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Dating Sin Would Include...

Requested by anon

  • Sin knowing from the start that she had to have you
  • Immediately being attracted to her sense of humor and charm
  • Your relationship starting out as a one-night stand
  • But turning into something much, much more
  • Sin falling in love with your personality
  • Being one of the only people who can make her smile and laugh
  • Always laughing at each other’s corny jokes
  • Sin being sarcastic 99% of the time
  • But being okay with it
  • Because you secretly find it very attractive
  • Stealing borrowing Sin’s leather jackets
  • Sin knowing damn well that you can take care of yourself
  • But always feeling the need to protect you when in you’re in the Glades
  • You calling out all the guys who catcall her
  • And her doing the same for you
  • Making out a lot
  • Having sex all the time
  • Sin loving to kiss your neck
  • And thighs
  • And pretty much anyway to be honest
  • Sin secretly being super affectionate
  • Loving hugs
  • And cuddling
  • Sin proudly showing you off to her friends
  • Roy teasing you about your relationship
  • Lots of PDA
  • Sin always having her hand in your back pocket
  • Ass squeezing
  • Sin always checking you out when you walk away
  • Sin being worried that you’ll end up getting caught up in the vigilante war taking place in Star City
  • Telling you she loves you every chance she gets
  • Because she’s afraid if she doesn’t tell you
  • You’ll never get to hear it again
  • (But, luckily for you, you get to hear it every single day)

Plant pedri edits (original panels at the top)

I wanted to make him more wood-focused than tuls’ whole leaf thing, and since Pedri looks different than tuls I thought that Odin’s transformation would look different than maggies