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|| God, I adored this girl || Liam Dunbar Imagine

{ Requested: Hey darling!! Can I request a liam imagine where the reader is bffs with him and you tell the story from when they were young to now. Then liam is like totally falling for reader when they hit puberty and then the reader is like totally oblivious cause they’re like best friends and everything. You can choose the end but can I ask to make it like HELLA FLUFFY! Yea. Thanks so much!! (Sorry if confusing😅) }

“Liam, stop!“I yelled as Liam threw a punch at Manny’s face.
"I’m the one who’s supposed to fight him, not you!"I yelled.
”(Y/N), you can’t get in the middle of this!“Mason yelled as he held me back.
Out of nowhere Hayden Romero stepped in between them, causing Liam to accidentally swing his fist at her. Everyone gasped as Hayden fell back, holding her nose.
"Oh god."Mason muttered.
"Liam hit a girl!"Someone from the crowd yelled.
"I’m so sorry Hayden-"Liam tried saying before she lunged at Liam.
I shoved Mason off of me and pried her off of Liam as Liam’s nose began to bleed just like Hayden’s.
"If you can’t take a hit, don’t get in the way!"I yelled as I busted up Hayden’s lip.
Hayden swung at my cheek, making me wince as I swung at her eye. Suddenly teachers ran over and pried me off of Hayden. Liam, Hayden, Manny, and I were escorted to the principals office.
"You idiot, you were supposed to let me handle it. Now you got yourself in trouble too."I muttered.
"There’s no way I would let you fight him all on your own."I said, making her smile softly.
"I hit Hayden and she hit me, why’d you hit her?"I asked.
"I won’t let anyone hurt my best friend.”
(Liam’s P.O.V)
“Thanks (Y/N)."I said, my voice cracking as it dropped.
(Y/N) let out a laugh, making me blush.
"Puberty is coming for you.” (Y/N) teased, grinning.
“It came for you first."I reminded her, pointing at her chest.
"Hey, don’t point out my boobs!"She spat, slapping my hand away.
"Don’t point out my voice changing!"I spat back, only for her to grin wider.
"She’s also got an ass."Manny spoke up, making (Y/N)’s smile falter.
"Shut up Manny.”(Y/N) spat.
I felt anger rising in me, the only reason why Manny and I fought was because he was making (Y/N) uncomfortable and angry with the comments about her body. She was one of the girls that seemed to mature faster than the other girls in our school.
“Woah, calm down buddy.”(Y/N) mumbled as I jumped to my feet.
She stood in between Manny and I, facing Manny.
“Sit your ass down or we’ll all get expelled."She threatened, balling her hands into fists.
She shoved Manny to the floor once he took a step towards me. She grabbed my shoulders, looking into my eyes.
"I know you want to beat him up but you already got a black eye thanks to Romero."She muttered, making Hayden scoff.
"He broke my nose!"Hayden yelled.
"No one asked.”(Y/N) spat.
Hayden and (Y/N) had this rivalry, they were both the most athletic girls in school. Well that’s what everyone thought because they were the only girls who were good at soccer. (Y/N) was good at every other sport but whenever she was on the field with Hayden, she’d play her best. She got joy out of destroying Hayden in anything she could, she wanted to be the best, and damn was she the best.
“Li, it’s not worth it. He’s not worth it."She spoke up, making my face soften.
They way her eyes intensely stared back at mine made me feel weird, a good kind of weird.
I nodded my head, making her smile.
"I’m proud of you."She whispered, making my heart melt.
Wait, what? Why am I feeling like this? I’ve never felt this way towards (Y/N) before, anyone to be exact. My parents came in and picked me up, of they were mad until I explained why I fought Manny. They were so proud of me that they took me to my favorite burger place. After we finished eating, we picked up Mason from school and spent the rest of the day at the house. Somewhere around seven at night, (Y/N) and her parents came over. They brought dinner and thanked me for standing up for (Y/N).
"Hey Li- Jesus Liam, you have a black eye.”(Y/N) blurted out as she ran over to me.
“And you have a bruised cheek."I say, making her grin.
"I know, cool right?"She asked, dragging me outside of my house.
"I don’t think cool is the word I’d use."I argued as we climbed up the ladder my dad left outside.
Once we made it to my roof, she pointed at the sky.
"Look, it’s a full moon!”(Y/N) yelled, excited.
I smiled at her, she had a weird obsession with the moon. The moonlight illuminated her facial features stunningly, making my heart race as she turned to me with a soft smile.
“You know I think you look good with the black eye."She spoke up, making me laugh.
"Do I look like a hot bad boy?"I asked, joking.
"Totally."She answered, winking.
I noticed how she was basically leaning her back onto me, resting her head on my chest. Don’t panic Liam, this is just your best friend, don’t get all awkward or get a boner. Damn boners are a pain in the ass- wait no, that’s a weird sentence. I kept rambling in my head until I jumped at the sound of a soft snore. I looked down to see (Y/N) already half asleep, her hand tangled in mine.
"Oh god, oh god."I mumbled, feeling my hands sweat.
"Hey guys- what the? Are you two together?"Mason asked, appearing at the top of the ladder.
"Mason, shut up! She’s asleep!"I spat.
"Oh god, I’m definitely taking a picture of this."Mason mumbled, taking his phone out.
As soon as the flash went off, (Y/N)’s eyes shot open, scaring Mason. Mason fell back, making (Y/N) and I look over to see him in the bushes. (Y/N) began laughing when suddenly she slipped, making her almost fall of if it weren’t for me still holding onto her hand.
"Why do we always get into trouble?”(Y/N) asked, holding onto my hand tightly.
“Mom!"I screamed, hoping anyone would come out to help us.
"Isn’t so funny now, huh?"Mason asked, rubbing his head.
"You know what won’t be funny either? Me throwing you off the roof myself!”(Y/N) threatened as she struggled to hold on.
“Mason, quick get the ladder!"I yelled, making him jump to his feet.
But it was too late, my body slipped off the roof, making me wrap my arms around (Y/N) protectively. Quite ironically, our parents had just ran out the second I slipped. They screamed as our bodies hit the floor, my body to be exact. (Y/N) landed safely on top of me while I landed onto the grass, groaning.
"I just realized the last thing I were to ever say before I died was a threat directed towards Mason, I really am an angry little defensive girl.”(Y/N) muttered, holding onto me lightly.
Our parents ran over to us, her parents trying to pry her off of me.
“No, I’m not letting go!”(Y/N) yelled as she tried her best to hold onto me.
“(Y/N) honey-”
“I am not letting go, I will stay attached to him until I calm down since I almost died!”(Y/N) yelled, making me grin.
I pulled her in closer to me, which wasn’t really possible. God, I adored this girl.

