Equestria Smash #7

Red Team
Katie Jay
Applejack - Eliminated
Arrowhead @ask-four-inept-guardponies

Blue Team
Parabellum - @ask-one-eyed-lola - Eliminated
Chamelia - Eliminated
Jackmar - @ask-jackmar
Tania Gromis
Red - @helpabluehorse


Color Commentators
@ask-the-out-buck-pony @akumath @ask-frostfall



@ask-atramentous-pinkamena as Chamelia


Regrowing Store-Bought Arrowhead

 I don’t know the botanical name, but I frequently find the arrowhead in Asian/Chinese supermarkets around the winter season. It’s not a bulb, but an edible starchy corm. Frequently braised with meat, the vegetable easily soaks up flavor and imparts a silky texture between a taro and a potato IMO.

Of course, I cannot plant these directly outside in the winter of zone 7a. I hibernated them in a container under a grow light. I was not optimistic, but by golly they survived the winter! When it was warm enough, I transferred these corms outside to a larger pot. True to her name, she’s putting out beautiful arrow-shaped leaves.

I’m actually at a loss at how to properly grow this plant. I think it might like shade and lots of water? Fingers cross for some beautiful flowers.

You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.
-C.S. Lewis.

Taking a risk to start Little Mountain Print Shoppe took courage, a lot of hard work & much determination. It could’ve been easy to just sit back and get real comfortable with “good enough” but instead I decided to pursue a dream and start my own fire. I encourage you to do the same!

Mount Arrowhead Box Set