Alive (jbff) — preview

So this is the fanfic idea I started awhile ago called undercover but then deleted. I decided to re-write it but with the same concept. The first chapter should be posted on my wattpad(secutemer) soon.

“One year ago from today pop star, Justin Bieber passed away in a car crash. His body was never found but by the amount of blood on the scene there could be no way he’s still alive.” Little did they know…I hold the remote in my hand, my green eyes staring at the flat screen television in front of me. “Today his fans started a trend on Twitter ”#Wemissyoujustin". Despite his troubled ways, Justin Bieber’s death has been the saddest in a while.“ A small smile curls on my plump lips at the mention of the hashtag. They’re the reason I regret doing this. I miss them.

The brunette goes on about my sudden death, my fingers pressing the arrow to change the channel. I stretch on the leather couch, setting the remote on the coffee table, the show catfish flashing on the screen. I miss my parents… I remember seeing the pictures of them at my funeral, it took everything in me to not expose myself. I needed a break, an actual break… Of course, I’ll “come back to life” eventually. I can’t hide forever—or can I?