Uhmmm cw finales!?

Destiel split apart by death
Karamel split apart by atmosphere
Barry/Iris split by apart by speed force
Olicity split apart by explosions/island
Bellarke split apart by stars

Are you kidding me !? You ask me why I got anxiety??? THIS IS WHY!!!!


O L I C I T Y -  T H R O U G H   T H E   Y E A R S

A r r o w  1 x 23 |  2 x 23  |  3 x 23 |  4 x 23  | 5 x 23


Marc Guggenheim: The season premiere of Season 6 will have a flashback.
Access Hollywood: To the island? Or just a flashback?
Marc [hesitantly]: To the island. If you take me literally at my word, yes. Back to the island.

I knew they would, because how could they not, but it’s a relief to hear him say it. They’ll show what the hell happened and how everyone was saved.

At the same time, I guess they really are picking up five months later, so…will they start with the flashback? Or present day, where we just see everyone, alive and okay? 

Also…I wonder if they already filmed that flashback, while they had all the actors right there and already in costume and makeup.

“You can’t ship that. It’s hetero and boring.”


I know I’m probably going to regret putting this up, but screw it, you gotta play risky every once in a while: 

I have no regrets.

This is for all the straight shippers out there.

But the explosion parallel is killing me…

In 1x01, Oliver causes an explosion on the island with his arrow, which leads him to being discovered, affecting him alone, symbolizing his lone path

And in 5x23, it’s his arrow’s journey, his path as The Arrow, which causes a much larger, much more magnified explosions, affecting all so many people - showing how far he’s come from that lone man who left the island at the very same spot, showing how much he’s grown.

I’m fine.


The making of “A Different Man”
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