Let’s discuss how, in the latest Arrow trailer, in the shot of Oliver kneeling in the prison yard with his hands behind his head, the prison guards are showing some good sense and look real nervous about approaching the Green Arrow armed only with batons. 

Arrow Season 7: Shadowhunters’ Katherine McNamara Joins Cast

Katherine McNamara is taking aim at her first post-Shadowhunters gig — and it’s a doozy. TVLine has learned exclusively that the actress is joining Arrow in a pivotal recurring role.

According to sources, McNamara will appear during the first half of Season 7 as Maya, a scrappy street fighter and thief from Star City. The initial — and unofficial — casting notice for the character likened the character to “Buffy the Superhero Slayer.”

McNamara’s casting comes roughly three months after Freeform announced that Shadowhunters would conclude after three seasons. The final 12-episode run — aka Season 3B, titled Shadowhunters: The Final Hunt — will air in Spring 2019 and include a two-hour series finale event.

The actress recently reprised her role of Sonya in the third installment of The Maze Runner trilogy, Maze Runner: The Death Cure, which opened earlier this year. She originated the role in the second film Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

As previously reported, Arrow‘s other big Season 7 casting moves include the series-regular return of Colton Haynes (As Roy Harper), and the arrival of Holly Elissa (Supernatural), Miranda Edwards (The Magicians), Michael Jonsson (Van Helsing) as the fearsome DC villains known as the Longbow Hunters.

Additionally, this year’s Arrowverse crossover event — which will air Sunday, Dec. 9 through Tuesday, Dec. 11, comprised of the ninth episodes of The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl‘s new seasons — will feature guest stars Ruby Rose (as Batwoman/Kate Kane) Tyler Hoechlin (reprising his role as Supergirl‘s Superman/Clark Kent), Grimm‘s Elizabeth Tulloch (as Lois Lane) and Cassandra Jean Amell (as Mr. Freeze’s wife, Nora).

Arrow kicks off Season 7 on Monday, Oct. 15 at 8/7c on the CW.

Fall 2018 TV Lineup

It’s that time of year again! I have gone through the fall premiere schedule and my DVR is set. Here’s what I’ll be watching this season:

  • New shows are italicized
  • Reviewed shows are in bold


8:30 pm               God Friended Me (CBS)


8 pm                      Arrow (The CW)

10 pm                    Manifest (NBC)


8 pm                      The Gifted (Fox)

9 pm                      F.B.I. (CBS)

9 pm                      This Is Us (NBC)

9 pm                      Black Lightning (The CW)

10 pm                    The Rookie (ABC)


10 pm                    A Million Little Things (ABC)


8:30 pm                The Good Place (NBC)


8 pm                      Blindspot (NBC)

Midseason shows

Legends of Tomorrow (The CW)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix)

Tell Me a Story (CBS All Access)

House of Cards (Netflix)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NBC)

Good Girls (NBC)

Outlander (Starz)

****There’s a whole bunch of new shows premiering at mid season that I haven’t decided on because the trailers haven’t been released. So I’ll update this post when that happens.

Arrow Season 7: Katherine McNamara Joins Cast
Katherine McNamara is taking aim at her first post-Shadowhunters gig — and it’s a doozy. TVLine has learned exclusively that the actress is joining Arrow in a pivotal recurring role.
By Michael Ausiello

Katherine McNamara is taking aim at her first post-Shadowhunters gig — and it’s a doozy. TVLine has learned exclusively that the actress is joining Arrow in a pivotal recurring role.

According to sources, McNamara will appear during the first half of Season 7 as Maya, a scrappy street fighter and thief from Star City. The initial — and unofficial — casting notice for the character likened the character to “Buffy the Superhero Slayer.”

promise // thea queen

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For anon

Request;Can I please have an imagine where the reader is the flash’s (Barry Allen-tv version) younger sister who has the same powers as him and ends up joining team Arrow (her brother doesn’t know) and she and Thea Queen fall in love with each other and start to secretly date. One day Team flash and arrow have to work together and Barry finds out his sister is on team Arrow and is upset with her. She ends up getting distracted on the mission and ends up getting hurt (she doesn’t heal fast) The teams notice this and take her back to the quiver. Thea ends up confronting Barry and blames him for her getting hurt. And Barry (along with everyone else) is confused because why is she being overprotective of his sister. When the reader wakes up Thea immediately kisses her passionately and they tell everyone they are dating. Some people say it was obvious while others are just confused. Barry and his sister have a cute sibling moment. Just kinda fluffy and angsty please?

