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Things that happened in this fandom that I still can't believe:
  2. Not That Important
  3. Don’t Knock it Till You Try It
  4. Always In My Heart #2 Most Re-tweeted Tweet
  5. Rainbow Shirts
  6. I Study Rainbows
  7. Elkeanor
  8. ARROW
  10. ANCHOR
  11. ROPE
  12. Taylor Swift Cake
  14. Harry and Louis “Next To You” in said outing
  15. BREAD VAN!!!
  16. [brazilian youth]: NO CONTROL
  17. Jamaican Flag
  18. Midnight Memories leak

We deal with shit a good bit, but we’ve had some amazing times!

  • me: i'm fine
  • what i mean: since the beginning of time it has always stood to reason that the compass guides the ship without it the ship will be lost at sea, the arrow goes through the heart to signify being love struck by cupids arrow, the anchor needs the rope to keep the boat from drifting away, the rose and dagger need is a metaphor for the hardships one needs to endure in order to see the world through rose colored glasses. not only do these tattoos go together but they&rsquo;re also tattooed on the opposite arms of the individuals which signify two halves of the same whole which is what keeps me up at night because it&rsquo;s so unbelievable</p>
I almost lost you...

Expect a number of mini ficlets based on kiss prompts from me over the next few days. This first one was requested by a lovely nonnie -  Captain Duckling and “I almost lost you” kiss. (rated T, 1600 words)

The tip of her silver spoon dips in and out of her lamb stew as she tries to conjure an appetite, her mind too full of other things to focus on the meal before her. It’s been much the same each time she’s sat at this table these past few weeks, eating enough to sustain, but too nervous to indulge - even when presented with her favorite meal of warm brie on toast. He left before dawn almost two fortnights ago, taking with him her heart. The truth of this had hit her like a kick to the gut she received once while learning to fight with one of the Royal Guard, feelings she’s been avoiding stealing her breath as his ship grew smaller and smaller on the horizon. A shakily forged alliance between Pirate Captain and Queen Snow had set him on this journey, his task to pretend to be an ally and ascertain The Evil Queen’s plan.

The man she apparently loves is attempting to trick the most dangerous villain in all the realms and she’s just supposed to sit here and eat food and breathe and - oh god - something’s wrong. Her stomach heaves and her spoon chips the china bowl as it falls from her fingers. Sweat immediately begins to tickle at her temples and along the back of her neck as her own light magic pulses to life beneath her fingertips.

“Emma, what is it?” 

Snow is on her feet and kneeling before her in seconds and Emma lets her hand be taken in her mother’s strong ones, knowing her magic will never hurt the ones she loves. 

“I…I…I’m not sure, I just feel, something has happened…” 

A loud crash and muffled voices cut off her ramblings and soon Grumpy is barreling into the dining room, his face a mask of annoyance as he shakes off one of the palace guards. 

It’s here! The Jolly Roger, it’s back!” 

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The Moral High Ground: Arrow 5x12 Review (Bratva)

RUSSIA!!!! Just so we’re clear, whenever I write this I’m singing it in my very best  Tevye “TRADITION!” voice. If you don’t understand that reference go rent Fiddler on the Roof right now.

The return to Russia means a refocus on Original Team Arrow. The first trip to Russia, in 2x06, was really the solidification of Original Team Arrow, so it was vitally important that Arrow not miss the opportunity to revisit the bonds the show is built on. They didn’t miss the opportunity. In fact, they delivered a fantastic  episode with “Bratva” that examines the dynamics of Original Team Arrow.

And yes… there will be a snark filled gif response to that final scene. 

Patience my loves. Let’s dig in…

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10 ways in which Nico di Angelo falls in love (with a place, with a boy, and with himself).

For two very kind anons who asked for my interpretation of how Will and Nico got together!


Nico can’t really pinpoint the exact moment he decided to stay at Camp Half-Blood.

It was probably sometime during the battle with Gaea, he thinks. It was probably somewhere in the back of his mind, he thinks, as the rest of him tried to adjust to the idea of the earth herself being an enemy.


Or maybe it was before that. Maybe it was the second he stumbled onto a field of grass, wearing a Hawaiian shirt that might very well have been one of the seven deadly sins, bearing a statue that smoldered inside his mind and felt older than time itself. Maybe it was the moment a camper with eyes the color of noontime took his hand, and didn’t flinch away.

(Nico thinks he’ll probably remember that for the rest of his life.)

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Since The Hunger Games, Teen Wolf and Arrow have gotten really popular the amount of characters with archery in their skillset has grown a lot. Here’s a guide on this ancient sport. NOTE: In this guide I’ll only talk about archery with a recurve bow since that’s the only kind of bow I have personal experience with. 

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All Larry’s matching tattoos:

- Hi and oops

- Boat and compass

- Butterfly and it is what it is

- Anchor and rope

- Rose and dagger

- Birds and cage

- 17 Black and deer

- Heart and arrow

- Horseshoe and nails

- Key and padlock

- I can’t change and question marks (harry cover up his i can’t change tattoo with the anchor tattoo)

They have 10/11 matching tattoos and you still think it’s just a coincidence?

Quick studio sesh wth the man @jozifbadmon thanks for coming through! If you don’t know about Joey Bada$$ you been living under a rock, go check him out. Joey is rocking the Arrow sweatshirt and the Anchor windbreaker both are in store and online. Rest of the set on the blogs shortly!