*five years later*
“What’d you say?"I asked as I stood in the middle of the field with Brett.
"I said you better have made (Y/N) yours already because if not, I’m taking her."Brett whispered right before the referee blew the whistle.
Brett picked the ball up with his lacrosse stick, making me lunge towards him. I full on tackled him to the ground, grabbing onto his helmet and slamming his head onto the ground. I heard footsteps running towards us as the referee blew his whistle. Corey tried to pry me off of him, but couldn’t. It wasn’t until Mason and (Y/N) helped that they were able to pry me off of Brett. (Y/N) dragged me off the field and into the boys locker room, I had shifted in front of everyone.
"Liam, calm down. No one saw, only Brett, Corey, Mason, and I.”(Y/N) spoke up, cupping my face.
“What threw things cannot be long hidden?"She asked, making me shut my eyes.
"The sun, the moon, the truth."I answered, making her caress my cheek gently.
"Keep repeating it."She ordered.
I nodded before repeating it three more times. I looked up to her smiling softly at me, she was the only one who could calm me down besides Scott. Suddenly the door flew open, making (Y/N) and I turn. Brett flew inside, landing on the floor as the school counselor walked in with a gun in her hand. (Y/N)’s hand slipped into mine as she watched the counselor fire her gun at Brett. My mouth fell open, Brett couldn’t have been killed right in front of us. (Y/N) crawled out of the counselors view, pulling me with her. We quickly dashed out, trying to be as quiet as possible.
"We’ve got to call Scott."I muttered as (Y/N) and I ran to my car.
That’s when we were met by a mob of hunters, surrounding my car.
"Li, why do we always get into trouble?”(Y/N) asked, turning to me.
“When I say run, you and I both run to the woods."I whispered as I eyed the hunters.
(Y/N) gulped before nodding.
"Run!"I screamed before we started running away.
While (Y/N) and I ran, I grabbed my phone and called Scott to explain everything. Luckily Scott picked up and said he was on his way. The sound of a gunshot made (Y/N) run faster, too fast for me to keep up with. I tried to run faster but instead of doing so, I tripped over a tree root. (Y/N) stopped and ran over to me, helping me up. As soon as she did, she winced in pain as the sound of a gun shot echoed through the woods.
"Are you okay?"I asked as her eyes flashed yellow, gripping the bleeding wound by her shoulder.
"Run Liam."She muttered, wincing as her wound started to sizzle.
Bam, another gunshot blared. (Y/N) gripped at her hip, whimpering.
"Liam, run!"She roared, baring her fangs at me.
I picked her up and started running, making her clench her jaw.
"You idiot, you were supposed to let me handle it."She muttered through gritted teeth.
"There’s no way I would let you fight them all on your own."I replied, making a gentle smile creep onto her face.
My knees buckled in pain as an arrow lodged itself into my calf, making me drop (Y/N). (Y/N) crawled over and covered me with her body.
”(Y/N), you’re the one who was shot twice!“I yelled, trying to shove her off of me.
"I won’t let anyone hurt my best friend."She muttered as an arrow pierced her shoulder.
I couldn’t help but feel a smile creep on my face, what she said reminded me of the time I asked her why she hit Hayden when we were in 6th grade. She pulled the arrow out of her shoulder and then removed the one from my calf. (Y/N) turned around just in time to catch an arrow from hitting the back of her head. We helped each other up only to be shot down again. One of the hunters threw a small container near us, making (Y/N) cover her mouth and nose. Smoke started to escape the container, making (Y/N) and I cough and gasp for air. I tried to wolf out but was interrupted by an arrow that erupted with sparks, disturbing my vision. Out of no where I felt something hit the back of my head, making me instantly pass out. Once I opened my eyes, I felt my head pounding painfully. I looked around only to see Theo, and two other guys chained up to the walls like I was.
"Look who finally decided to wake up."A soft voice spoke up, making me turn.
"Nolan…"I muttered.
Of course he would be one of the hunters.
"Fuck you!"I heard a familiar voice scream.
"Where’s (Y/N)?"I asked, making Theo lift his head up.
