arriving in florida

We need to talk about Hurricane fucking Irma.

We need to talk about this bitch. First of all, BEFORE she even arrives at Florida, Irma will go through the Caribbean as a Hurricane category 5. Now, is not the first one in history to go through the Caribbean leaving chaos and havoc behind. Irma is, though, the strongest bitch since Patricia. I’ll get to that. 

So Houston, Texas just went through Hurricane Harvey, cat. 4. If you think that, that display of destruction was bad, just wait until Irma starts showing off. Puerto Rico is a really small island, THERE WOULD NOT BE A PART OF THE ISLAND UNTOUCHED BY IRMA, WITHOUT A MIRACLE!!!! 

Katrina category 5, former princess baddest bitch in town, ain’t shit compared to Irma. Don’t get me wrong Katrina left a trail of destruction, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Multiply that shit by 100 and that’s exactly what the Caribbean is about to get. 

Sandy, category 3, one of the deadliest of 2012, is about to be turned into child’s play by Irma. Irma is not here to fuck around. People were hoping for Irma to chill, the bitch said, aha? LOL NO. 

Hurricane Andrew category 5. LOL boy, 1992 called,  they just said good luck. You people do not understand, Irma, is stronger than all of these hurricanes. Is even stronger than Wilma former, heir to baddest bitch in town throne, category 5 from 2005. 

Then we have Hurricanes Georges, category 4, 18 years ago; and Hugo category 5. I personally lived through Georges, it was scary, i can still hear the wind and the sound of the windows about to burst, but we got through it. I am fine with hurricanes strong enough to reach category 4, but the moment it hits category 5, my heart stops. Hugo left a shit ton of destruction, chaos, and havoc as well. Irma is about to cover ( no seriously, cover all the island) my island and destroy it, unless, somehow it chills the fuck down. 

Now, Irma by the time that was entering the Leeward Islands was already with winds at a whooping 185mph. Bye Katrina ( winds up t 175 mph). Bye Wilma (winds up to 183 mph). We are talking about gorgeous small islands like Antigua, St. Kitts, Barbuda, etc… we literally have nowhere to evacuate to.

 From more recent hurricanes, Irma is second to the baddest bitch in town, Patricia, with winds up to a whooping 215mph. Irma, what’s good? no seriously, Irma chill.  Hurricane Patricia was baaaaaaaad, like reaaaaally bad, and somehow we managed to avoid that. IDK how, but I am not complaining, now Mexico and the US weren’t so lucky. Irma is only 30 MPH BEHIND PATRICIA! Guys 30 miles per hour, is like ONLY 10mph over a school zone at the USA. LET THAT SINK IN!!! Irma is going for it!!! The only difference is that Irma is sooooo powerful that you can get readings of Irma on devices to detect earthquakes, well thanks Irma. 

Puerto Rico hasn’t recently had a hurricane like Patricia, but Irma is the first one of its strength and power since the 1928 hurricane Okeechobee a.k.a the San Felipe Segundo .Ask your abuelas and abuelos about it, shit ask them about Hugo too, he was an asshole too. Officially classified as category 5 hurricane and one of the deadliest tropical cyclones in the history of the Atlantic area. So, Okee had winds up to 160mph, but then Irma is here like 185mph, HIIIIIIIII and we are like NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! BITCH BYEEEEEEEEE!!!! It might not seem like a lot but here’s  a perspective of all the people Irma is about  hit and again no airline will take the risk to fly anyone out and i get it. In moments like this one, the Caribbean Islands are usually on their own, until the storm passes. 

Irma is getting stronger and by the time it reaches Florida, the bitch will die a little. The moment a hurricane hits land and cooler waters, it dies, which HEY FLORIDA GOOD NEWS, Irma might just be a category 4 for you!!!  I take a category 4 over a 5 any given time. I’m not saying is good, but compared to what is about to happen….you have to choose your deadly posion. The USA media is focusing in Florida and glossing over the Caribbean, and I get it Florida is at risk, but let’s face it, so ARE WE. 

Irma is giving the Typhoon Tip a.k.a the Typhoon Warling, a run for it’s money too. Cause coming after Patricia is not enough. Ask your parents about this Typhoon, form back in 1979. The highest wind speed recorded were up to 190mph sustained for a minute or so, unlike Patricia, who just reached it… hold me bitch!!!!  In other words HIIIIIII!! WE ARE THE CARIBBEAN ISLANDS AND IRMA IS FUCKING SHIT UP!!! WE WILL APPRECIATE THE HELP, THANKS!!

