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Petition for a Laurel/Cisco-Sara/Nyssa Spin Off based only on the Black Canary/Birds of Prey Mythos.

I mean…
Haters of Laurel Lance want Laurel to get her own Spin Off so that they’re not forced to watch her on Arrow.
All the while, Stans of Laurel Lance want Laurel to get her own Spin Off so that they can watch her blossom under a different/better/less Olicity writing team.
And the few people in between are either Blackvibe Shippers or Laurel/Nyssa friendship shippers.
And that’s not counting the countless of Nyssara Shippers and Sara Fans that would flock to the show.
Or the Comic Book geeks greedy for a Birds of Prey Remake, for that mater.
Basically, everyone on this Fandom wants this Spin Off.


Birds of Prey AU
Laurel Lance, aka Black Canary, knows she can do some good on her own. But with a team? They could do so much more. She recruits an elite group of heroes to form the Birds of Prey. It’s not easy, learning to work together, and they all have their demons. But they find that being a team is about more than taking down bad guys together. Having someone there to watch your back, patch you up when you get hurt, be a shoulder to lean on when it all gets to be too much… Their team starts to feel a lot like a family.

It’s [Legends of Tomorrow] really just about how a group of disparate people are trying to work together to battle some diabolical forces so that’s what makes it interesting. There are (several) characters, everyone’s coming from a different place, a different motive, it’s like a dysfunctional family, which is what interests me about it

Victor Garber during CTV Upfront in Canada [6/4/2015]

Arrow AU/Dream spin-off : Black Canary

After faking her death to protect her secret identity, Dinah Laurel Lance (played by Katie Cassidy) moves to Gotham alongside a young woman who claims to be her daughter-from-the-future-who-stuck-in-the-past, Olivia (played by Alycia Debnam-Carey). There she rescues and later becomes the legal guardian of Cynthia (Sin) Lance (played by Arden Cho), a girl who views her as her big sister and role model.
Now the three women became Gotham city’s newest protectors, while struggling to adjust to the everyday life of their new little family.

Ray’s last scene, which is a very definitive sendoff was actually something we talked about way back at the beginning of the year, long before the spinoff was discussed. While Ray’s sendoff does a nice job of teeing up where he is headed in the spinoff, it was always something we were going to do. It functions both as an end to Ray’s story in season three, as well as a little tease of what people might be able to expect from the spinoff.

Marc Guggenheim [THR May 12, 2015]