Enough is Enough

First, I want to thank everyone for the amazing response to my conversations with Marc. I’m overwhelmed with the appreciation, graciousness, support, enthusiasm and gratitude. I am THRILLED you guys enjoyed the conversations and the juicy spoilers Marc gave me. Y’all rock and are the reason I (and Marc) love this fandom so damn much. The response has been overwhelming positive. This post is not directed at y’all in any way, so feel free to skip it.

This post is directed at the people still bitching at me. This post is directed to the people saying I didn’t ask Marc the right questions, or that I didn’t explain the problems with the Baby Mama drama well enough, or that I didn’t press him enough about Felicity’s boyfriend, or I was insensitive about LL dying, or that I didn’t get a time, date and episode number on when Olicity would reunite or when the wedding would take place and on and on and on and on. I’m getting enough of it on Twitter and Tumblr that I feel I need to address it.

It is time for you people to find another blogger. I’m super done.

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“I showed up at your cubicle and you changed everything…”

She [Felicity] has this goal, she has this chip in her back…A lot has happened to this girl in the last little bit…She does want to proceed with sort of making it distributable to the public and making it affordable and accessible, but in the meantime Star City and trying to get Oliver back on track with getting a new team together and having in face what the reality of our team is and having him not just work alone because he’ll be in imminent danger…That’s taking a lot of her time. I don’t know if she sleeps or goes to therapy, but I am sure she has nightmares…