Warnings; injuried!reader, blood, swearing. Set in season 4.

The request was so good, I hope I did it justice!

Italics are flashbacks!

When the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, you were one of the many civilian affected, you became one of the Meta-Humans. What you couldn’t explain was how you ended up having the exact same powers as your older brother, Barry. At first, you didn’t know about it, and you couldn’t have find it by yourself, you were enjoying having your brother around since he had been in a coma following the explosion. 

But when you learnt about the flash’s true identity, you were hurt that your brother hid this from you, you were the only family left, it was only your brother and you, sure there were Joe and Iris but it was different. So, when you accidentaly learnt about Barry’s true job, you saw it as a betrayal. You didn’t hide the fact that you were a Meta-Human to him, and the fact that he didn’t told you, it was just too much for you.

It was the reason why you left Central City, you needed time to get over this, you didn’t know where to go at first, and somehow ended up in Star City, which wasn’t that bad for a new beggining. During the first weeks in Star City, you acted as a simple civilian, not using your abilities for anything, you wanted to be normal, just as before the explosion, but one day, it changed. 

You saw this kid getting kidnapped, and you just couldn’t let this happen, using one of your scarf to hide the bottom half of your face to hide your identity, you used for the first time your speed and strenght to get the child back to his family, safe and sound. And since then, you started to help the city, to make it safer for the regular people. 

Until you met the true ‘hero’ of Star City, Green Arrow. Somehow, your paths crossed, you had the same ennemy, and from there, you met a few times before joining his team. You discovered who was behind the mask of the Green Arrow and his allies, and you met her, Thea. She changed everything in your life, she found her way through the walls you built around your heart. She managed to make you believe in love, and to trust again. 

“ Here is Felicity, my girlfriend, she’s the one you can do everything with a computer. “ explained Oliver, you finally agreed on joining his team, and it seemed like he had talk about you to them. 

“ It’s so good to meet you! So, you’re a speedster? “ asked Felicity, apparently ecstatic to meet you.

“ Yes, I am. Nice to meet you, Felicity. “ you politely replied, a bit taken aback by so much enthusiasm.

“ This is John Diggle, he’s an amazingly skilled fighter and one of my closest friend. “ continued Oliver, you shook John’s hand before allowing Oliver to finish the presentations.

“ And this is Thea Queen, my little sister, also known as Speedy. She uses a bow and arrows like me. “ he explained as you smiled at Thea.

“ Never thought you would end up accepting to join us, but it’s nice to have a Speedster on our team. “ stated Thea, smiling back at you.

You would always remember the first time she smiled to you, that’s when you felt that you were falling for her. And now, months later, Thea and you were secretly dating. You had been dating for two months now, and you both agreed to wait a little longer before telling it to the team. 

You were stressing at the idea that you were going to see Barry again, your team was confronted at a Meta-Human coming from Central City, and that’s exactly why Oliver asked Barry and his team’s help. It was going to be the first time you would talk to each other since you left Central City, you always avoided his calls and texts.

But this time, you wouldn’t be able to avoid him, you would have to face him and probably talk this out once and for all. Which you didn’t felt ready for, it was still too soon for you. 

When you heard Barry’s voice, you shivered, that was it, you were going to see him again. Thea, who was with you, saw your reaction, and gave you an encouraging smile as she gently put her hand on your shoulder. It wasn’t much, but it was all the support you needed at the moment.

“ Y/N? Is that you? “ asked Barry as soon as his eyes met yours, he knew it was you, he just needed the confirmation.

“ Yes, it’s me, Barry. “ you replied, in an almost shaky voice. 

“ You’re a vigilante, now? I thought it was the reason why you left Central City, because I was the flash. “ you could tell how upset he was.

“ No, I left because you lied to me, because you didn’t tell me you had your powers, because you lied about who you really were, not because of what you do. “ you explained, starting to get upset aswell.

“ I did what I had to do, I wanted to protect you! “ he quickly replied, defending himself.

“ I don’t need protection, I can handle myself! “ you rolled your eyes, always the same excuse. 

