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Tyler and Josh: Happy Wheels Adventure

• okay we’re on a couch
• are they okay
• look at the agility
• dude get on the bed!! you have plenty of room!! i mean couch, we’re on a couch, we’re not laying on a bed in our underwear
• we’re actually at the pool with like three other chicks
• bike rides that are the worst for me personally are the ones where there’s arrows through my neck
• nice! keep going
• dude did you just burp
• yeah sorry
• ew dude that burp smells so bad
• what like pure red bull and passion?
• you got this sphen
• ~all of the OOHHHs~

Three Wishes

Fandom: The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings

Pairing: Legolas x Female!Reader


Word Count: 3100

Warning: Smut.

Notes: I am so sorry that it took four weeks to complete your request, anon! I hope you enjoy it though! I actually sat down at 10 pm to write this and didn’t start till 1 am. :P *~Procrastination at its finest~*

I hope you all enjoy, and I will see y'all in my next post. :*

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Annabeth is out in the forest when she runs into what she assumes is your dead body. Though when she takes a closer look, she notices a silver bow and arrow necklace around your neck. 

Annabeth: I think… I think it’s a Hunter of Artemis…I need nectar and ambrosia, now!

not my gif l Annabeth Chase/Camp Half Blood Imagine l request!

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You’ve heard of “Tell that to Zod’s snapped Neck”, Now get ready for....

….”Write a letter to Slade Wilson’s empty eye-socket”.

i-gwarth  asked:

Ok so literally I found you following Scott Lynch and saw your great art of Locke and Jean. I am reading Lies atm and got to the part with the dying in the cellar & the arrow to the neck & everything is horrible I am in pain & I wanted to tell some1

what are you TALKING about

everyone’s FINE, they’re all VERY HEALTHY and HAPPY and making sure Bug gets a QUALITY moral education

Jace had nightmares sometimes. Normal ones, that were reasonable and expected after everything. Of being burnt alive and dying all over again, of stabbing Clary and strangling Isabelle and looking down at Alec as he jammed a arrow through his neck.

Or the ones where Isabelle’s screaming at him and Clary’s gripping Simon’s hand and pulling them away from him, playing the protector to keep his friends safe, from him.

And those were the best ones. He’d rather wake up in a cold sweat and scramble to check under his shirt for Lilith’s mark then have the worst ones.

The worst were before Sebastian, before Lilith and Raziel. They were Alec, face distorted by the wall of blue and his dream.

“The law is hard but it is the law.”

It echos on the worst nights and fills him with ice. His parabatai, his Alec, looking at him like he was Valentine.

He never woke up screaming. He opened his eyes, blinking to adjust his eyes to the darkness of his room. Pressed right up against him was Alec.

But Alec was also in his head, eyes harder then glass, the line of his mouth sterner then The Inquisitor.

“The law is harsh.”

“The law is harsh.”

“The law is harsh.”

Jace woke up, gasping.

“Jace?” Alec’s voice is sleepy and warm, and unlike the voice of dream Alec. He still fliches.

“Are you ok?”

“Nightmare.” He notices the look of panic on Alec’s face and adds, “Not the Lilith kind.”

The look of terror on Alec’s face doesn’t vanish, but lessons.

“What kind, then?”


“What kind, Jace?”

It tumbles out of his mouth without his permission. “The law Is harsh.”

Alec’s eyes widen, and he pulls Alec to him, clutching him desperately.

“That wasn’t real, Jace.” He whispers, fiercely. “I’ll never betray you. Ever.”

Jace nods, breathing the other boy in.

“I’m not lying, Jace.” He pulls back and takes Jace’s hand. He pulls it to his chest, over his parabatai rune. “I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. Ever.” Jace nods, and again, Alec pulls him closer. He presses a kiss to Jace’s lips, chaste and fast. “The Angel do so to me, and more also, if aught but death part thee and me.” He presses another kiss to Jace’s mouth, eyes solemn. “Remember? Parabatai is forever.” Jace’s tone was dry. “We’re not normal parabatai.” “No. We’re better.” “I thought I was the conceited one?”

“I’m picking up your slack tonight.” Then, “I wasn’t kidding.” He tilts Jace’s chin, so they’re making eye contact.

“There’s no me without you. The law is nothing, love is harsh, and it has made me a liar. It has made all my decisions for me. You have, and I will defy anyone to keep you safe.”


fave meme redux - [2/ 2] characteristics - brave

“More dangerous than going undercover in a mob casino or jumping out of a plane? It’s my life. It’s my choice.”