to make more of those! they’re a super fun series to explore and just let the characters be silly without confining them to canon relationships or traumas (malcolm merlyn who??) unfortunately, i don’t have photoshop at the moment and can’t be sure when i’ll be able to have it again but they are definitely at the top of the list of things to continue when i have it back - along with adding flash characters in as we go!

specialist-registrar asked:

Hi! Can you please share your iMessage template to us? BTW i love your olicity social media aus!!! Please make more! Thank you :)

hello!! so, i’ve hit kind of a wall with social media au and just don’t have any ideas? and all the requests i’ve gotten are just vague requests for “more of this ship” which is great and amazing that you guys like them but if you have any specific requests now would be the time for them! <33

as for my imessage template; truth time! i don’t have a template for that. i literally just change my own nickname in my phone and text myself the texts and then screenshot it. i’m sure there are tons of great fake message generators out there on the internet though!!