Breaking in? Well you can try New York. Don’t let his blind eye fool you now, he can still kill you 10 miles away. He’s always hanging around Errera. Now if you need an exit plan because sometimes New York can…trip up, you need to look for a man they call Washington. He’ll get you squared away. He’ll let you think he’s a pushover, but he ain’t. Just push him enough and you’ll see. He’d do anything to protect his own.

I don’t…know if this fits in my Casual Dress set so I’ve been calling it Guns for Hire…au? ;;;; I can’t stop…..////looks at my hands — with luck Carolina and CT are next…maybe maine….I got a request to do maine so…. Also Wash + knife = god damn son

[The Twins] [Mercenary]  [Mercenaries] [The Meta] [CT and Number One] [479] [The Informant and The Hunter] [The Soldier] [Sis] [Kimball] [Sarge and Lopez] [Church, Caboose, Tucker] [Simmons, Donut, and Grif]

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