Intimidation is key to Seduction

Context; Same party from ‘non-lethal arrow to the head’. We captured the Bandit leader, and the two other bandits we knocked out, and we currently have our halfling rogue trying to persuade the Half-Orc to cooperate because of their Lawful Good alignment. My half-elf Ranger and our Air Mephit Bard are just kind of watching to see where it goes. The rest of the party is off, talking to the Mayor.

DM: Alright, since Persuasion isn’t going to cut it.. Roll me a Nature check, to see how much you know about Orcs and Half-Orcs.

Robin: (the halfling rogue) Alright. [Rolls a NAT20]

Me: (OOC) Oh, god.

DM: …. Alright then. Well, you recall what you know about Orcs & Half-Orcs - and you recall fucking everything - and as you recall, Orcs and Half-Orcs respect shows of strength more than they would Persuasion.

Robin: Ok. Then, I take a hold of the bars, rattle them, and shout “Dance off, bro! You and me!” I also whisper over to Windy (the Bard) to play a song.

DM: Ok, Windy roll me a Performance check.

Windy: [Nat20]

Me: (OOC) This can’t be happening!

DM: ………… Alright then. Turns out, you know this song. You have played an Orc War-Song before. Now, Robin, roll me a performance check and an extra D6. Also, at this point, because of the ruckus, the other two bandits have woken up, just kind of stumbling over their words and saying “whu- what’s going on? Chief?”, and the Half-Orc replies with “The Halfling and I are having a dance-off!!”

Robin: [Rolls a Nat17 and a 5]

DM: Alright, not bad. The Bandit Leader doesn’t have performance, so let’s roll a Charisma check. [Rolls a 6] Well then. You just.. Yeah, you blow him away. He just kind of… sits down on his cot, in awe, mumbling “I’m with you until the end of my time”, and such. You know what, actually, let’s mark him down as scared and aroused.

Me: (OOC) [cackles] But does he pop a boner?

DM: Excellent question! Let’s roll a constitution check. [I can’t remember the exact number, but it was low]. Yes. Yes, he has.

Me: (OOC) Nice.


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Why Prometheus is the villain Oliver needs

Happy Monday fam!  Last week was crazy busy and it cut severely into my Tumblr time.  This post is super long cause it’s a week worth’s of thoughts (but I did break it up with something nice to look at in the middle).  :)

I’ve been reading with interest the tidbits that came from interviews at Paley Fest and coupling those with some great fandom specs that I have seen.  From what I have gathered, Prometheus’ interest in Oliver is entirely personal.  He has no interest in taking over Star City or killing Oliver–he wants to destroy Oliver piece by piece.  Make Oliver believe that he is not a hero in any persona because of his past choices, as Ollie, as Oliver, as the Hood, as the Arrow, or as the Green Arrow.  He will ensure that Oliver is no longer able to compartmentalize all of his identities.  And this, I believe, will be a good thing in the long run.

The promo for the next episode shows Adrian torturing Oliver and at some point, Oliver screaming ‘what do you want from me?’  From the promo and MG interview, we know what Adrian wants revolves around a secret.  I keep trying to think what secret Oliver has that we, the audience, don’t know about yet.  One is how Oliver came to be a Bratva kapitan.  

This could tie in to Oliver’s cognitive dissonance between what he perceives as his ‘true self’ and ‘false self.’  Cognitive dissonance is a psychological term that Leon Festinger described as  “the feeling of psychological discomfort produced by the combined presence of two thoughts that do not follow from one another.” Festinger proposed that the greater the discomfort, the greater the desire to reduce the dissonance of the two cognitive elements.  

In Oliver’s case, the two cognitive elements could be his ‘true self’ and ‘false self.’  It’s also possible Oliver has taken pieces of each to form a ‘secret self.’ This is why Oliver always views himself as dark; why he can’t see his own light; why he believes he is not deserving of love; why he struggles and struggles to embrace himself as a hero (no matter how many times Felicity tells him he is one); this is why he reverts to the man on the island.

Ultimately, when Felicity gave Oliver back the ring, she didn’t specifically bring up the lie.  She talked about inclusion.  She told Oliver her fear of marrying him was that he would feel the need to go it alone and shut her out.  Felicity wants them to be true partners, she needs Oliver to be open and vulnerable and trust her with everything.  (She has to do the same but at the time, I think she was).

