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hi! i love the way you draw and was wondering how you draw arrms, handles, legs, and feet because whenever i try that i fail miserably. thanks and have a great day! keep up the amazing work with you art and thanks for neigh an amazing person!!


Great picture of Sniper Corporal Pat McKinney, 31, from 6th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, discovers that his sniper suit is somewhat irresistible to the Regimental Mascot, Shetland Pony, Cruachan 4th. Pat and Cruachan were in Glasgow’s George Square as part of Scotland’s biggest recruitment event for the Army Reserve.

Dating Josh Diaz ...
  • Being in Scott’s pack and Corey asking you out for Josh because he’s too scared 
  • Him being incredibly embarrassed 
  • Surprising him by saying yes
  • Josh being super shy on your first date
  • And when you hold his hand and kiss his cheek he blushes really red
  • Stuttering a lot because he’s really nervous around you
  • After months of dating, he still blushes every time you show affection
  • Hearing his heart beat really fast every time you laugh, or smile
  • Making out everyday in the library
  • Making out everywhere you possibly can
  • Random butt grabs
  • “Can you stop, we’re in public!”
  • “Okay, and? What’s your point”
  • Josh annoying you all the time but on the contrary, makes you fall in love with him more and more
  • Interrupting your talking by kissing you
  • Playing with his hair all the time
  • Always saying ‘I love you’ every chance you guys get
  • Have petty little arguments
  • Giving him the silent treatment
  • Lifting you up and pushing you against the wall
  • “You can’t stay mad at me for that long.”

  • “My parents might like you now, but when they see these marks on my neck you’re dead”
  • Josh being really good at covering your hickies with your makeup because he’s given you so many he’s used to covering it up for you

  • Flirting with you every time he sees you at school
  • Winks from across the hallway
  • Leaving class at certain times to go make out in the janitor’s closet
  • Holding your hand underneath the desks 
  • Laying in bed with him
  • Talking for hours
  • Always coming over to each other’s houses just to nap
  • Your parents loving Josh endlessly
  • Him staying nights at your house
  • Him helping to choose your outfits for school because you’re so indecisive 
  • Him sneaking inside your room by climbing up through your window because apparently “doors are overrated”
  • Always touching you in anyway possible (his arrms around you, hugging you, holding your hand)
  • Josh buying a puppy for you both
  • Taking turns having it at each other’s houses
  • You coming over his house just to see the puppy
  • Or him coming over to yours just to see the puppy
  • The puppy liking you more
  • “Because we’re practically the same kind, he’s more drawn to me cause we share the same dog qualities. You’re like, some weird thing?? he’s probably scared of you”
  • “stfu ur rude”
  • Three-way spooning with the puppy
  • Punching him in the balls when he pisses you off
  • Him shocking you when you piss him off
  • Teasing him saying you’re stronger than him
  • Him not winning because he doesn’t want to hurt you
  • But also because he knows you are stronger and have more experience than he does, just not wanting to admit it
  • Sometimes letting him win because you find it incredibly hot when Josh is all sweaty and panting heavily on top of you
  • “Is that the only reason why you let me win?”
  • “Is it bad if I say yes?”
  • Accidentally shocking you with his powers
  • Growling at him and making your eyes flash yellow
  • Josh apologizing over and over again because lets face it, he’s secretly scared of you
  • Midnight visits to McDonalds
  • Josh laying down on your lap while he tells you how much Theo annoys the living shit out of him
  • You scolding him for being rude to his alpha
  • “Stop acting like you don’t agree with me.”
  • Scott treating Josh as if he was part of his pack because he treats you so well
  • Stiles interrogating Josh, but after a while ends up really liking him
  • Your whole pack loving him
  • Him being good friends with Scott and Stiles
  • Theo disliking your relationship because you’re in the rivalry pack but being able to do nothing about it
  • Josh being overprotective when Theo insults you
  • Josh and Theo fighting each other nearly to death
  • Being angry at him for doing something so stupid
  • Tending to his wounds even if you’re mad at him
  • “What if he killed you? For a second time!”
  • “He was insulting you!”
  • “Yeah, and you really thought fighting him and getting beaten half to death was the solution!”
  • “Why are you getting mad at me, all I was trying to do was protect you!”
  • Sighing in frustration as you press too hard on his cuts, and him hissing in pain
  • “Why aren’t you healing?”
  • “Because you being mad at me hurts more.”
  • You not being able to stay mad at him as you gently kiss him, careful not to hurt him even more
  • Josh deciding to leave Theo’s pack because he wasn’t happy being the “bad guy” anymore
  • Scott’s pack welcoming him easily 
  • Being even happier because he’s going to be with you all the time

So I’m just scrolling down my dash and my son is looking at my screen. Then he sees a post that says “Chat Noir” in big letters.


Me: Shah–

Son: No! SHAT! Shat Noo-arr

Me: Okay kiddo lol. My French sucks too.

My kids watch the English dub and it’s rare that I have the French on for them. So I was surprised that he remembered the “Sh” sound.

Sassy Quote #16

When someone annoys you ,
It takes 42 muscles to frown,
But it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arrm and BITCHSLAP that MOTHERFUCKER.

IMAGINE THIS THO: Human sapphire has both legs amputated and is missing an eye. Imagine amputee Sapphire… Imagine amputee sapphire being mostly able to walk fine but Ruby insisting always on holding hands/walking arm in arrm/carrying her/piggy back rides!!! Imagine them decorating her eye patch and legs with stickers…