laurel lance lost her sister twice, laurel lance lost the first love of her life only to find out he was alive and had cheated on her with her sister, laurel lance lost her boyfriend she loved, laurel lance struggled with depression and alcoholism, laurel lance had her father hate her and struggle with alcoholism himself and through all this she recovered and was strong as hell and then for no reason other than shock value she was killed off

laurel lance deserved so much better, fuck you arrow.

Q: Do you think that when Oliver said ‘I love you’ to [Felicity] in the finale did he really mean it? And did he mean it in the way that we all hope he did?

Stephen Amell: I think that whether or not that was a…he meant it, it was a bait and switch, it was some combination of the two things, we are going to find out very early in Season 3 if he meant it or not. I do think that the one thing that I’m absolutely positive that he meant was, in Episode 6 of Season 2, where he says to her that ‘because of what we do I don’t think that I could be with anybody that I could really care about’, I know that meant that. So, we, we shall see. But that’s going to be a big point to sort of segue-way to Season 3, we’re having some broad strokes discussions about it and what we are finding is that Oliver is in a spot in the flashbacks where all of the humanity that he has is being stripped away. The Oliver that you met in the pilot, that is a murderer, that was a killer, that’s the guy that he’s turning into. He’s losing his humanity. So, Season 3 is very much about how much of his humanity does he want to get back. Does he want to love somebody? Does he want to be a hero? Does he want to write his family’s name in Starling City and get back his company? What’s important to him? And, so we will clearly have to tackle what happened with Felicity very early on.
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there’s a difference between a passing of a torch (or taking up a mantle – depending on how you view sara’s s2 parting gift) to have laurel shakily but steadily fill the canary’s combat boots, a frequent occurrence in long-running superhero comics when things get stale and fresh characters are introduced, and to have laurel pose specifically as not only the canary, but as sara lance as the canary. 

 I understand the writers have it set in their minds that the only catalyst for laurel taking up the mask was to have her sister die, bc apparently death is the only motivator to these sad men, but I also understand that they’re also mildly obsessed (vocally so) with watching laurel fucking fail at it, repeatedly, graphically, in ways the rest of team arrow never did.

I also understand that assuming the personal identity of sara (SARA, sara lance, daughter of quentin and dinah lance, sister of laurel, dreamed of becoming a doctor and ended up an assassin, sara, full stop), of the person behind the mask, under the textually and metatextually justified excuse/reason of keeping another person safe/in the dark for the greater good on this season of All My Arrows, cw’s newest soap!, is dismissive and disrespectful. 

sara was the arrow/flash universe’s first queer character, first queer woman, and they killed her. she was also a central player in s2 and continues, posthumously, to be so in s3. she had a life and she had a legacy, and it was really, really complicated, and really, really messy, but it was hers. she had a voice, w the pipes and somehow soothing inflections (when she relaxed) of a valley girl. she called the toilet “the little blonde’s room”. she was 26 years old, trained by a league of killers, and still called her father “daddy”.  

by using her literal voice, or a rendering of it, to speak through, to adopt her mannerisms, her rhetoric – things tied so closely to who she was, to her identity, because what we say and how we say it determines so much about us – just to fool her father into believing she’s still breathing is not only a massive violation of her privacy and right to rest, but a theft of her character. another something stolen, another part of sara lance adopted by someone else, without her consent, used in ways she never had the chance to disapprove of. 

sara lance was not reusable, she was not recyclable, she was not supposed to be disposable. if the show keeps hacking away at what’s left of her to further the pathetic plotline they’re written for themselves, fine. but don’t ask me to approve of it under the broad banner of laurel’s newfound, “worthy” (to the writers + to a large extent the fans) screentime, a banner sara died for. don’t ask me to be happy about a character’s elevation when they’re standing on the bones of another woman. 

  • arrow: *introduces us to ra’s al ghul*
  • me: maybe tommy will get thown in the pit and we’ll get him back
  • arrow: *ra’s ‘kills’ oliver*
  • me: maybe the pit exists and he will be revived and later tommy will be too and we’ll get tommy back
  • arrow: *announces new tv show where sara is in even though she’s dead*
  • me: maybe she’ll come back from the dead just like tommy will and we’ll get him back
  • arrow: *kills off thea and revives her in the pit*
  • me: maybe someone will throw tommy in the pit too and we’ll get him back
  • arrow: *makes malcom merlyn the new ra’s al ghul*
  • me: maybe he’ll throw his son in the pit and we’ll get tommy back
Dear Amie: It’s not Olicity, you’re right. It’s Shitty Writing and Sexism & Misogyny.

Now, you may be wondering why this is specifically addressed to you. This is addressed to you because you wrote an article to say why Laurel was the biggest problem on Arrow and how it had nothing to do with Olicity. I’ll concede your point that the problems on Arrow have nothing to do with Olicity, strictly as a couple, asd a romantic pairing, there is technically nothing wrong with Olicity.