“ I uh- guys, how about you’ll talk this out later? You have a whole team of bad guys to take down. “ awkwardly interrupted Felicity, reminding the both of you the true reason of why you were reunited.

“ Yeah, you’re right. “ you replied, as you put your hood and scarf on, you were ready, just like everyone else.

You punched one of the ennemy using at the same time your speed, also knocking him out, and as you ran to another one, you were somehow getting slower, which never happened to you. You looked at Barry, he seemed to be affected too, you didn’t know why or how, but something was blocking out your meta-powers. 

“ It seems like they’re using some kind of machine to block out your meta-human powers, I’m sorry I can’t do anything to help. “ apologized Felicity through the coms. 

“ It’s okay, we still can fight! “ you reassured Felicity, you knew she was probably feeling useless at the moment, but it was not her fault. 

And you still fought even if neither Barry or you had your powers, you were skilled in fighting and it was enough to help. But you weren’t focused on the fight, you were only thinking of the little fight you had with Barry when he saw you back at the cave. 

“ YN! Watch out! “ You heard Thea’s voice, and as you turned around, you felt something getting through your abdomen, as you looked down, you saw an arrow. It was one of Thea’s. The ennemy took the arrow on one of his ‘friends’ that was unconscious and stabbed you with it. 

You stumbled on your feet, still confused by what just happened to you, hands around the arrow, as if you were trying to maintain it in place. You watched as the man who stabbed you fell to the ground, dead, an arrow in his head. You tried to walk to Thea, but you could barely make two steps before your knees gave up, and you fell on the ground. You cried at the even worse pain when the point of the arrow hit the floor, making the arrow moves.

Thea was on your side in the matter of a few seconds, tears in her eyes, freaking out as she alerted her brother about what happened. Oliver, John and Barry quickly took care of the rest of the group while Thea was trying to make you stay awake.

“ It’ll be alright, okay? We- we’ll get you back at the cave and we’ll make everything to make you heal. You’ll be alright. I promise. “ told you Thea, struggling to keep herself for breaking down, she had to stay strong for you.

“ It’s okay Thea. I want y-you to know t-that I love you.” you whispered, bringing all the strength left to put your bloody hand on Thea’s cheek, wipping away the first tear that rolled on her soft cheek.

“ I don’t want to lose you. “ confessed your girlfriend, you could feel that she was shaking, you hated to be the one to make her feel so broken and desperated.

You didn’t get to reply to Thea, the rest of the team rushed to you as soon as they were done with the ennemies, you weren’t sure of what was happening as your vision was starting to get blurry. You only felt two strong arms lift you from the ground, you guessed it was either Oliver or John, you couldn’t tell. You knew you were heading back at the cave, but you were pretty sure you wouldn’t make it back there.

The last thing that was on your mind was that the last time you spoke to your brother was an argument, you never got to make peace, and you hated that. You’ve always been close to him, until a few months ago, and now, you were basically dying without having the chance to arrange everything. And on that thought, you fell into unconscioussness.

You were unconsciously lying on a bed in the cave, Caitling checking out if nothing was alarming, as soon as they got you to the cave, Barry, who had gained his powers back, when to Central City to get Caitlin to help.

Thea never left your side, she didn’t say a single word, she just kept holding your hand, hoping it was not to late. Hoping you would survive. She never felt so lost, broken and distraugh but also angry, she knew the reason of this, it was because of your argument with Barry, if it didn’t happened first, this wouldn’t have happened as well.

“ Thea, you can’t just stay here, sitting next to Y/N… “ gently said Oliver, his hand reaching his sister’s shoulder, to comfort her.

“ And why? “ snapped Thea, looking at her brother. 

“ She needs to rest, she won’t wake up now. “ continued Oliver, but it was a lost cause, Thea wasn’t planning on leaving your side any time soon.

“ I know that! But I’ll wait, I’ll wait as long as she won’t wake up. “ replied Thea, looking back at you now. 

“ But you know it’s useless! It won’t help Y/N. “ insisted Oliver, getting on Thea’s nerves after this sentence.

“ It’s not fucking useless! “ started Thea, she stopped speaking for a second when she saw Barry, she couldn’t contain her anger anymore, “ but you’re right, I can’t just stay here.” she finally said as she got up and walked to Barry, determined and angry.

