“Will you stop that? I’m not skilled, I can barely throw my trash into the bin without missing the opening completely. What makes you think I can shoot arrows?” (Y/N) chuckled as he watched his sister arrange her arrows into the brown quiver.

“You’re an Argent, dumbass. It’s in your blood.” She spoke with a knowing smile. (Y/N) rolled his eyes, scoffing slightly before looking back at her.

“Just like it’s in our blood for us to have red-hair like mom?” He sassed. “God, can you imagine me with hair like that? I mean, you could possibly pull it off but me?” he spoke disgustedly with a teasing grimace, which caused Allison to burst out laughing.

“Like the hair-dye incident of the 5th grade?” She remarked with a smirk as she resumed her aiming practice.

“One time!” (Y/N) whined. The room filled with giggles as her arrow flew straight towards the target.

“One time too many.” She teased.

It was then when after a moment of silence passed (Y/N) spoke up once again,

“How do you do it?” Noticing his sister’s confused and curious look he continued, “How do you… I don’t know…be so brave enough to fight off the beasts of Beacon hills?”

Allison shrugged. “I guess… because I have the pack, you, dad…my family…? I don’t know… I guess it’s just a motive. You know?”

“That’s all it takes? A motive?” He questioned innocently, Allison nodded at him, and placing her weapons down onto the table she walked over giving him a small, comforting hug.

“Even you can do it (y/n). With the right motive, anybody can overcome their fears.” She smiled before returning to her training.

Everything had changed ever since her death. Scott had remembered the family feud that had went on immediately after the funeral, Chris had wanted to leave but (y/n) hadn’t. That had soon lead to Mr. Stilinski taking him in.

Now, a good one and a half years) later, (y/n) had changed. Long gone was the shy guy that trailed behind his sister whenever the pack was around, or the guy that would constantly fall during P.E. classes or was so utterly weak (as Peter hale once said) who could manage anything slightly heavier than a math book. It seemed as though that version of (y/n) died too.

Now was a newer (y/n). One Scott would often call for backup when investigating. One that didn’t need to think twice before killing a predator. It was one of the battles between the pack, and a pack of unknown creatures that thought it be best to attack the well-known hospital. Screams of innocent bystanders rang through Scott’s ears as he and the gang tried to fend off the beast.

Parrish should be here any second. The alpha thought frantically as he fought off the creatures. Just as it seemed as though the chimeras had him, Lydia and Stiles cornered. Scott heard the familiar sound of an arrow piercing through the sky before hitting its target straight through his chest, causing said creature to burst into flames. A gasp of relief emitted from the banshee and the human beside him as all three looked up, relief and gratitude washing over each of them when they noticed the young male argent shoot, arrows after arrows, a concentrated look upon his face as he warded off the beasts.

(Y/N) dived into a front-wards flip, feet landing gracefully in front of the trio as he continued fighting off bad guys, giving the pack more time to save the innocent.


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Snapshot of the airbender kids right after Rohan reveals his new tattoos! (Jinora 22, Ikki 19, Meelo 17, Rohan 12)

Love the idea of Meelo keeping his hair. <3

I imagine that Jinora is helping her father record knowledge from Wan Shi Tong’s library into books stored in Air Temple libraries. She’s still going steady with Kai, and every now and then they casually discuss marriage. Her dream is to compile vast libraries in the three remaining air temples and have these locations be hubs of literature, scientific knowledge, and spirituality free from political restraints. 

Meanwhile, Ikki is oblivious to the romantic advances of those around her and usually prefers the company of spirits and animals anyway. She’s also experimenting with how airbending can be used to muffle or enhance sound waves and voices. When she isn’t helping her father and siblings train airbenders, she sings, sculpts, and paints.

Meelo is extremely popular with the ladies, and he is at the age where he thinks more about fun and freedom than his responsibilities or future. Still, he has grown into a fine, bright young man, and he is considering with his Uncle Bumi the tactical advantages airbenders can bring to the United Forces. In a few years, he’ll work with Bumi to establish an airbender reconnaissance and rescue team in the wake of an Earth Kingdom civil war. 

As for Rohan, he has grown up to be a sweet and intelligent boy. Like his oldest sister, Jinora, Rohan is exceptionally attuned to spiritual energy. He hasn’t managed to project his spirit yet, but he has entered the spirit world through meditation a few times already. He’s a little quiet, but quickly warms up to people and reveals his mischievous side. He enjoys drawing with Ikki, sparring with Meelo, and discussing history and literature with Jinora.

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