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Petition for a Laurel/Cisco-Sara/Nyssa Spin Off based only on the Black Canary/Birds of Prey Mythos.

I mean…
Haters of Laurel Lance want Laurel to get her own Spin Off so that they’re not forced to watch her on Arrow.
All the while, Stans of Laurel Lance want Laurel to get her own Spin Off so that they can watch her blossom under a different/better/less Olicity writing team.
And the few people in between are either Blackvibe Shippers or Laurel/Nyssa friendship shippers.
And that’s not counting the countless of Nyssara Shippers and Sara Fans that would flock to the show.
Or the Comic Book geeks greedy for a Birds of Prey Remake, for that mater.
Basically, everyone on this Fandom wants this Spin Off.

What will happen to Wally West in The Flash?

The Arrowverse has many characters on its big list, but manages to handle them very well. Everyone has her moments when they stumble, like Arrow’s Laurel Lance for … well, most of the time she was on this show. But, in general, actors and writers know what they are doing and make sure they do justice to these characters for decades. (Or, at least, they’re looking for something new and ingenious to do with them.) However, one of those characters who stumbles, and very often, is Wally West from The Flash.

Introduced in the middle of season 2, Wally was the secret son of Joe West and his wife Francine, so he joined the West family group. Despite the initial doubts between him and Joe and his sister Iris, he almost instantly became a real member of the restricted circle of the West. When Wally’s revelation was first announced, many fans became crazy about the show, as it happened a few years after the New 52 revealed that Wally’s new version of DC Comics was also black .

Unfortunately, Wally soon found himself in the role that Iris had for most of season 1: trapped forever in the crazy circuit that is the metahuman problem of Central City, but not enough to be part of Team Flash, although It really should be. If you go back and look at Season 2, it’s really amazing how much Wally is between being part of Team Flash, but not when he’s dating a guy from another universe and he’s got a sprinter who threatens to To kill him. During the first third of season 3, this state continued, although he gained his own speeding powers through the intrusion of Barry’s Flashpoint.

Lonsdale plays the Keiynan very well, but Wally just feels exalted for being unfairly considered by the program as second in the best case, and has been upset again this year thanks to the recent arrival of the Lying Man.

Even when Barry was trapped in the Speed ​​Force prison and Wally was the best sprinter at the start of season 4, the situation barely lasted long enough to make us feel like a real change before Barry gets dressed again. red and yellow again. In short, it could completely exclude Wally from the series and, unfortunately, that would not change much. In battles, he is always conveniently eliminated or conveniently defeated by what is out of order. As a result, when Wally decides to leave the program for a few episodes in the first half of season 4, his departure is not nearly as interesting as the writers seem to believe … Then, on his return, he is immediately marginalized both in the Crossover Crisis as in the episode of the previous week.

In a way, it is understandable that the series does not only provide the superpowers of Wally; part of the treatment of the program (and the Arrowverse in general, to a certain extent) is that the characters gradually grow in themselves. Then, when they acquire their superhero identities, they do not fight with old luggage. It worked with Oliver Queen when he went from “The Hood” to “The Arrow” and “Green Arrow”, Sara Lance’s black canary changed to White Canary, and so on. The problem with Wally is that he does not understand those moments when he really fights with his luggage, at least not on the screen. When we look at how much time Team Flash has spent working on the evolution of its characters, from the slow burns of Cisco and Caitlin in Vibe and Killer Frost, the relationship is really low in comparison.

On the bright side, there is a way to solve Wally’s problem: DC Legends of Tomorrow. The Flash / Arrow spin-off has become, whether the authors admit it or not, in a house for characters with whom they have no idea what to do. It’s a home for the marginalized and marginalized of the Arrowverse, something that Wally must be feeling right now. Legends can help you import in a way that being “the other sprinter” does not really do. Fortunately, the seeds for this have been established; Legends’ start-up episode of the season, gave us a very brief scene in which he fights crime with steel (Nick Zano), and it is implied that the two had been doing for months the legends have been forced to dissolve. If nothing else,

What does not hurt is that the legends have lost two people since the last episode. With Martin Stein dead and Jefferson Jackson leaving to find out who he is without being FireStorm, the team could use another “weird” or two to fill the vacancies. Of course, Constantine and Citizen Cold hang around the Waverider, but the two are clearly not permanent residents of the team. Legends will eventually need someone to work on the ship to keep it going, so Wally’s mechanics experience would be useful on this front. They could do something worse than adding a young sprinter to their ranks, that’s for sure, and it would provide a juvenile energy that is definitely missing from the Legends distribution. Seeing it with Rory or Zari would certainly lead to good jokes. Wally is a big part of Flash’s story, which makes it so frustrating that the show treated it as a late event. As painful as it may seem, it has a dead weight in The Flash, so the Arrowverse can also throw it into the world of another group of characters to see how things are shaken. Even if Legends does not fix it and it ends up getting even worse, trying to improve it would be better than doing nothing at all. Lonsdale is clearly a game to do more things with this character, so the program needs to find a quick fix.


Birds of Prey AU
Laurel Lance, aka Black Canary, knows she can do some good on her own. But with a team? They could do so much more. She recruits an elite group of heroes to form the Birds of Prey. It’s not easy, learning to work together, and they all have their demons. But they find that being a team is about more than taking down bad guys together. Having someone there to watch your back, patch you up when you get hurt, be a shoulder to lean on when it all gets to be too much… Their team starts to feel a lot like a family.