But you’re wrong about Laurel. And let’s go through it point by point.

1. Chemistry

Now, if you’ve been in this fandom any at all, you’ve heard the phrase uttered, “OMG STEPHEN AND EMILY HAVE CHEMISTRY THAT IS JUST OFF THE CHARTS” and also heard the phrase, “OMG, Katie and Stephen’s scene are as sexy as cardboard.”

So here’s the thing, those are both wrong.

The reason is because chemistry, in this context, is not the objective chemicals that make a reaction to make new chemicals kind of chemistry, but rather the subjective oh my god, i love when these two actors make heart eyes at each other, that really sells their love story.

In this context, chemistry is subjective. So what you see is not the same thing I see, is not the same thing William Shatner sees, is not the same thing Katie Cassidy sees. 

You’re sold on the happy go lucky romance of a 25 year old whose life experience includes having a lacrosse stalker in college and a 30 year old broken man who literally pined for five years trying to get back to his exgirlfrend? Congrats. You’re amazing. 

However, just because you’re sold on it, does not mean everyone is. And does not mean everyone shares your view. Presenting it as fact does not help your argument. Because I’m not sold on this couple, which intrinsically has problems for me.

You know what I’m sold on? The 30 year old man who pined for five years, trying to get back to his exgirlfriend and is trying to be man she saw and the 29 year old survivor who loves him enough to let him leave when he needs to, who is the woman who shaped him.

There are plenty of people who aren’t sold on either. There are plenty who are sold on both. You do not get to decide the baseline for chemistry.

But this “Stephen only has chemistry with emily” line is just the “one special girl” trope and I’m over it, because it just gives people an excuse for their internalized misogyny.

2. Writing

Now, something we can both agree on. The writing has gone downhill, because they saw a popular couple and decided to start shoving it in, hoping to make their big cash cow, while simultaneously ripping down their main heroine. 

In season 1, Laurel was a blatantly clear foil for Oliver, someone who doled out justice the legal way, someone who looked out for people using her real identity, and someone who instead of taking five years to decide what he wanted, jumped with both feet into helping.

Laurel had been hurt because HE LITERALLY DIED SCREWING HER SISTER, but no, she’s just supposed to get over that. She’s supposed to be nice and pretty and forgive him, even though he’s kind of a dick still. This very first scene, which you say robs her of her humanity, gives her humanity to me. She’s allowed to angry in a way that genre women are never allowed to angry at the hero. Yes, maybe it’s a little over the top, but if my boyfriend died sleeping with my sister and came back to life, I might be a little over the top too.

Then in season 2, they rip her down, because she was just too happy last season and so they put her through storylines of addiction, which would have been great, if we could have gotten more than four scenes of it. The addiction storyline was lacking because the people in her life were lacking. Both Oliver and Quentin knew about Laurel’s withdrawal from the world and did nothing about it. Her dad lied in an attempt to get her to go to a program meeting. And the reason Laurel scenes were cut to have “I’m your girl” moments which served no purpose other than to give people something to squee about.

In s3, literally every super villain has given some kind of spiel about Oliver and Felicity. Or the villains have gone after them in some way. When supervillains are giving you love advice, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your decision. Maybe when your first instinct is to say “but you can’t marry her” when a queer woman is being forced into a marriage with rape elements in it, maybe it’s time to reevaluate. And maybe it’s time when actual character development gets pushed aside for a sex scene.

Season 3 is the worst season out of all of them, with the exception of a few episodes, because flashbacks were boring and there wasn’t a lot of payoff, malcolm killing sara was never fully explained, felicity taking over episodes (like ‘the fallen’) which should have been about other people, annihilating felicity’s character, an absurd jealousy angle, Oliver’s descent into showing just how shitty of a person he actually is, not to mention the casual racism/sexism/homophobia that has been this whole “Oliver is the next Ra’s and Nyssa will be forced to marry him” that also includes elements of corrective rape, so I mean congrats. 

There are problems with the way Laurel is written, I will say that any day of the week, but it’s not because of Laurel as a mixture of characteristics and it’s not because of what we’re seeing on screen, because KCass is doing the best with what she gets. It’s because Marc & Co. are hilariously bad at having more than one female in a major role in an episode without having one of them suffer.

3. Sara Lance

Sara lance was not Laurel’s competition. Sara Lance, unabashed feminist would gouge your eyes out for comparing them, not the least of which is because Sara looked up to Laurel as the real definition of a hero.

Sara lance did not die so that you could compare her to Laurel from beyond the grave. Sara gave Laurel her jacket. Sara passed the mantle. That was symbolic, but we all knew what that meant. Sara knew that eventually her sister would get frustrated with the system. Sara knew this. Sara knew that the system had failed Laurel, personally and it was only a matter of time, before the system would fail her at her at a professional level.

