I was 11 years old when I killed my first man. I remember the look in his face when the light went out behind his eyes. Such a sudden change, almost imperceptible, between life and death. And I felt ashamed. I had stolen from that man the most precious gift of all - life. But I also felt something else - pride, because I had taken up arms against someone who sought to do ill against my family. And I realized what I had done was necessary. You see… I have replaced evil with death. And that… is what the league exists to do. And I have killed several thousand more men since then. And the world is better for it.


My name is Oliver Queen. To my family I am the brother and son who just returned home after being lost at sea 5 years ago. They don’t know I came back with a mission, to bring justice to our city, and they never can. The men and women I’ve targeted are dangerous, corrupt, a virulent cancer. But cancers can be fought and conquered. All it takes is a surgeon and the right instrument.