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Olicity One Shot~ My cure to writer’s block

So this will make no sense but a friend named Matty or as many know her @supersillyanddorky06 suggested I cure my writer’s block by doing a free write. The shot might be odd, or disorganized but that’s what it’s meant to be. I needed to free my mind and by doing this I did just that. Thank you my friend and thank you to everyone who has ever read a word that I’ve typed. It means more than you could possibly know. 

His eyes looked frozen, that she could clearly remember as his gaze carefully scanned over the her painstaking words. His parted lips and quivering fingers made her own body tremble with unspoken fear. She watched him carefully through the security cameras that lined the walls of now heavily guarded building. His downcast eyes and fallen chin made her softly touch the flickering screen. His lips moved soundlessly before his knees gave way; she watched in silent torment as he slowly slipped to the cold ground. The letter fell beside him limply as she whispered into her self made darkness, “I’m sorry Oliver…I’m sorry…” 

5 Years Later…

“Are you sure about this?” the quiet voice beside him beckoned somberly. 

Oliver’s heavy, light-less blue eyes raced upwards toward the tower’s glowing tip. He felt her supportive touch near the small of his back; her soft perfume floated around him like a warm blanket as his body shuddered from his own internal cold. He croaked with tears forever frozen in his raw throat, “I’ll be fine Dinah, but I need to do this, I need to say goodbye…” 

He felt her gloved fingers pressing firmly over his spine. Her hiccuped reply made his chest burn, “Did she know?” 

His chin fell instantly to his cavernous chest, “What that I loved her and still do?” he mused tiredly. 

“You’re never going to move on are you?” she asked as her hand raced up his chilled spine. 

“I tried and she left…” he snapped quietly with not even a small note of hidden remorse. 

Dinah’s sighs over the nape of his neck warmed him momentarily before the chill of her words made his blood run cold. “She left because you betrayed her trust by trusting Susan over her.” 

His automatic nod seemed rehearsed when he seethed with repressed anger, “She left me long before that day Dinah…” 

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anonymous asked:

for the prompt thing: olicity reunion when Prometheus captures them in a small cell

“We’re going to die, aren’t we?” 

Oliver’s eyes lock with hers from across the room where he’s trying to free himself from the chain attached to the wall. “Felicity-” 

She stares back, daring him silently to lie to her, to tell her they can get out of this, to spit out some ridiculous plan or some heroic speech. They both know how likely their survival is. She has no misconceptions. There’s just one thing she has to do before Prometheus ends this. 

Felicity grabs Oliver and seals her lips against his, fusing their lips together. He responds with enthusiasm, the biggest confirmation of their dire circumstances. But if this is the end, at least she’s going out with a kiss to end all time.

Another addition to the growing cast of Supernatural Next Generation! 😍👶

OMG Jared 😂😂😂 (x)

P.S your kids already have the Ackles kids to match up with 😜🙊

Olicity Prompt ~ 5 Dresses

Originally posted by blankofthemonth

A prompt from a friend on AO3….

I as usual went in a slightly different direction. 

Prompt:  I have found the prompt about the dresses that are driving Oliver mad with longing. 

 1: gold dress (Dodger)
2: red poker dress (finding Walter)
3: grey and orange (when Oliver makes her his EA aka I quit)
4: red peek-a-boob dress (intro to jealous Oliver)
5: pink dress (Moira’s party)

Warning: Explicit for me so you’ve been warned. (Not that the gif wasn’t clear enough…)

Read it here or an AO3 

5 Dresses

“Are they arguing again?” Rene asked when the elevator doors opened to reveal a very frustrated Curtis sitting with his back to the approaching visitor. 

“Mom and Dad as you’ve so cleverly termed them are just talking it out, they’ll be done soon…” he added lowly with a nearly silent exhale, “I hope,” while Rene found a spare chair to put beside his own. 

He tapped at the latest piece of technology slowly with timid fingers. “Is she really going to be his assistant?” Rene asked almost gleefully. 

“She prefers the term Deputy Mayor since Lance has taken a leave of absence but yeah she’s going to fill that role for at least the next two months,” Curtis commented while he pushed Rene’s fingers away from the broken down device. 

Rene leaned back and placed the soles of his tennis shoes along the table. Curtis gave him an annoyed eye roll but continued going through the various burned wires as the other man talked. “So what are they planning to do? I mean the reporter chick is also with Prometheus, the DA is busy carrying on a bromance with John and we’re being used as eyes only recon while Tina continues to train with Dad. I mean how does having blondie act like his right hand man help tie up any of those loose ends?” 

Curtis almost couldn’t believe the man who’d dubbed Oliver and Felicity mom and dad wasn’t able to connect the neon like dots. “He’s trying to get her back stupid,” Curtis laughed quickly. 

Rene’s feet dropped off the table ledge as he came forward with a harsh thud, “He’s what?” he croaked with childlike excitement. 

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Dear authors,

Stop making villains so makes me question my morals..or what’s left of it


Countdown to Black Canary:
↳ 2 Days to go » AU: While working in Central City on a case, Laurel visits Barry’s team in S.T.A.R. Labs and meets Dr Wells, who seems to know more about her future then he lets on.


The arrow is the future, the snake is the past. If you focus too much on the past, you relinquish all power to it, thus giving it the opportunity to poison you and coil around the arrow and snap it before you ever have a chance to aim and shoot. With every step I leave the past behind me and am one step closer to my future


 Arrow AU - Abby’s First Gala

(An Abigail Moira-Shado Queen ‘Verse fanfiction) PART 1

“Miss Queen! Miss Queen! Any comment for the Daily Star?”


“Well done, honeybug. Daddy’s proud.”

Felicity’s concerned that a charity gala will be too much for four-year-old Abby who has never faced the press before, but her father’s a little more confident. And as always, the Queens turn up in style.

For @yespleasehawkeye and @dust2dust34. Both you write amazing Olicity and Olicity kid fics. You never fail to inspire so many people, every day, with your words and writing. Oh and hey, Happy Olicity Ficversary, Bre! And Happy New Year too!

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