Don’t Ignore the Corners

Sculpture by Snail Scott

I was flipping through Hi-Fructose Magazine, saw this, and had such a wave of inspiration that I had to stop everything I was doing and draw. I mean.. wow. 

IMAGINE THIS THO: Human sapphire has both legs amputated and is missing an eye. Imagine amputee Sapphire… Imagine amputee sapphire being mostly able to walk fine but Ruby insisting always on holding hands/walking arm in arrm/carrying her/piggy back rides!!! Imagine them decorating her eye patch and legs with stickers…


My green bedroom inspired by the bedroom of Madame de Pompadour in Versailles is finished! 

Unfortunately I was unable to find any fabric matching the original, so I used two different green fabrics in my recolors. Neither of the two fabrics I used is a perfect match, but c’est la vie!

I recolored - or ‘rococofied’ - some basic EA stuff for this room, so all of that content is downloadable (links below). 

I also recolored some cc that I can’t upload, as the original creators’ TOU doesn’t permit it. But you’ll find links below to all the stuff I’ve used in creating this room, in case you’d like to try your hand at recoloring it yourself!



de Pompadour French bed (original conversion by brial-immortelle)

de Pompadour bedding

de Pompadour vanity table (original conversion by brial-immortelle)

de Pompadour ottoman

de Pompadour dining chair (original conversion by edwardianed)

de Pompadour arrmed chair

de Pompadour dresser

de Pompadour end table

Gold mantle clock

Gold candelabra (original by simlife)

de Pompadour doublewide curtain (original conversion by elias943)


Crystal ball computer by Esmeralda

Wall light by brial-immortelle

Vase by Evader / Lugosi

Walls and floor by Meinkatz

Desk by ShinoKCR

Curtain by ShinoKCR

Fireplace by Severinka