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That was my first reaction.

But I love how Odin, even after seeing Ava set fire and do some crazy stuff is relativity chill. He apologizes for abandoning her (finally) and is like “ Is this because of me?” I thought that was cute. We even get our first look at Pedri in almost a year and he’s menacing as ever. I like how Ava slurs her words like she’s having a hangover off her power. Hopefully Odin will bridal carry Ava to the nearest ship and off to his home planet so we can finally get to know more about Odin. Michelle’s art is beautiful as ever and I love the colorist she brought on, makes each panel more dynamic. 

I’m also in hard Flaming Arrow shipping mode.

someone slay me, but in a brutal unfun way.

if i see one more comparison of barbara gordon to felicity smoak and how felicity should not only be Oracle but ALSO Batgirl in the Arrow-verse I will cut someone. 

Stop the Arrow fans from trying to take our shit. An episode got renamed from “Oracle” to “the Secret Origin of Felicia whatever” because no one was down for that. The level of outrage actually got them to rename the episode and prevent her from taking that mantel. The fact they even thought they could have dibs on that mantel is appalling when they don’t even know what it represents.

You see in a couple of years time we will have some batfam characters on the silver screen and then we will crush your sense of entitlement with our canon that you tried to jack.

Moral of the story: don’t touch our shit. Don’t be on the losing side of history.


The time for Takeru to gain his ultimate form has arrived. Using the Infinite Ghost Eyecon - created by the strong feelings of Takeru’s seven friends - Takeru is able to transform into Kamen Rider Ghost Infinite Soul. The embodiment of his friends’ emotions, Infinite Soul can use a multitude of attacks based on said feelings.

With the Infinite Ghost Eyecon and the GanGun Sabre, Infinite Soul is able to use different attacks based on emotions. The seven attacks are naginata mode’s Joy Stream, arrow mode’s Fun Strike, gun mode’s Brave Shoot, sword mode’s Grief Break, dual mode’s Anger Slash, rifle mode’s Faith Impact, and hammer mode’s Love Bomber. Finally, Infinite Soul’s Rider Kick is called the God Omega Drive Infinite.


Takeru will obtain the Robin Ghost Eyecon after connecting with the soul of Robin Hood residing inside of a bow and arrow. Using it, Takeru can transform into Kamen Rider Ghost Robin Soul, an incredibly agile form that can leave afterimages. He will also obtain the first Ghost Gadget, the Condor Telephone, which can combine with the GanGun Sabre to form its Arrow Mode.


Two new toy catalogue pages have turned up. First off, the rumours about the GanGan Sabre’s modes were true! Kamen Rider Ghost’s main weapon will have four standard modes: Broadsword Mode, Dual Wield Mode, Gun Mode, and Naginata Mode.

As previously stated, the Ghost Gadgets each have their object mode and an animal mode. The Condor Phone can transform into Condor Mode or combine with the GanGan Sabre to form Arrow Mode. The Bat Clock can transform into Bat Mode or Gun Mode or combine to form Rifle Mode. Finally, the Spider Lantern can transform into Spider Mode or combine to form Hammer Mode.

Condor Phone will be released in October for 3000 yen. Bat Clock in November for 3500 yen. Spider Lantern in December for 2800 yen.