“ What are you doing here, asshole! “ yelled Thea as she pushed Barry.

“ She’s my sister! “ justified Barry, not truly understanding why Thea was that angry at him, he knew it partially was his fault for what happened, but what he didn’t understand was why Thea was protecting and caring about you so much.

“ And? You were mad at her for some stupid shit! You can’t be mad at her for doing the same thing as you! “ continued Thea, she was close to punch Barry, but she knew that you wouldn’t want it to happen so she held herself back, for you.

“ I know that! “ simply replied Barry, not wanting to make the argument worse than it already was.

“ Everything is your fault! Y/N doesn’t deserve to be in this bed! “ finally said Thea, pointing you as she said that.

“ I regret everything I said! What else you want me to say? I’m sorry, it shouldn’t have happened! “ said Barry, feeling more and more guilty.

“You better be. “ 

“ Why do you care so much about my sister? “ asked Barry, he was asking the question everyone was wondering for some time already.

“ You wouldn’t understand. “ simply said Thea as she went back to her initial place, on the chair next to you. 

You slowly opened your eyes, and had to blink a few times before getting adjusted to your surroundings, you recognized where you were, the cave. You looked around, hoping to see a familiar face and saw your girlfriend, she looked so worried. Everything was still a bit messy in your head, you weren’t sure about what happened.

As soon as Thea saw you were awake, she rushed to your side and kissed you in front of everyone, she didn’t care about keeping your relationship as a secret anymore, she almost lost you, she wasn’t going to waste a second she can share with you.

“ You’re awake. “ stated Thea, which sounded a bit stupid at the moment, but you didn’t care, you knew she said that because she had been scared.

“ I am. And I love you. “ you told her, smiling softly.

“ I love you, too. But you better never scare me like that again, or I’ll be the one to kill you, understood? “ told you Thea, if you could have, you would’ve laughed, you simply chuckled, nodding your head. 

You saw Barry approaching and you were sure that you saw Thea giving him a death glare, which wasn’t that surprising.

“ I think we need to talk. “ said Barry, which you agreed with, you needed to talk.

“ I don’t think it’s the right moment to do that, Y/N just woke up! “ said Thea, her protectiveness jumping out once again.

“ It’s okay babe, I want to talk to Barry anyway. “ you reassured her, thankful for how Thea was with you. She simply nodded and left, giving Barry and you enough privacy.

“ I’m sorry Y/N, I shouldn’t have been so rude when I first saw you there, it’s my fault if you’re in this bed right now and- “ said your brother until you cut him off.

“ It’s not your fault Barry, you were the reason why I was distracted, that’s true, but you weren’t the one who stabbed me, so you don’t have to blame yourself. “ you tried to reassure him, but you could tell it wasn’t going to be enough to make him stop that it’s his fault.

“ Maybe but I still blame myself. “ said Barry, lowering his head. 

“ Don’t, it’s really not your fault. C’mon big brother, trust me. “ you smiled, giving him a small punch on the arm.

“ Funny how we have the exact same powers but you can’t heal fast like me. “ joked Barry to annoy you, which made you roll your eyes.

“ Yeah, well I didn’t choose that. “ you replied, chuckling.

“ So, you and Thea, uh? “ 

“ Yeah, we’ve been together for a little while now. “ you told him, smiling.

“ She makes you happy? “ he asked, even if he knew the answer.

“ Well duh! But yes, she makes me truly happy, you have no idea. “ you replied, and you meant it, you’ve never been this happy in your life, Thea was the love of your life, she was simply perfect in your eyes.

“ I’m glad you’re happy, Y/N/N, you deserve it. “ softly told you your brother before gently hugging you, it felt good to have your brother back.

Arrow: Stephen Amell on Felicity’s Fight Scene and “Bold” Season 7

Arrow Season 7 is only a few weeks away, and last week we had the opportunity to talk to Stephen Amell for some hints about what’s coming up in the seventh season. We’ll be rolling out portions between now and the October 15 season premiere.

One of several topics we discussed was the online praise that Amell had for Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity) and what she is doing in the season premiere which is called “Inmate 4587.”

“She has a kick-ass action scene that I know specifically that James Bamford let her go crazy [with], in this action scene with a stunt performer,” Stephen expanded. “When I was watching it, it’s actually happening alongside another action scene, and I was actually kind of jealous with how visceral and aggressive Emily’s scene was.”

