Full disclosure: I would have shipped either Supercorp or Karamel, I think they’re both great partners for Kara that both have a lot to learn but man that end of that episode did set me heart aflutter

More than that though, I loved, loved LOVED hearing Mon-El say out loud that he recognizes the problems he has and is actively trying to fix them. Without that bit it would have felt weird but knowing mon-el is struggling to throw off his burned-in systematic sexism and egoism it feels right and feels inclusive because yes it’s a straight white couple, but it’s representative of the prejudiced, sexist and bigoted upbringing a lot of kids in America and elsewhere experience in real life. Showing that someone can see that behavior in themselves and grow and move past it to become better is so SO important, and the way it’s shown in Mon-El is realistic and truthful in that for many it’s not instant and it’s not easy, but it can be done.

Kara recognizes this and is giving him a chance, so let’s do that too. Don’t kill Supergirl’s ratings because you don’t like the straight white pairing. I understand the anger everyone’s feeling over it I do, but this show has the power to show kids and adults alike that people can become better. Don’t kill that.


Now we just need Winn and James to f**k because damn boys. If winn ever stops f**king the alien chick. Which if he doesn’t is alright too. God I love this show.