So, keep in mind that yeah Florida is about to get fucked up, but the Caribbean is up  first!!!! And we are about to get HELLA FUCKED!! That’s all!! Thanks for your attention, and PLEASE TAKE YOUR PETS WITH YOU!!! AND CONTACT YOUR LOVED ONES!!


Edit: Just so you have an idea about the wind power!!


Arrival (2016)

Directed by Denis Villeneuve

Cinematography by Bradford Young

Stuck With Cuffs

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, oral female and male receiving, vaginal penetration, restraints!kink, stuck in an elevator, language, drinking, very slight implied child abuse at end but nothing specific at all.

Word Count: 3600

A/N: This one was a two for one deal. Written for Amber’s @huntingandwritingthings SPN Cluedo Writing Challenge, which I chose elevator with cuffs, and written for Kris’ @kdfrqqg First Writing Challenge. My prompt was “You can’t talk me out of this.” Again, still new at smut so please be kind and if you have suggestions for my writing, let me know. Congrats on your followers’ girls. No beta so mistakes are mine and feedback always wanted and appreciated.

Summary: You get trapped in an elevator with none other than Dean Winchester. Y’all are not only stuck, but supernaturally stuck by a ghost haunting the hotel. This elevator ride gets hot in more ways than one.

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infinitelystrangemachinex  asked:

"It's either this or you sleep in the tub."/"Alright. Get up here." - just one piece will dooooo, bruh (ObiYuki probs)

Zen is the first.

“It looms like the Sword of Damocles,” he mutters. “I just have to get it over with.”

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There are pictures of Ariana’s crew and family arriving in Florida. We haven’t seen any of Ariana yet, but we won’t post them anyway to respect her, her crew and her entire family. We think it’s only fair to give them the break they deserve after a trauma like this and not be as insensitive as those paps were by taking pics of them. We’re sorry if some of you may be upset by this decision, but we honestly think it’s the right thing to do right now!

We can confirm that there are a few pictures of Ariana. She, as well as her entire team and family are back in Boca Raton, Florida.

A Day at the Beach | Dan Howell

Hello! This is a short fanfic about Dan Howell based on the request below. I hope you like it and let me know!

“Dan! Come on!” You pulled your boyfriend’s arm jokingly as he stood in front of the mirror checking his hair. You knew how self-conscious he’d always been about it and deep down inside you wished he’d stop straightening it all the time. Today, the two of you were getting ready for a day at the beach and you knew he was more than a little worried about his emo-locks turning into a curly mess once exposed to the salt and moisture of the sea air. “My fringe is going to look so messed up…” Dan mumbled to himself and let out a loud, exaggerated sigh. “Self-pity time can wait, I want to swim!” You yelled, pulling him away from the mirror and he could just grab the hotel key before you pushed him out of the door. The two of you had arrived in Florida yesterday and from the moment you set foot on American soil you had wanted to do nothing more than go to the beach and enjoy the sunshine. This was your first holiday outside of the UK with your boyfriend and also you’d loved the short trip you had taken to Brighton last summer, Florida beaches were on a whole new level. Dan was well aware of your overflowing excitement and he mainly considered it to be cute, edging on concerning. “You have to take mermaid pictures of me when we get there.” You told your boyfriend as the elevator went down, and he let out a soft laugh. “Sure love.” He answered, pulling you towards him and pressing a soft kiss to your temple. In a few months you would celebrate your two-year anniversary and you were lucky to still be head-over-heels for each other.

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General Smut Masterlist

Links Last Checked: September 6th, 2017

Bad Luck Bunny - mermaidstailonmyface

Summary: warnings; D/s, spanking and bondage.

Blissed Out - philskoolkatz

Summary: top!Dan smut.

Blueberry Cream Tart - mairieuxes

Summary: Since it’s a rainy day, it’s a perfect day for a baking video. Or sex.

Carefully Chosen Words (ao3) - phansparent

Summary: Punk!phan; Dan is in a punk band, and he catches sight of Phil in the crowd during one of his gigs. Dan’s always good at choosing his words carefully, but Phil is about to change that (with really good sex).

Confidence - exovative

Summary: Dan and Phil go to a party and end up having ass sex basically.

Crawling Back To You - definitelythor

Summary: Inspired by Do I wanna know by The Arctic Monkeys [x], Dan and Phil started having phone sex while Dan was at uni, and once they moved in together they just stopped. Now they’re both coming to the realisation they want more, but they can still only tell each other over the phone.

Desperate For Attention - linguistphil

Summary: cock/cumslut!phil, top!dan, sexting (for like a lil bit), wall sex, daddy kink and facial.

Even When I Lose I Still Win - venuslester

Summary: Dan gets custard poured over his head.