Stephen also had kind words for his co-star in a dramatic scene that the two share.

“I think people have seen the photos of when we get the chance to interact, and I just thought her performance in that scene was up there or even better than anything else that she has ever done on the show,” Amell teased.

Ultimately, Stephen Amell has high praise for what he’s seeing from Season 7 so far.

“The season feels very bold,” he said. “To get new stuff to do with the character that you’ve been playing for seven seasons now, it’s not the easiest thing to pull off, so to be in prison and to be isolated from everyone else, and to have all of these new scene partners and a new dynamic about my personality and the way that [Oliver] is feeling and the way that he’s dealing with things, it’s just a lot of fun.”

Crucible - Dinah Drake x Fem!Reader

Warning: Blood, panic attack? throwing up, kidnapping, nightmares

You were just about a normal civilian but dating Dinah Drake from the SCPD with dirty cops on Ricardo Diaz’s payroll was enough for Dinah to snap when you were kidnapped. She’d been teaching you self-defense but that obviously wasn’t enough from the surveillance footage Curtis had found from an ATM across the street. Rene and Curtis’ gazes kept switching from the pixelated video to Dinah’s face as she saw you attempting to fight back to getting thrown into a van.

“Good news is, I can track the van via license plate. Bad news, it may take a while.” Curtis explained causing Dinah to let out a growl.

“Time Y/n might not have, Diaz has Y/n and we know damn right he could put a bullet in her at any moment.” Dinah growled.

“Easy, Dee, we’ll find her.” Rene replied as Curtis began to use recognition software on the van you were thrown in, tracking it via half a license plate that was readable.

“Well the video only gave half a license plate but its recorded as under a fake name so now I’m running satellites to look for the van.” Curtis explained after a while causing Dinah and Rene to walk over to the computers.

“The van was last seen near a warehouse in the docks, satellites read a lot of heat signatures like, a lot, a lot.” Curtis stated after a while causing Dinah and Rene to run to suit up.

“How many exactly are there?” Rene asked, putting on his newer hockey mask-style mask as Dinah grabbed her bo staff.

“16, including Y/n makes 15, 3 are surrounding her whilst two guard and the rest are scattered but in formation to attack.” Curtis replied.

“We each take on five, I’ll get Y/n.” Dinah growled as the three of them headed to the Star City docks.


In. Out. In. Out. Breathe. In. Out. In. Out

“Why can’t we just kill her and be done with it?” A voice asked, some corrupt cop you couldn’t be bothered to try get the name of him as you kept your eyes trained on the floor, one throbbing as your nose dripped with blood.

“Because Diaz wants to dangle her as bait over Team Arrow.” Another voice said before gunshots echoed throughout the warehouse.

“They’re here. Let’s get them.” The voice from before almost cackled, taking the safety off his gun as you heard footsteps moving.

It was the sonic scream that caused you to look up. Well, more of a canary cry. Gunshots, yelling and the occasional cry let you breathe. Your shoulders slouching as you opened your mouth, the taste of blood throwing you as you closed it again, head lolling around before the door opened, the canary cry getting louder as the cops that held you went down.

“Y/n?” A female voice questioned, hands gloved in leather touching your face so you’d look up. “D-Dinah?” You stuttered, feeling your hands untied from the chair as your chest tightened, a sick feeling washing over you.

They say its like a tsunami. Crashing over you. Drowning you.

Well, its what it felt like right now as you gasped for breath, coughing the blood your nose out from your mouth as you fell from the chair onto the floor.

“Dinah, is she…?” A voice shouted before Dinah waved them off, her hands on your shoulders as she spoke to you.

“You’re okay, baby its okay, I’m here, listen to my voice okay…” Dinah began before realising it wasn’t working as you were barely able to look at her.

“Okay…okay… Y/n its me.” Dinah suddenly said, riskily removing her mask causing you to look at her, still struggling.

“Dinah…” You wheezed before she pulled you into her arms, her mouth by your ear as she began to exaggerate her breathing.

Haze. Fuzziness. Ringing. A voice. Dinah?

You didn’t register you’d started choking until vomit landed on the ground, causing Dinah to move the hair from your face as she rubbed circles in your back.

“I’m sorry baby, I’m so sorry.” Dinah cried as she held you, her emotions getting the better of her as she felt you stop trembling.

