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Arrow has cast Liam Hall, a reoccuring actor in fellow DC show Lucifer, as Joseph Wilson, who in the comics is a Teen Titan by the name of Jericho.

A metahuman with the power to possess people he makes eye-contact with, Joe was rendered mute after one of his dad’s enemy’s cut his throat to spite the mercenary. Since then Joe seems to vary back and forth between beign a hero and a villain depending upon who is writing him.

The appearance in Arrow will mark the first live-action appearance of the character, and the third overall following an appearance in the Teen Titans TV show way back when…

In addition to a cameo in the recant Teen Titans: Judas Contract aniamted movie.

Interestingly, Joe’s sister, the fellow Titan Rose Wilson aka Ravager, has also appeared in several shows and movies, such as in Teen Titans Go, but the pair have yet to appear in the same thing at the same time.

Stuck Together [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Prompt: “we get stuck in the elevator together and now i have a huge crush on you”

Word count: 1,163

Warnings: light swearing, mention of claustrophobia (not triggering at all, i tried to make this as fluffy and sweet as possible).

A/N: I had this prompt on my list for over a week, and first it was going to be a Daveed fic but I’m Lin trash so - no surprise here. I wanna thank the @hamwriters crew, @manuelmiranduh and @hamilbye for their recent works and our talks because they really got me inspired to write during this week that has been one of the most stressful weeks of the last few months. Anyway, I hope y’all like it! <3 

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The sound it made wasn’t pretty. As the light in the ceiling flickered, you lost your balance for a second when the elevator stopped going up. You muttered “fuck” before taking a deep breath.

It was an old building, the elevator had broken down before, but this was the first time you were in it. With a stranger. Honestly, you didn’t know many of your neighbors: New York has something that makes people more independent, but also lonely at the same time. The man placed his headphones around his neck and looked at the elevator panel while you pressed the emergency button.

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Marc Guggenheim has teased via Twitter the seeming upcoming debut of the CWDCU’s version of Sandman… although whether it’s the Golden Age Wesley Dodds or his modern day sidekick Sandy Hawkins is too early to say at present.

This will mark the second live-action appearance of the character, after a brief cameo in the Smallville JSA storyline… where his murder is what prompts Clark to discover what the prior generation of heroes was us to.

Wesley has also had non-speaking appearances in Batman: the Brave and the Bold and Young Justice, while Sandy appeared as a background character in JLU.

Interestingly, there were plans for the Neil Gaiman version of the Sandman (and his ister Death), to appear in Batman: the Animated Series but Standards and Practices appear to have derailed that idea though.

-Dini said they had an idea for doing a dream-like Sandman-type story with Morpheus and Death, with Batman stuck between life and death. They pitched to Neil Gaiman, who liked it, but Burnett thought it was too metaphysical. “I would do anything with Paul,” Burnett said. “I’d give him as much rope as he wanted – and he’d come in and say ‘I have this idea about Harley and ivy together,’ and I’d say, ‘Go!’” However, he added that they had rules in beginning: “No ghosts, and no Humanitas Awards.” (i.e., no Very Special Episodes about drugs and alcohol). “With Ra’s al Guhl, we got into that mystic area a bit.