"They took her."Theo answered in a weak voice.
He looked terrible, I mean he’s a good looking guy but god damn did they torture him.
"I tried to stop them but they wouldn’t listen."Theo muttered.
"What’re they doing to her?"I asked.
"Shut up!"Nolan yelled, making me roll my eyes.
"They’re torturing her."Theo answered.
(Y/N)’s screams echoed through the building, making tears well up in my eyes as I yanked at the shackles on my wrists.
"I thought you liked (Y/N)."Theo spoke up, making me instantly freeze.
"Well you thought wrong."Nolan answered, turning away.
Oh thank god, that wasn’t towards me.
"She was the only one who made an effort to befriend you while everyone else shooed you away for being creepy."Theo reminded him.
"I heard your heart race every time she sat next to you, smiled at you, spoke to you, or even looked in your direction."Theo mumbled, making me furrow my eyebrows.
"What’re you trying to say?"Nolan asked, turning to Theo.
"You really liked her, and after everything she’s done for you, you’re letting them torture her."Theo said, making Nolan’s jaw clench.
"You don’t understand, they wouldn’t listen to me. They were only supposed to go after all of you and not (Y/N), they were supposed to leave her alone."Nolan muttered.
Suddenly the doors flew open, revealing three people who held (Y/N) up. They shoved her towards the ground, her body instantly hitting the ground.
”(Y/N).“I breathed out as I yanked at the shackles.
(Y/N) coughed up blood as she tried to push herself up, only to fall back down.
"Chain her up."The three people ordered before leaving.
Nolan immediately ran over to her, helping her up to her feet. It was only then that I realized all the blood, wounds, and gashes that covered her body. She wasn’t healing as fast as she should be.
"If I weren’t weak right now, I’d rip your heart out.”(Y/N) threatened Nolan as he chained her up.
I tried my best to get near her as Nolan walked across the room.
“(Y/N), (Y/N), are you okay?"I asked, making her turn her head.
"Liam?"She asked, reaching out to me.
As soon as our fingers intertwined, (Y/N) smiled weakly at me.
"I’m okay, I’m okay Liam. Are you okay?"She asked, making me nod.
"I’m good too."An unrecognizable voice spoke up.
We both looked to see a brunette that made (Y/N) let out a laugh.
"I am so glad to see you chained up Jackson."She muttered, making him furrow his eyebrows.
"Do I know you?"He asked.
"No, but Lydia told me about you, not all good things of course."She answered, making Jackson roll his eyes.
"That’s Ethan, he had a twin brother Aiden but he died.”(Y/N) whispered, pointing at the werewolf next to Jackson.
“How do you know?"I asked.
"His brother and Lydia had a thing."She answered.
Nolan walked back to (Y/N) and started to disinfect her wounds.
"So you two are a thing?"Nolan asked as he eyed our intertwined hands.
"Best friends, we’re practically inseparable.”(Y/N) answered as Nolan passed her a bottle of water.
“Why don’t you treat all of us too?"Jackson asked, making Nolan scoff.
She passed the water bottle to me after taking a few sips. I chugged half of it down and then threw it to Theo who caught it. Theo chugged the rest of it, leaving nothing for Ethan and Jackson.
"They removed the bullets before they could kill you."Nolan mumbled as he applied a bandage on her cheek, which was barely even healing.
”(Y/N), I’m so sorry.“Nolan whispered, making everyone furrow their eyebrows in confusion.
"They promised they wouldn’t hurt you."He mumbled, looking down.
"Look how that turned out."I spoke up, making Nolan glare at me.
"If there’s anyway I can make it up to you-"Nolan started to say before the lights went out.
After a few seconds of the lights going off, red lights and alarms started blaring. A girl ran in and informed Nolan that there were two teenagers who broke in. Once she was done explaining, an all too familiar roar echoed through the building, making (Y/N) and I look at each other with glowing yellow eyes.
"You want to make it up to me?”(Y/N) asked Nolan, making him look at her.
“Let us go."She ordered.
"I can’t-”
“Nolan, let us go and I swear I’ll act as if nothing happened."She begged,
Nolan sighed and shook his head.
"Fine, we’ll do this the hard way.”(Y/N) muttered before wrapping her legs around Nolan’s leg.
