Fandoms on Tumblr
  • Doctor Who:Loyal throughout time.
  • Sherlock:Sharp and analytical.
  • Supernatural:Family. Everywhere.
  • Marvel:The Avengers. (Suck it, DC.)
  • DC:Wonder Woman movie. (Suck it, Marvel.)
  • Harry Potter:Just waiting for their letters.
  • Teen Wolf:Funny but easily irritated.
  • Disney:Letting it go.
  • DreamWorks:Gone fishing.
  • The 100:New but strong.
  • Once Upon A Time:Live action Disney. (See Disney)
  • Tolkien:Accepting and crying.
  • Arrow/The Flash:Shipping Felicity with everyone.
  • Merlin:Crying in the corner.

I feel like holding a little church this Sunday morning.

I’ll worry about another ship when they can pull off chemistry that looks like this.

I’ll worry about Felicity Smoak when Emily Bett Rickards stops leading in airtime 2nd only to Stephen Amell for the second year in a row and worshiped right at his side as well.

I’ll never worry about the endgame status of Olicity as long as Captain Amell is rocking a smile and reminding fans that Felicity Smoak is Oliver Queen’s choice all day every day and twice on Sundays.

I’ll worry about Olicity when Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards stop saying Olicity scenes are their favorite scenes.

I’ll worry about Olicity when magazine articles stop raving about their scenes and the actors when they’re in scenes together. 

I’ll worry about Olicity when they’re no longer automatically placed on any and all couples and chemistry lists. And not mocked for NOT having chemistry.

I’ll worry about Olicity when the Olicity fandom stops being the #1 consumers in the Arrow fandom. You want to know why Arrow 2.5 is rocking compared to last years? Because no one cared about 1.5. It was boring. It’s the power of supply and demand. No one cared because Olicity fans didn’t put it on the map yet. Now, even the haters know about it because they want in on it. Why? Because Olicity had nice things in it. They want too as well. Except they can’t BUY like Olicity fans.

I’ll worry about Olicity when fans are no longer showing up at shows and Cons and no longer asking about Olicity.

I’ll worry about Olicity when the haters stop spending more time discussing Olicity than they do their own faves.

I’ll worry about Olicity when people stop using Emily Bett Rickards to grant them love and attention they can’t get on their own. Like fans can’t see thru it.

I’ll worry about Olicity when Stephen and Emily stop doing this…

I’ll worry about Olicity when any other actors starts having that much genuine friendship and natural chemistry.

I’ll worry about Olicity when every single actor on the show stops shipping them. Ok except one.

I’ll worry about Olicity when romance authors no longer adore them and stop squeeing about them on twitter with the rest of us.

I’ll worry about Olicity when male fans stop being hurt that Felicity touched another man.

I’ll worry about Felicity when the entire fandom, actors, and EPs come out to vanquish a troll from twitter that thought they could get away with attacking Emily Bett Rickards under a fake account. Because that’s how desperate they become to topple my queen.

I’ll worry about Olicity when the cast/show stop using words like ‘destiny’ to describe them.

I’ll worry about Felicity when she stops being the focal point of the majority of art and memes fans create and post to Stephen Amell.

I’ll worry about Olicity when any other couple is spoken about on late night TV.

I’ll worry about Olicity when Stephen stops reminding us that other ships have sailed. And that Felicity knows him better than anyone. 

I’ll worry about Olicity when another pairing can show a long list of celebrities that ship them like they have for Olicity.

I’ll worry about Olicity when the show stops reminding me that Green Arrow doesn’t have lore popular enough to prevent them from writing what the hell they want. And that they’ll continue to write their own story.

In other words, Oliver and Felicity both will go thru a variety of will they/won’t they over the course of Arrow’s life span. But as long as Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards are on Arrow, Olicity will always be the destined endgame.

Talk to me when another pairing can say any of this.

As Felicity and Oliver argue over what she deserves, Oliver turns away and Stephen shows the audience what Oliver cannot show Felicity. Anger, disbelief and frustration that Felicity still cannot see that he, Oliver, is the danger. Stephen delivers one more heart crushing line: “I told you I couldn’t be with you and save the city.” Amell’s voice cracks again at “I couldn’t be with you.” It is a genius delivery and shows how much Stephen understands Oliver Queen at his core. Oliver’s pain over not being with Felicity, even after all these months, is still raw but is only made bearable by the belief that she was dating a “good guy” who could give her a “normal life.” Realizing that she has simply chosen someone who is just like Oliver eradicates Oliver’s protection and his selfless sacrifice; making the pain of losing Felicity not only unbearable but pointless as well.
—  Jen’s MVP @ itsjustaboutwrite