Arrow AU/Dream spin-off : Black Canary

After faking her death to protect her secret identity, Dinah Laurel Lance (played by Katie Cassidy) moves to Gotham alongside a young woman who claims to be her daughter-from-the-future-who-stuck-in-the-past, Olivia (played by Alycia Debnam-Carey). There she rescues and later becomes the legal guardian of Cynthia (Sin) Lance (played by Arden Cho), a girl who views her as her big sister and role model.
Now the three women became Gotham city’s newest protectors, while struggling to adjust to the everyday life of their new little family.

It’s [Legends of Tomorrow] really just about how a group of disparate people are trying to work together to battle some diabolical forces so that’s what makes it interesting. There are (several) characters, everyone’s coming from a different place, a different motive, it’s like a dysfunctional family, which is what interests me about it

Victor Garber during CTV Upfront in Canada [6/4/2015]

Legends of Tomorrow: Origin of the Show
  • Flarrow EPs: So, next year we're going to have another Spin-Off, completely centered on the character of Ray Palmer.
  • Flarrow Fandom: WHAT? why would we watch a show about that Creepy Fuck? We are not going to watch this show.
  • Guggenheim: What are they talking about? Ray Palmer is the Best Character Ever, who wouldn't want to watch a show about him?!
  • Berlanti: This Fandom, apparently.
  • Kreisberg: Uhm, this might create some problems for our plans of World Domination...
  • Guggenheim: You two are right, we're better start thinking of something...
  • *The Next Day*
  • Flarrow EPs: So, the Show ISN'T really going to be centered about Ray Palmer, and it will contain many stuff you Fans surely will like...
  • Flarrow Fandom: Oh, yeah? And who is going to be in there with Palmer?
  • Guggenheim: Well, first off, this show will be filled with Crossover Episodes with the sister shows of Arrow and The Flash, and you people will have to watch them if you don't want to lose what the hell is happening in the main shows...
  • Kreisberg: ... Then there are going to be Captain Cold and Heatwave as recurring characters...
  • Berlanti: ... And that's not counting the fact that it might crossover with my Supergirl series too!
  • Flarrow Fandom: Uhm, we're not convinced yet...
  • Guggenheim: Ehm... Okay, what about the possibility to have Caity Lotz back for some Flashbacks about her life in the LoA?
  • Flarrow Fandom: Still Not Convinced.
  • Kreisberg: Okay, okay- Hawkgirl! She's going to be in that show too!
  • Flarrow Fandom: Still Not Convinced.
  • Berlanti: And... And... *Arthur Darvill enters the scene* ARTHUR DARVILL IS GOING TO PLAY A TIME TRAVELING CHARACTER!
  • Arthur Darvill: W-What?
  • Flarrow Fandom: Still Not Convin-
  • Flarrow Fandom: What.
  • Kreisberg: What?
  • Berlanti: What?!
  • Caity lotz: WHAT?!
  • Guggenheim: Yeah, you heard me. Sara is alive now.
  • Laurel Stans: *Obnoxiously Whiny Voice* WHAT?! No! Laurel is the Black Canary now, Sara was just a poser, a temporary replacement to the majesty that is Laurel as the Black Canary! Sara returning to life will undermine her awesome origin story, who everyone loves since we are actually the silent majority of this Fandom! Also, she's just the White Washed version of an Asian Character from the comics! You people just like her because of her boobs, anyway!
  • Flarrow EPs: *Evil Laughter* YES! Now people are going to watch our Spin-Off!

The Flash & Arrow team up  spin-off  filmed scenes last night on a rooftop

On set were
- Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen / Arrow
- Grant Gustin as Barry Allen / The Flash
- Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart / Captain Cold
- Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer / ATOM
- Caity Lotz as Sara Lance / White Canary
- Ciara Renee as Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl
- Victor Garber as Dr. Martin Stein / ½ of Firestorm
- Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter

Zero Gravity: Left Behind Arrow 3x10 Review

I know how they feel. The Arrow writers’ creation of Oliver Queen, and Stephen Amell’s portrayal, is what pulled me in. It’s what centers me to Arrow. He is the reason I’m here. He’s the reason we’re all here. 

Do you want to know why the writers use light as the symbol for Oliver? Because he is the sun. And the Arrow world revolves around him.

His warmth, his strength, his survival, his dedication, his heroism, his sacrifice, his pain…his love- it is the life giving force of Arrow. It breathes life into the story. It breathes life into these characters.

That’s why Oliver MUST become The Green Arrow. That’s why Oliver MUST harness the light within. So the world can see, can believe and can feel the warmth of this hero…and be saved by him. 

So what do you do? When the unthinkable happens? What do you do when the center is gone? When the light is gone…

What Team Arrow is experiencing right now is zero gravity. The state or condition in which there is no apparent force of gravity acting on the body, either because the force is weak or because the body and its surroundings are freely and equally accelerating under the force.

No force. No center. No hold. And tonight we began to watch the Arrow universe spin off into a new trajectory. The question is…can the team find a way to tether themselves to earth again?

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Ray’s last scene, which is a very definitive sendoff was actually something we talked about way back at the beginning of the year, long before the spinoff was discussed. While Ray’s sendoff does a nice job of teeing up where he is headed in the spinoff, it was always something we were going to do. It functions both as an end to Ray’s story in season three, as well as a little tease of what people might be able to expect from the spinoff.

Marc Guggenheim [THR May 12, 2015]