Sunday Morning Musings – Truth and High Tea

Good morning!

My great Aunt and I have a tradition of enjoying High Tea occasionallyat some opulent place like the Four Seasons. During our Jasmin pearl infused tea we chat about our week, the family, and all the crazy things taking place in the world. As we sip our favorite tea from fancy tea cups served with decedent creamy crab in profiterole and tea sandwiches, no one would ever suspect the amount of shade and gossip usually being thrown. It’s hidden and deeply camouflaged by the opulence and appearance of our surroundings in such a place.

Well I can assure you, folks – this morning’s High Tea won’t be as aesthetically pleasing. This is your warning to proceed with caution, because I will not mince words, apologize for my views, or spend a single solitary moment of my day caring about the opinions of others. I am not that type of woman.

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