Claude as a Leyendecker arrow collar man. Click to enlarge. 

Okay, so like I re-watched Black Butler 2 a while ago and he’s my fave character because he’s just so evil and tragic and FLAWED. Also he has intense eyes and it’s like he’s seen some shit. I like that very much. I thought that he’d look nice as an arrow collar man, and I was right. <3 

Let me just imagine that he survived and then proceeded to pose for Leyendecker because that’s a pretty funny thought.


Can we take a second to appreciate the sheer beauty of male elegance in J. C. Leyendecker’s work?

Joseph Christian Leyendecker ( March 23, 1874 in Montabaur, Germany – July 25, 1951 in New Rochelle, New York, USA) was one of the preeminent American illustrators of the early 20th century. During the Golden Age of American Illustration between 1896 and 1950, Leyendecker painted more than 400 magazine covers as well as many advertisement illustrations. Leyendecker “virtually invented the whole idea of modern magazine design.”  

The apparent homoerotic aesthetic of his work is often attributed to a homosexual identity. Leyendecker excelled at depicting male homosocial spaces (locker rooms, clubhouses, tailoring shops) and extraordinarily handsome young men in curious poses or exchanging glances. Leyendecker never married, and he lived with another man, Charles Beach, for much of his adult life, who is assumed to have been his lover and who was the original model of the famous Arrow Collar Man.

Inspired by this post which never fails to make me laugh when it comes across my dash:

“Jesus, you were right, Hood,” Stephanie exclaimed, eyes wide.

“Ee-yup,” Jason replied, keeping a close eye on the screaming match. “Believe me, it was a shock to me, too.”

“Yikes,” Dick winced, “I can’t believe he just said that to his own kid,”

“Disgraceful behavior,” muttered Damian, sounding like Alfred.

“This is textbook ‘What not to say to family members with addiction problems,’ by the way,” Tim said with scorn in his voice.

“Boy Wonder, you buy your dad a Father’s Day card yet?” Stephanie addressed Damian, who perched on rubble nearby.

“Manufactured sentiment,” he objected, but with no heat behind it as he watched the fight escalate.

“Well, when we get home we’re going out to get one,” Stephanie said firmly, making moves toward leaving.

“Coming to blows,” Cassandra warned from behind the Black Bat mask.

Red Hood started to move toward Arsenal as the redhead threw the first punch at Green Arrow, only to be stopped in his tracks at the sight of Batman charging in, collaring Arrow (whose fist was cocked), and heaving him bodily away from his former protégé.

“Oh, we are so staying to watch this,” Stephanie said with glee.

Damian sat down on his piece of rubble with a smirk. All the Gotham set got comfortable except for Red Hood, who moved to gently pull Arsenal further away from the older men. Nearby, Green Lantern hazarded a glance at Batman’s clutch of sidekicks and almost shuddered at the sight of them, the ones whose faces weren’t obscured, doing that aggressive, teeth-baring smile he’d only seen the Bat break out once and he never wanted to see again.

“O? You watching this?” Dick said into the comm, smiling at the sight of a red-faced Ollie blustering at what he knew was a cold and furious Bruce at peak BatDad.

“Hell, I’m recording it. We’re all going to get together and re-watch it later. With popcorn.”


100 Illustrators that all Illustrators should know: #20

J.C. Leyendecker (1874-1951)

Country: United States

Famous for: Saturday Evening Post, Arrow Collars, Advertising Art, Poster Art, Magazine Art

Influenced: Norman Rockwell, Drew Struzan, Dave Stevens, Alex Ross, 

Influenced by: Howard Pyle, John Vanderpoel

J.C Leyendecker was a German-born American illustrator, is among the most prolific in American illustration history, and is known for his expressive, but very structured brushstrokes, and the planar and angular quality of his figures and drapery. Leyendecker was very closely associated with the magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, and until the arrival of Norman Rockwell, who was heavily influenced by Leyendecker, there was not a single artist more closely associated with a single publication than him. He also formed a long-lasting relationship with the Arrow Collars company, with which he created the very popular Arrow Collar Man, an ideal male figure closely resembling Charles Dana Gibson’s iconic female counterpart, the Gibson Girl. Leyendecker became among the most popular and recognizable American illustrators of his time, when the competition was fierce, with illustrators such as James Montgomery Flagg, Maxfield Parrish, and N.C. Wyeth being his competitors. With how much influence Leyendecker had back in his day, it is said that he virtually invented the whole idea of modern magazine design. 

Men reading in illustration for Arrow Collar advertisement. J. C. Leyendecker (American, 1874-1951).