She pulled him closer to her and slammed his face against the wall, knocking him out. She grabbed his keys and freed herself from the shackles, then freed me, Theo, Ethan, and Jackson.
Ethan had to beg her to let Jackson free because she wanted to leave him. We all split up and ran in different directions. (Y/N) and I ran hand in hand upstairs until we reached the roof.
“Do you see Roscoe?”(Y/N) asked, making me furrow my eyebrows in confusion.
“Who’s Roscoe?"I asked.
"Stiles’ jeep you dimwit."She answered, glaring at me.
"I don’t get it, why aren’t we shifting? It’s a full moon."She mumbled, looking up at the moon.
"Well I stopped shifting ever since they chained up us in the same room."I spoke up.
"You would, but I’d still have trouble. I should be working out."She muttered.
The sound of gunshots made (Y/N) and I cling onto each other, getting low to the ground.
"Where the hell are Scott and Malia?"I asked.
"They must be inside-"She started to say but was cut off by the sound of a bullet hitting the roof. (Y/N) and I crawled over to the edge where the bullets weren’t coming from. One bullet flew right at (Y/N), making her jump out of the way. Luckily, she dodged the bullet but ended up jumping too far. If it weren’t for the fact that I still held her hand, she would’ve fallen off.
"Fuck!”(Y/N) screamed as bullets flew past us.
(Y/N) swayed her body, trying to avoid the bullets from hitting her. This caused me to start slipping. As soon as my body slips off, I grab the edge at the last second, keeping us from falling to our death.
“Roscoe!”(Y/N) yelled, pointing at the speeding jeep coming our way.
Suddenly a bullet hit my hand, making me let go of the edge. I wrapped my arms around (Y/N) protectively as we started to fall. I braced myself for the impact that was about to happen, gasping for air as my back hit a hard surface.
“Be careful with the jeep!"I heard Lydia yell, making me open my eyes.
I looked up to see (Y/N) on top of me, clinging onto me as if her life depended on it.
"Get in!"Scott yelled as he and Malia ran in our direction.
Theo, Ethan, and Jackson followed right behind as a mob of hunters chased them. (Y/N) and I jumped off the bent roof of Roscoe before hopping in. As soon as everyone made it inside the jeep, Lydia sped off. I winced in pain as the bullet in my hand started to sting agonizingly.
"Li, what’s wrong?”(Y/N) asked, turning to face me.
She looked dons at my hand and instantly grasped it.
“Okay….you’ll be okay."She mumbled as black streaks appeared on her arms.
"I got you.”
(Scott’s P.O.V)
I turned around to see (Y/N) taking Liam’s pain as she held his hand. I almost jumped out of my seat since this is the first time she’s ever took anyone’s pain. They both smiled and stared at one another, their eyes squinting at how wide their smiles were. I looked at Theo who was grinning at them, we both knew Liam liked her all this time but now we knew that she felt the same way.
(Liam’s P.O.V)
“Hey."I whispered as (Y/N)’s eyes fluttered open.
"Hi."She whispered, smiling weakly at me as I squeezed her hand.
I helped her sit up and rubbed her back soothingly as she wrapped her arms around me.
"Liam?"She asked, looking up at me.
It was only then that I realized how close our faces were.
"Yeah…"I breathed out, nervously as my heart raced.
"When we were 12, you fought Manny Montanez for me. I told you that you were idiot, that I was supposed to handle it and you said-”
“There’s no way I’m letting you fight him all on your own."I finished, making her nod.
"And today I called you an idiot when you didn’t run away and let me hold them back so you could at least get away. I told you I was supposed to handle them. Do you remember what you said?"She asked.
"There’s no way I’m letting you fight them all on your own."I answered, nearing my face next to hers.
Her eyes widened as she stared back up at me, not moving at all.
"That same day we also fell off a roof, just like today."She mumbled, not breaking eye contact.
"Why are you bringing this up?"I asked, tilting my head slightly.
"I don’t know… I think it’s weird how similar the days are, a little too weird."She answered, grabbing my arms firmly.
"Liam, you’re heart is racing like crazy."She breathed out, her breath fanning over my lips.
"What’s wrong?"She asked.
"Nothing, nothing’s wrong."I answered, lying.
"I don’t think I need to remind you that I’m a werewolf too, don’t lie."She scoffed.
