• While Gary loves Drew, he is SO curious as to what has happened to Drew so every once and while he’ll take a few samples of blood to study him.

• Gary having to fix Drew’s hair for him and it comes out looking BETTER THAN EVER, I mean, bc it’s Gary.

• Drew having MAJOR MOOD SWINGS in his change because that HAPPENS

• Drew hating being the little spoon at first but Gary is nice and warm so he /warms up/ to it and leeches warmth from Gary.

• Drew having an existential crisis on feeding because he still can’t control how much he drinks so Gary starts offering to give him blood when he needs it, Drew only takes enough to keep himself from getting cranky.

• Gary eventually helping Drew learn how to use his cool powers, and they start to get a stock up on blood from hospitals. (They freeze it and they’re HUMANE so they only get blood that’s close to being thrown out- because it’s still good.)

• Gary having to seek out a witch to get Drew a daylight ring so he doesn’t suffer in the night because Drew is a MORNING (mourning ha…. ha…) PERSON

• Drew and Gary kinda living the LIFE together,

twitterp4ted  asked:

1 + arroganceshipping xoxo

1. “The way you flirt is shameful.”

Gary’s laughter overpowered any other sound as Drew slid onto the chair across from him. His face was red, his eyes were watering, and he was getting to the point where his laughter was more air and less sound.

“Would you shut up?” Drew snarled at him.

“The way you flirt is shameful,” Gary managed to choke out. “I know May doesn’t always get it, but I thought you had better moves than that.”

“My flirting is just fine.”

“Right, and that’s why you’re back over here and she’s over there talking to Dawn.”

“Like you could do better.”

“I could. I could even get you if I wanted to.” Gary waved his hand in the air dismissively.

“You can’t even get Leaf.” Drew smirked smugly at Gary’s scowl. “Sure she seems interested sometimes but then just turns around and walks away.”

“And all you can attract is a Beautifly.”

“You know those roses are for May.”

“Tell that to the pokemon.”

“I don’t need to deal with this.” Drew got up, and in a move that wasn’t like him at all, he ended up sloshing the drink in his hand. As luck would have it, May happened to be coming towards them, only for him to splash the drink all over her shirt.

Gary started laughing again.

hydro-kanan  asked:

How long do you think Gary and Drew would last? Would they want children? Who's top/bottom? Who is the designated driver? Who cooks the most? Who does the most chores? Do they visit family/friends a lot? What is the worst fight they've had? Does Drew ever get Gary to participate in a Contest? Who would win in battle? Do they bet each other i.e. The loser does the dishes type stuff? Do they have issues with each other's families since its a gay couple? Professions when older? :))))) answer me nat


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lostlegendaerie said: aRROGANCESHIPPING what a good. professor oak jr. mailing his traveling coordinator boyfriend 15 page long sex messages in MLA format. one gets lost in the mail and gives drew night terrors for a week until the package is found intact.


im so angry I saw this so late. :(

and responding to it at 12;30 AM means no one else will see it either. :(


like when gary doesn’t hear from drew after a couple weeks he’s disappointed. isn’t he going to get a scolding? an exasperated sigh?? that was the point. 

and that’s when gary caves and is like ‘yo did you get my old-fashion sext??’ ‘no?’ ‘what do you mean no’ ‘….no???’ ‘oh. well I mailed it to you.’ ‘you MAILED it to me..’ ‘yeah. maybe it’s in customs.’ ‘oh my god.’ ‘maybe they’re gonna open it’ ‘GARY’ ‘I hope the mail inspectors like the part where I talk about your–’

and so on.

alternative story if drew gets it in one piece but threw it on his bed and someone reads it.

but it’s like the deal with shakespeare. whoever finds it is like “Oh, such lovely writing!!! An absolutely heartwrenching declaration of love…Drew, you’re so lucky, Gary loves you so much…”

and sure gary’s got some really fancy writing and phrasing skills but drew sees through it. the entire 7th page pretty much summed up to ‘suck my dick’. why does no one else get that.

hoennprincessmay  asked:

I think Gary's M.O. with Drew is to annoy him to no end because he thinks it's cute the way Drew reacts. Of course, if Gary takes it too far, he'll apologize of course, but it's still fun for him. And Drew genuinely loves Gary cuz under that asshole exterior, he's a really good boyfriend.

EXACTLY. B/c like Drew will harass on things that are true/honest, but Gary goes for whatever he fuckin wants. And he’s kinda used to that default mode of being a jerk so it’s a reflex that causes some arguments. (But then Drew’s criticism can be more stinging if it’s based on truth)

they are both turds but they both care and challenge one another intellectually aaaaaaAAAA

delmis  asked:

♡ for palletshipping ;D

I wanted arroganceshipping :////////

♡ - romantic headcanon

But god gary is such a SHMOOZE…….I think he’s just on His Romantic Game all the time and Ash goes with it like ‘haha yea ok :D’
Gary can’t help it bc he loves Ash so much u3u

(I imagine Gary gets weirdly self-conscious about appearing too mushy or clingy but he doesn’t come off that way to Ash so he needs to STOP CARING ABOUT THAT.)

pokexlove96  asked:

■ (Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon),▼ (childhood headcanon) for Drew! But Arroganceshipping for the house one :)

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

I can’t picture their home as anything but something out of a magazine. Tidy. Rooms have established color schemes or themes. Minor decorating using meaningful trinkets.
Although I think they’d prefer to live in a smaller space. It’s more efficient that way and cozier. :)c

▼ - childhood headcanon


But ok ABOUT HIS HAIR FLIPPING. I have the idea that it came from his family fussing over him. He always liked having longer hair/bangs but he had that One Aunt or Grandparent who was always like ‘sweetie I can’t see your lovely face under all that hair :)))’ and would push it back but HE DID NOT ENJOY THAT. (it would be like when you try to wipe a kid’s face. they just NNNNNNNG and try to get away)
Eventually he just developed the habit of playing with his hair to keep others from fussing over him and it morphed into the quirk he uses to portray confidence that we saw in canon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