Oliver wasn’t able to do that–he told her he was trying–and I believe he was.  But he couldn’t be 100% honest with her because he hasn’t been able to be 100% honest with himself.   This is where Prometheus comes in.  He is going to force Oliver to face his inner demons.  Prometheus believes Oliver is a villain, same as him, and that the monster in Oliver will prevail.  Oliver has never dealt with his PTSD on the show.  He once was told he needs therapy by a medical professional but he hasn’t.  We once saw him writing in a journal…

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but haven’t seen the journal since.  He was recently told (again by a medical professional) that he should talk to someone.  These are all good things he should be doing but instead of a licensed therapist, we’re getting Prometheus lol.  At this point, I’ll take it.  Oliver has to confront his biggest fear, which I think is himself, reconcile and most importantly, accept all the many facets of who he is.

Thea foreshadowed this ethical dilemma earlier in the season when she told Oliver he doesn’t see the good he does.  Felicity has given him two pep talks this season: in the first one, she reminded him that GA is a hero and she was in awe of Oliver; in the more recent one, she told him that he is a hero to Star City as mayor.  Diggle also has gotten in the action to let Oliver know that OTA make each other better and they are each other’s strength.  

The thing that will be interesting is to see how the Arrow writers resolve Oliver’s cognitive dissonance.  It would seem he needs to merge the two sides of himself and eliminate the ‘secret self’ by announcing that he is Green Arrow.  That would certainly be a slippery slope the writers are traversing by having his identity be public knowledge.  The ripples would extend far past Oliver and his psyche into Oliver potentially having to face very real consequences for his actions and the effects it would have on those associated with him. 

Ideally, for me personally, I would just like for Oliver to have time to process that the experiences he went through shaped who he is today and that person has done both good and bad things, because he has held on to his humanity, and that is part of being human.  We make mistakes, we learn our lessons, and we try to be better every day.  

As for Olicity, someone (and I can’t remember who so if you see this, please step forward so I can credit you here and lavish you with praise) came up with the idea that the season could end with Oliver and Felicity on Lian Yu and Oliver reading his journal documenting the five years he was away to her.  Can you imagine Oliver returning to Lian Yu, making peace with his past, sharing all of himself (secret self be gone) in the present, and finally able to move forward from the island to his future.  Because I can and it makes me weep with joy.  

That is where HIS legacy truly begins…

Think of Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn...

Think of them, standing at his mother’s funeral, with no idea of what death’s like except it takes away the people you love. 

Think of how they stand there and promise each other to always be there. They vow to be the other’s best man at their weddings, and vow to always get into mischief together, never alone.

And then Oliver disappears. Tommy, the boy who lost his mother and father, for whom Oliver had been his whole world in a way, his best friend and brother and partner in crime, dies at sea.

Tommy is lost. He gets even a speck of hint that his best friend is alive and he flies all across the world just to find him, to get him back.

Think of them when Oliver comes back. 

Of a friendship that had been the light for Oliver during some of his darkest days, 

of a friendship that had been the light for Tommy when he’d lost himself.

Think of them growing up together before and after Oliver came back, before and after all the mistakes they made.

They vowed to always be there for each other.

And think of the moment when Tommy Merlyn took his last breath in the arms of his best friend, 

the last face he saw being the man he’d loved as a brother all of his life, 

his last words clearing all differences away.

Think of Tommy Merlyn and Oliver Queen.

of two boys who’d spent all their lives getting into mischief and bailing each other out

of the two men who came back together, made mistakes and drifted apart, but never really broke

Of a friendship that believed even after death.

Of a friendship that never really left.

Or what Oliver would give to spend another minute with

Think of Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn.

And cry with me.

At least the itching is almost over and it was so worth it! Amy was so nervous to draw on me she practiced on a sticky note first

I asked her to draw “however she thinks Shaws arrow looks in her head”
And to write 4A wherever she thought it would look best with the arrow.

She’s so sweet and was just awesome to do this and also you’re welcome here is shaws canon arrow shape according to Amy Acker bc she literally drew this off the top of her beautiful head