This might seem as a response to that gifset I reblogged earlier, and it kind of is. With one major difference between the two: I will not put it in your character’s tag (I know, I’m super nice) and I will also not turn this around to make it about how much your ship sucks. And this is coming from someone who does not even ship L/O.

But here’s a thing, you might want to consider: For Oliver, being the vigilante is a burden. In the end of season one, he considered ditching that whole career as it was, when he thought they stopped Malcolm. And the first thing he did after that was to run to Laurel. Oliver is not the vigilante. Stephen said multiple times, he plays three different characters, and present day Oliver is almost as far from playing the vigilante, as pre-island/island!Oliver. Laurel knew Oliver, and still knows him. She, and Tommy’s “ghost” were the only ones who could get him back on his feet in an actual life/death situation (see 2.09 and 2.21). She accepts him with all his faults, and even the fact that he slept with her sister, and she still has faith in him, because she can see the good in him. If you don’t see how all of this is connected, and how it makes more sense than what you made it seem in your gifset, then we are most definitely not watching the same show.