"It’s nothing really-”
“Liam Eugene Dunbar, I am your best friend and you know better than to test my patience. You either tell me what’s going on or I’m ignoring you for a week."She threatened, making my eyes widen.
”(Y/N) no, you know I hate when you ignore me!“I whined.
"Then tell me why you’re so nervous."She muttered, pulling me closer to her so our lips were an inch away from one another’s.
”(Y/N).“I mumbled, letting out a shaky breath.
"Alright, a week it is-”
“No, okay, okay! You want to know, I’ll tell you, but you have to promise me something."I said, making her shove her pinky in the air.
"What?"She asked.
"Promise me that we’ll still be best friends, that this won’t ruin or friendship-”
“Liam, you’re making me worried. Did you do something bad?"She asked.
"I’m not sure, I hope it’s not bad."I shrugged.
"I promise that we’ll still be best friends."She spoke up as we wrapped our pinky around each other.
I let out a shaky breathe, closing my eyes in fear.
"Open your eyes."She ordered, cupping my cheek.
I opened my eyes and felt my heart flutter at her kind eyes and the feeling of her warm hand.
”…I love you (Y/N).“I whispered, making her eyes widen as she froze.
"What?"She asked, obviously shocked.
"I love you."I repeated, making a smile creep up on her face.
"Uh, haha I love you to Li."She mumbled, letting out a nervous laughter.
My heart dropped at her reaction. I wasn’t expecting her to say it back but damn did it hurt getting my hopes up and suddenly having them be crushed.
"You’re my best friend, I know we both love each other."She muttered, making me furrow my eyebrows.
"Did you think I meant I love you as in I love you like a best friend?"I asked.
"That is what you meant, right?"She asked, just as confused as I was.
"No, I meant I love you as in I love you I want you and I to be boyfriend and girlfriend."I answered, making her laugh nervously.
"Oh god, oh god."She mumbled, looking down as she fidgeted with my fingers.
"What, what?"I asked, making her look up at me.
"I didn’t think you had feelings too."She muttered with teary eyes.
I swear I felt my heart stop and everything freeze. She has feelings too, since when?
"I just never told you because I thought you didn’t love me back."She mumbled.
"I never told you because I thought you didn’t love me back!"I yelled, freaking out.
"Of course I love you, you fucking idiot!"She yelled.
"How was I supposed to know?"I asked.
"Did you not hear my heart race every time you were near or smell my chemo signals?"She asked.
"I thought that was all me?"I answered, confused.
"You’re such an idiot."She muttered as she cupped my face and pulled me in for a long kiss.
Once we pulled away, I was met by a gorgeous (Y/N) with squinted eyes from the wide grin on her face.
"I might be an idiot, but I’m a damn happy idiot."I muttered, making her laugh.
We both crawled into her bed, covering ourselves with her blanket as we snuggled.
"Can I just say that I’ve been dreaming of this moment for so long?"I asked.
"Me too!"She squealed.
I peppered her with kisses all over her face, making her giggle.
"Don’t even dare!"She yelled, her voice high pitched as she balled her hands into fists.
"But I want to!"I whined as I was about to tickle her.
"You do it and I’ll kick you down there."She threatened.
"As much as I want to, I also want to have kids so never mind."I muttered, pouting.
She rested her head on my chest, knowing her she was probably listening to my heartbeat.
"Wanna know something?"She spoke up.
"Mhm."I mumbled, looking down at her.
"Remember when you broke your leg?"She asked.
"You mean the same day I got bitten by Scott?"I asked.
"Yeah, well when I saw you hanging off the roof. I felt my knees go weak, I was terrified of losing you. I had never felt such a horrible and intense feeling like that ever in my life, and I think that’s when I knew that my feelings weren’t just some little crush, I loved you,I needed you."She answered, making me grin widely.
"So that’s why you never left my side since then."I mumbled.
"All this time?"I asked.
"All this time."She answered.
I studied her face, every detail my eyes could point out. This was the little girl I fell in love with a long time ago, my longtime best friend. Only now she had grown into the beautiful and strong woman she is today. God, I adored this girl.——-

