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So can we have Sin back now?

I keep thinking about how now that Rebirth is restoring old relationships, maybe we’ll get Sin and it’s really exciting for me because:

  • She would have a GREAT relationship with Emiko. Sin is so similar to Emiko in so many ways - raised from birth to be a fighter, limited social skills, very much a child despite their enormous skills - but Sin is so much lighter and more optimistic and curious about the world while Emiko is, fundamentally, a little shit. I want all the baby arrowfam adventures with SIn forcing Emiko out of her rigid worldview and getting them into trouble.
  • Sin is also going to be better at Emiko at fighting and just IMAGINE that tantrum
  • I feel like Sin would be so into Dina’s music like she doesn’t know what this is but she loves it.
  • Sin is the uber-mysterious daughter of a travelling rockstar who’s had paparazzi focused on her ever since she arrived in the US and has grown up on the road, sleeping backstage and training on the top of the tour bus while Emiko is Oliver Queen’s ice-queen socialite sister with a wicked head for business and they are press darlings but no one can figure out how the hell they get along so well.
  • LEGACY STORIES. Sin as Black Canary and Emiko as Green Arrow, the two of them having grown up together, trained together, always worked together. Their fighting style is completely seamless, their bond is unbreakable, Green Arrow and Black Canary 4 eva. 

Guess who still hasn’t done their grammar assignment! me

So I’ve been drawing tree’s for another picture all day and wanted to take a break and draw people again. I was going to start doing Audrey Jensen outfits pt.2 but I haven’t decided which ones I’m going to do yet, and I thought since I’ve drawn @bext-k ‘s characters Audrey and Bullet already I’d give Sin a go. 

This makes it look like all I draw is Bex, which I mean kind of, but she’s actually really chill to draw. I find her characters easier to draw than some of my own OC designs. 

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