The Arrow Collar ads were a collaborative production of New York ad agency Calkins and Holden; Cluett, Peabody advertising director Charles Connolly; and commercial illustrator Leyendecker. Leyendecker’s model was his live-in companion, a Canadian named Charles Beach. Good-looking fellow, clear-eyed and dignified, Leyendecker’s nattily dressed gentleman quickly became the symbol of the modern American man.

A Moment Alone

a/n: The original, full title of this is, A Moment Alone, or the Three Times They were Interrupted and the One Time John Remembered to Lock the Door. but that seemed a bit long… so yeah this my first Blinders story, i hope you enjoy!

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warnings: a bit smutty but nothing terribly explicit

John Shelby x OFC // Peaky Blinders // one-shot

word count: 1,656

Originally posted by imaginesparadise

You were awoken by the feeling of John’s fingers snaking their way under your night dress and along your thigh. Blindly you reached over your shoulder to slide your own hand along his cheek until you cupped the back of his head. Pulling him closer, you hummed as he began to nip along your shoulder while his touch came to rest at the apex between your thighs.

“John,” you moaned before rolling onto your back, eyes still shut. Shifting out a knee, you aided his access as his lips moved to trail along your jaw. Continuing to massage your folds through the cotton of you underwear, his mouth finally came to yours. He pulled on your bottom lip and climbed between your legs.

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JC Leyendecker

So I’m laying in bed feeling ill and completely useless. I decided to catch up on The Colbert Report trying to recover from whatever BS bug I caught. On one episode, there is this writer promoting her book about Norman Rockwell. Once again, no mentions of JC Leyendecker who Rockwell pretty much idolized and even studied under.

Don’t get me wrong. I really do like Rockwell, I just get tired of people completely forgetting that Leyendecker existed. Leyendecker brought a lot to the world of art with storytelling, conservative brush strokes (less is more), imagery of the New Years Baby and giving flowers on Mother’s dad, appreciation of men’s fashion, and good lord so much more.

So here is a Leyendecker appreciation post brought to you from my ipod.

Gotham on the Fritz (A DC Parody of Puttin' on the Ritz)
The Riddler

Have you seen the ne'er-to-do, locked up in ‘Ark Avenue’,
On that famous thoroughfare, with some toxin in the air,
High hats and Arrow collars, green spats and lots of dollars,
Spending every dime, on a wonderful crime!

If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to,
Why don’t you go where chaos sits,
Gotham on the fritz!

Femme fatales who wear a day coat, two-faced men,
Or leather bound coats, perfect fits,
Gotham on the fritz!

Dressed up like a winged flying sleuther,
Trying hard to look like Ol’ Lex Luthor (super duper),
Come let’s mix where Cobblepots walk with their sticks,
Or umbrellas in their mitts.
Gotham on the fritz!

Kitty cats all wear a diamond choker,
Harley walking with the man who broke her (what a joker),
You’ll declare it’s simply insane to be there,
And cower as they battle wits,
Gotham on the fritz!

(I was bored. This happened. Deal with it.)

Cullavellan Week - Day 2

Fandom: Dragon Age
Pairing: Devanna Lavellan/Cullen Rutherford
AO3 Link: Here!
Notes: Brief mention of other Lavellans that can be found in other fics, and other world states. Written for Cullavellen week, this prompt is

C’mon, it was inevitable! How did Lavellan introduce Cullen to their clan? Or, how did Cullen introduce them to his siblings? Or BOTH, if you’re feeling daring! :D

“I’m sorry dear, Branson’s asked me to marry him and I fear I truly must accept.” Cullen looked up from the chess board with an amused quire of his eyebrow.

Devanna was stretched out across one of the couches, Hauen purring contently on her chest and her head in Bran’s lap. His younger brother gave him a grin, fingers working her long hair into a rather complicated braid. She looked so languid, so very relaxed and wholly at ease, as if she belonged here. As if it has always been meant to end like this.

Maker but it nearly stole his breath away.

“He’s got your good looks, you see.” She continued, voice lilted and sing-song, lips curling into the smallest of smiles.

“And twice the charm.” His brother added.

Cullen affected an air of affront at that, one that faded with a nonchalant shrug. “As you wish my lady, though you should be warned Branson does snore.”

“And I hope you enjoy picking up his dirty underwear.” Mia muttered.

Branson made a pained noise at that, shaking his head. “Don’t listen to these rakes, my dear. I cannot believe my own family would disparage me so in front of my intended.”

“That’s it then.” She said decisively. “We’ve no choice but to elope. And besides I managed to survive your sleep talking, didn’t I? At least the snores won’t leave me foolishly trying to carry a conversation about troop movement.”

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