Laurel spent years not being able to grieve for her sister and not being able to be angry with her, so when her sister came back, yeah she said some shit. And the thing is, had Sara been the only one in the room, Sara would have accepted that. And maybe we wouldn’t have had to spend several episodes where Laurel had to be mad at her sister, because if it had just been Sara, she would have accepted it. Sara even says “to blame her” because she feels like she deserves that criticism.

But you know why we didn’t get a scene early on about Sara and Laurel coming to terms with Laurel’s anger? Because the writer’s decided it wasn’t important. What they thought was more important were scenes of Quentin yelling at Laurel to feel happy that they had finally gotten Sara back, even though it had never once occurred to him, that the biggest burden Sara’s death brough was on Laurel, not on him.

4. The Media

Now, you take the fact that media doesn’t like Laurel Lance as some kind of divine sign that something is wrong in the universe, and the thing wrong is Laurel Lance. 

See, when you line up those articles about how Laurel is the weakest character on Arrow and she’s been the media punching bag, to me there is something almost always at play. 

Because  see article entitled “X Number of Annoying TV Characters” and almost, without a doubt, there will be an overwhelming number of women. Because women on TV and in movies and in media in general are held up to a ridiculously high standard that unless a women is being fuckable on accident due to being written that way, they are berated and beheaded by the media.

When a woman has a normal reaction to an antihero doing fucked up shit, she’s a bitch who won’t let him have any fun. This has gotten so prevalent it even has a name. It’s called the Skyler White Effect. 

This whole wazoo about Laurel being unrelateable, despite having a normal reaction to just about everything and the media crucifying her for it, let’s just call it what it is. It’s sexism. Sexism and misogyny and you played right into it. 

5. Katie Cassidy

You do not know Katie Cassidy. I do not know Katie Cassidy. The only thing we get to know about Katie Cassidy is the carefully groomed media, social and otherwise, presence that she has.

You do not know what she was thinking when she posted a tweet and you do not know what she was thinking when she deleted that same tweet. You do not know because you do not know Katie Cassidy. Citing a woman who’s reaction to bullying is well I’m not gonna do it, but I’m not gonna stop is kind of bullshit too. Because she also does not know Katie Cassidy.

Katie didn’t just endure some cyberbullying in season 2. Katie endured a literal campaign to get her kicked off the show, because her character was standing in the way of a ship that she has no opinion on. Katie literally had to deal with the same people you’re quoting high regard wanting her kicked out of a job she loves, because they think the the show should be specifically tailored to them and no one else.

Katie Cassidy is consistently the only one who gets asked about Lauriver, because guess what people want to know about romance, and everyone else is dying to ask Stephen about Olicity since he cannot shut up about it. And that’s great. They both feel passionately about their characters being happy, but you know what they don’t have?

A say in what actually makes it to the screen. They’re not writers. They’re not directors. They’re not editors. They are not the network. They do not have a say in what goes down. They show up and do a job. 

Literally Katie Cassidy could say she wanted Felicity dead, Helena to come back, and for Tommy and Oliver together in bed with her at once, and it wouldn’t make it any more true than if said it, because I don’t have a say it what makes it on screen either. She is allowed to have opinions that support her character.

She is allowed to think differently than you. That does not mean she is putting Emily or Stephen or anyone down. And Katie has always talked very clearly in “maybes” and “in my opinion, i’m not the writer” when giving her opinion which is a lot more than I can say for some people on the show.

And once again, if you weren’t there, you don’t get to have an “objective” opinion on what Katie said, because you don’t know how she said it, you don’t know if she was joking or not. You have seen something and taken it and extrapolated from it. This is a real person with a real life. And you don’t know her.

Stop hating Katie for doing the same thing that Stephen does. Because it’s transparent. It’s misogyny and it needs to stop. 


#olicityaw2015 ♡ day 6 - why you love olicity
     ↳ they’re soul mates 

What is a soul mate? Well, it’s like a best friend, but more. It’s the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else. It’s someone who makes you a better person. Actually, they don’t make you a better person, you do that yourself because they inspire you. A soul mate is someone who you carry with you forever. It’s the one person who knew you and accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would. And no matter what happens, you’ll always love her. Nothing can ever change that. [insp]

do you see my problem here?
  • Oliver Queen: [Spends an entire season 1 killing people, who are just employees of the big bads]
  • Fans: ahww, look at his puppy eyes, poor Oliver, he's not killing anymore, ahww, he only kills for Felicity, ahwwww!
  • Laurel Lance: Malcolm Merlyn is a mass murderer, he killed Tommy, 502 other innocent people, and possibly Sara. We should kill him.
  • Oliver: Laurel, he didn't kill Sara.
  • Fans: Shut up Laurel, he didn't kill Sara!!
  • Laurel: But he murdered 502-
  • Fans: SHUT UP, annyoing whiny, self-centered bitch.