/////Time Skip/////

“How’s Y/n doing anyway, you know Dee, you can go be with her…” Rene began but the look Dinah gave him shut him up immediately.

“She’s closed herself off, barely talks to me but I can hear her have nightmares next to me at night… I can’t help if she wasn’t dating me she wouldn’t have gotten hurt.” Dinah replied, gaining Curtis’ attention.

“Whoah, whoah, hold up, you can’t break up with her now, she’s obviously not recovered from what happened and what happened is in the past, you can’t change that. She’s going through a crucible.” Curtis interrupted, causing Rene to frown.

“A crucible?” Rene questioned.

“We all go through them Rene, there are the ones who grow stronger and survive it and the ones who…die. I’m not saying that will happen to Y/n, because y’know, she’s strong but right now… I doubt she feels like she is… go be with her Dinah…” Curtis explained, causing Dinah to sigh as she left to change into her normal clothes, leaving the NTA base to the studio apartment she lived in, which you had moved into.

///// Location Change/////

“Y/n, are you here?” Dinah questioned, hearing the taps running causing her to move to the bathroom, knocking on the door before testing the door knob.


She gently opened the door, spotting you sat on the bathroom floor, staring at the taps before glancing at Dinah.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered causing Dinah to frown, walking in and turning the taps off as the bath was ready.

“What are you sorry for?” She questioned, sitting on the toilet seat to look at you.

“Not being able to protect myself. I tried. I tried to fight back. I-I wasn’t strong enough. I’m sorry.” You whimpered causing Dinah to frown more, a tear dripping down your face causing her to jump into action, pulling you into her arms as she moved from the toilet seat to the floor, her back against the bath tub.

“There’s nothing for you to be sorry for. I’m sorry this happened to you baby but I can’t change the past… you’re going to get through this, I know you can baby, I wanna help you if you let me.” Dinah stated, looking at you before you pressed your face into her neck, hugging her tightly.

“Okay…” You mumbled, not letting go of her for a while as Dinah held you closely.

“Just one thing, what’s with the bath?” Dinah questioned after a while.

“They threw water over me… showers remind me… rather take a bath… with you…” You explained, causing Dinah to hum at the small smile as you finished your sentence.

////Time Skip/////

“What the hell is that noise?” Rene questioned as he and Curtis walked into their NTA base in the old Helix building.

“I dont know, I guess we’re about to find out.” Curtis replied before they both spotted you and Dinah sparing, pausing to watch as you managed to pin your girlfriend to the mat.

Rene whistled in shock as Curtis clapped. “Damn girl!” Rene exclaimed as you helped Dinah up, giving an awkward smile at Rene and Curtis before going to get a bottle of water.

“Do you think she’s ready to y’know, fight crime, go out there with us, beat up some thugs y’know?” Curtis questioned causing Rene and Dinah to look at him.

“She can start off small, patrols with one of us then be on commns here if Diaz does something extreme.” Dinah replied, smiling as Curtis passed her a box.

“You got her a mask hoss?” Rene questioned causing Dinah to give him a look at the ‘hoss’ part.

“The suit is a work in progress still but the mask is ready for you to pop the question…oooh but not that question, or, i mean you could if wanted to Dee but, its your choice and all so…” Curtis rambled before being cut off as you walked back into the room, more hydrated than you were earlier.

“We’re gonna go on patrol…” Rene stated, dragging Curtis out of the lair as Dinah looked at you with a smile.

“What’s that smile for hey?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow as Dinah approached, her hands behind her back.

“Close your eyes and hold out your hands baby.” Dinah replied, causing you to obey as you looked nervous, closing your eyes before Dinah took your hands and placed something in them.

“Open them…” Dinah stated causing you to open them, automatically looking at your girlfriend before your gaze fluttered down to the box in your hands.

“What? You know our anniversary is in 4 months right?” You automatically stated causing Dinah to pause for a moment. “You remember?”

“Of course I remember, what do you take me for?” You replied, opening the box to reveal the domino mask, raising an eyebrow at your girlfriend who raised an eyebrow at you in return.

“What do you say baby girl?” Dinah questioned as you stared at the mask.

“What’s my codename if we go out on patrol or in the field?” You questioned back causing Dinah to smirk.

“How about…?”

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