Mockingjay Manor - Ch 8

Chapter One /// Chapter Two /// Chapter Three /// Chapter Four /// Chapter Five /// Chapter Six /// Chapter Seven

It’s Tuesday everlarkers, and that means it’s time to visit Mockingjay Manor again! Last week’s action-packed installment gave us some much-needed smut, but also found our foursome reduced to a trio and under attack on two fronts. You voted for Katniss to shoot the nefarious Dr. Snow and SAVE HER MAN! What happens now? Let’s check in with @xerxia31 to find out….

This chapter is rated M for canon-typical violence and lots of bad language.

As always, you have 48 hours, until noon EDT on Thursday, October 19th, to cast you votes in the notes or reblogs, not in the tags!!!

I’ve been shooting a recurve bow since I was barely tall enough to hold it, but a crossbow is a different animal, and this one is larger and more powerful than any I’ve ever shot before. Military-grade, in all likelihood. Deadly accurate in the right hands.

Mine are not those hands, not with this bow anyway. Not with my heart pounding like a jackhammer. Not with the wildly flickering lantern light, and with Finnick and some sort of deranged wolf-mutt screaming just feet away. But what choice do I have? I can’t let that madman drag Peeta away.

There’s no time to think. I lift the heavy crossbow with shaky hands, and aim. Snow is using Peeta’s much larger body as a shield, practically laughing at me from behind the semi-conscious form of the man I love. I take a deep breath, settle my body into the correct archer’s stance, and try to block out the chaos all around me. I can’t afford to miss my mark. Peeta’s life depends on it.

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Also Cindy. It’s Canon. Now.

Roman: *Ahem* Water Tribe.

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I just wanted to say that I'm glad you're so firm and solid about your rules? Like I'm very wishwashy and apologize too much for stuff I really shouldn't apologize for, and I see a lot of blogs end up bending their rules cause they don't wanna be seen as rude dudes. And you're just over here like a swag lord and just inspire me to stand up for myself more and not be a weak turd monkey. I feel empowered when I see your arts and posts and it's just cool :) so thanks for being awesome! Xx

I used to be like you. Until i took an arrow to my “i dont give a fuck” knee :D.


I got my twin sister a bow and arrows for our birthday.

She really liked them. :D

Cool story: Okay, so my sister is ridicously talented in many areas, but archery? Damn. When we both took up archery a few years ago, she consistently made fatal shots on the target. We used piled up hay bales in a barn as ‘orcs’ that were human-height, and she consistently put arrows into the gut, knee, and groin area of the target. My shots grouped well, tending to be in the upper right side of the 'targets’ chest, so yeah, they probably would have fatal to an orc, but damn.

Also one time we were at a friend’s house and a guy was giving her grief about like that little Nerf gun 'Rebelle’ because it was a 'cute’ gun. She grabbed it off the table, shot a glare over her shoulder at him, and in the same instant shot the little nerf dart from the 'cute nerf gun’ at him in a 'dude come on you’re being a jerk’ manner.

