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Some Things You Might Have Forgotten About Percy Jackson

- In the beginning of the series, Grover is 28 years old (making him about 33 by the Blood of Olympus)

- Someone in New York City has a statue of Smelly Gabe on their property

- Annabeth is really good at playing Hacky Sack

- Grover’s Uncle Ferdinand is still a statue at Aunty Em’s Garden Emporium (and is missing an arm).

- Annabeth’s father is a Harvard graduate.

- If Percy had aged with the books release dates, he would have been 21 in The Blood of Olympus.

- Travis and Connor Stoll aren’t twins.

- Blackjack was originally written as a female Pegasus.

- Blackbeard is now running around the modern day world thanks to Hermes’ vitamins

- Camp Half-Bloods address is the first four digits of pi.

- Chiron wears his horse tail in curlers

- Nico and Bianca were never technically claimed.

- The dam snack bar

- Several dozen Target stores across the country have arrows stuck in their signs from when Zoë shot them

- Percy knows how to ride/drive a motorcycle

- Travis Stoll got cursed by the Aphrodite cabin and was stuck wearing clown makeup for a month.

- Tyson and Grover were trapped in the Labyrinth together for over two weeks.

- Kampê is still buried in a mound of boulders in Camp Half Blood.

- Pollux is now Dionysus’s only child.

- May Castellan is still waiting for Luke to come home.

Signs as.... uhm.... comic book stuff
  • Aries: Hal Jordan's failed relationship
  • Taurus: Bruce Wayne's fear of bats
  • Gemini: Hulk's nipples
  • Cancer: Damian Wayne's pet cow
  • Leo: Aquaman's severed hand
  • Virgo: Ultraman's kryptonite addiction
  • Libra: Dex-starr's hair ball
  • Scorpio: Roy Harper's drug addiction
  • Sagtitstarius: Alfred Pennyworth's paycheck
  • Capricorn: Peter Parker's tears
  • Aquarius: Arkillo and Saint Walker's implied bromance
  • Pisces: John Constantine's punk band
The Signs as Justice League

Aries: Green Arrow

Taurus: The Flash

Gemini: Captain Marvel

Cancer: Wonder Woman

Leo: Red Tornado

Virgo: Elongated Man

Libra: Superman

Scorpio: Batman

Sagittarius: Cyborg

Capricorn: Green Lantern

Aquarius: Martian Manhunter

Pisces: Aquaman



The Twin Peaks sign, by day and by night. Twin Peaks opened in 1935 and has been operating as a gay bar since 1972. I believe it is SF’s oldest continually operating gay bar, and it’s said to be the first gay bar in the country to have a windowed façade, allowing patrons to see out and be seen in a time when homosexuality was criminalized and heavily policed. It’s still a great place to hang out in the Castro! 🌈