It hit him between the eyes.

She hadn’t even meant to do it.

She’s just that good at aiming.

So basically she’s a sharpshooter. And now I call her Hawkeye. :-)

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The signs as skyrim guard dialogue
  • Aries: "So you can cast a few spells. Am I supposed to be impressed?"
  • Taurus: "What is it? Dragon?"
  • Gemini: "If I catch your hand in my pocket, I'm going to cut it off."
  • Cancer: "My cousin's out fighting dragons, and what do I get? Guard duty."
  • Leo: "Wait... I know you."
  • Virgo: "Lightly armored means light on your feet. Smart."
  • Libra: "I'm a sword man, myself."
  • Scorpio: "Psst. I know who you are. Hail Sithis."
  • Sagittarius: "I'd be a lot happier with a bellyful of mead..."
  • Capricorn: "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow in my knee."
  • Aquarius: "Think you could conjure me up a warm bed?"
  • Pisces: "Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll?"
Skyrim {Sentence Starters}
  • "I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee."
  • "I've got my eyes on you."
  • "Everyone is obsessed with death."
  • "I've been hunting and fishing in these parts for years."
  • "There is no escape. Courage is useless."
  • "But this land is ours and we'll see it wiped clean!"
  • "Naked! Naked, naked, naked!"
  • "And who are you to challenge me?"
  • "What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"
  • "You stink of death my friend. I salute you."
  • "Look at that. Am I drunk? I must be drunk."
  • "Let's kill someone!"
  • "Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll!"
  • "I'll see you in pieces!"
  • "Well, well. Another maggot to squash beneath my boot!"
  • "My favorite drinking buddy!"
  • "I'm the last thing you hear before they put you in the ground."
  • "Whoa, whoa, watch the magic!"
  • "You never should have come here!"
  • "I'll see you burn!"
  • "I've seen better. Well, maybe not."
  • "My cousin is out fighting dragons. And what do I get? Guard duty."
  • "Perhaps we should find a random stranger to murder."
  • "Either I'm drunk, or you're naked. Possibly both."
  • "Back off! That's my armor now!"

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Top five memes or jokes

1. My life

2. “Before I took an arrow to the knee..”

3. You know what else is intense? Camping.

4. Do you feel it now Mr. Krabs?

5. Parkour!

Until I took an Arrow to the knee.

So this one was supposed to be a little different when I started writing it, but I had to change a few things along the way for it to work better. Anyway, I hope that you’ll like it.

Tagging: olicitykisses sentence-fragments redpendreaming snowssmoak diggo26 alsaheemsmoak thebelovedsaralance (anyone else wants to read my lousy attempts at fic writing?)

Felicity always wanted a dog. She loved dogs, but her mother never let her have one in fear for her shoes and dresses. So the first thing Felicity did when she moved out to her own apartment, she decided to adopt a puppy. When the day finally came, she couldn’t hide her excitement. She was basically bouncing, around the house while making breakfast and coffe. 

She called Caitlin early in the day, to ask if she’d come with her to the animal shelter. The brunette happily accepted Felicity’s offer, cause she had nothing to do that day. She was visiting Starling City because of some Bio Convention, but it ended yesterday evening and Caitlin had still a lot of time to kill, before her train back home.

“Great! I’ll pick you up in 30 minutes.” Felicity said happily, already grabbing her purse and car keys. The excitement skyrocketing even higher, cause now, she was going to adopt a puppy AND spend the day with one of her best friends.

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the signs as skyrim guard quotes
  • Aries: by order of the jarl, stop right there!
  • Taurus: now i remember - you're that new member of the companions. so you, what, fetch the mead?
  • Gemini: let me guess, someone stole your sweet roll.
  • Cancer: no lollygaggin'.
  • Leo: i used to be an adventurer like you... then i took an arrow to the knee.
  • Virgo: gotta keep my eyes open. damn dragons could swoop down at any time.
  • Libra: maybe i'm the dragonborn, and i just don't know it yet!
  • Scorpio: disrespect the law, and you disrespect me.
  • Sagittarius: i find your hand in my pocket, i'm going to cut it off.
  • Capricorn: been too long since we've had a good bandit raid.
  • Aquarius: my cousin's out fighting dragons, and what do i get? guard duty.
  • Pisces: uch. been tending your hounds? you smell like a wet dog.