Frustration (ao3) - ramonaspeaks

Summary: Dan has surgery on his wrists and tries to cope with temporarily not having use of his hands. Warnings for masturbation, hand jobs, grinding/frottage, sex.

Golden Band - littlelordciel

Summary: After marriage sex.  

Human Nature - nightospherian

Summary: Sexytimes outside.

It’s Not The Same Without You - cuddlephan

Summary: Phil arrives home from Florida and gives Dan a pleasant surprise after he’s been alone all week.

Just From Your Neck - mermaidstailonmyface

Summary: Dom!Phil lies Dan on his stomach, and kisses his neck.

Love Bites - definitelythor

Summary: Phil likes to mark Dan with bites and bruises.

Not Really Our Surprise Plan - johnstamoslover69

Summary: PJ and Chris go to surprise Phil for 1 million subscribers and they find Dan and Phil having sex in a room instead.

Once You’re Mine - cuddlephan

Summary: Dan and Phil are in high school and while Dan’s with Phil he has a wet dream about him and gets embarrassed which leads to smut.

Softest Touch - crayolascripts

Summary: Phil’s had a busy day with the radio show. As it’s father’s day, Dan decides to give him some fun. Was sort of a prompt but I lost it.

Tipping Point (ao3) - ramonaspeaks

Summary: Dan and Phil experiment with bondage. Warnings for d/s themes, begging kink, rough sex, bruising, blow jobs, rimming, edging.

Disney Part 2- Josh Dun

You day had started at 3 a.m. Your flight was at 6 a.m. so you had to be up and out very early. You didn’t care though because it was all to see Josh.

Once arriving in Florida you could barely contain your excitement. You looked around for Josh but you didn’t see him. It wouldn’t be to hard to spot him because of his bright yellow hair. As you approached baggage claim you saw a small crowd with four people in the center, one with bright yellow hair. His eyes met yours and he politely excused himself from the fans and practically sprinted towards you. He picked you up and spun you around. You couldn’t get the smile off your face as he held you. Once he put you down he held your face and kissed you. A small tear of joy fell from your eyes.

He put his arm around you and walked with you toward the other 3 people he was with before. You were happy to realize it was Jenna, Tyler, and Josh’s brother Jordan. You all exchanged hugs and you chatted with a few lingering fans.

After about 10 minute of just talking you gave Josh a look signalling that you really wanted to go.

With that josh wrapped up the conversation and all 5 of you left and headed back to the tour bus. Although having 5 people on one bus was cramped and not ideal, you were so happy it was with these people.

The rest of the day was just catching up with everyone and eating taco bell. You realized that Josh was a little distracted. Every Time you would look at him he would be staring at the floor or off in space.

At about 1030 at night you were extremely tired from such a long day.

“Sorry to be such a party pooper but i’m going to head off to bed. I’ll see you all tomorrow.” They all said goodnight to you as you walked towards the bunks. You thought Josh would have followed you be her didn’t. You were slightly concerned so you decided to text him.

‘Babe come to bed with me. I miss you’

Not even a minute later Josh was pulling back the curtain of the bunk and climbing in.

“I’m so happy you’re here.” He said as he pulled you into his bare chest.

“I am too.” you said yawning. “Josh can I ask you a question?”

“Of course Y/N”

“Are you okay? You seemed kind of off today.”

There was a slight pause. He was thinking of a response.

“Yeah . I’m just really happy you got to join us on the tour. I guess I was just kind of upset not knowing if or when you would be able to so I’m now in shock that you’re here.”

“Well I’m here to stay for now.” You said as you turned to face him. You closed the gap between your and Josh’s lips. You felt him smile against your lips. Before you knew it you were fast asleep in Josh’s arms. You have been waiting for this moment for so long you didn’t want it to end.

When you woke up in the morning the bus was completely silent. Josh was asleep still holding you. As you went to get up you heard a small grunt from Josh.

“No, don’t leave. Not yet.” He held you tight and wasn’t letting you go.

“Josh I have to pee, please let me go.” You said giggling lightly.

He let you go after about 3 minute of an intense make out session and a few exchanges of ‘I love yous’.

As you went to head to the kitchen part of the bus to make coffee you were pulled up into the bunk. I guess he really didn’t want to let go of you.

What felt like 5 minutes was actually an hour. You must of fallen back asleep in the bunk with Josh because you were woken up by a big “Yeah, It’s Disney day. Get the hell up Y/N and Josh.” From Tyler.  

You laughed and Josh just rolled his eyes at how childish Tyler could be at times.

Once all of you were ready it was about 9 in the morning. You all were pumped to go to Disneyworld and after a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal everyone was out the door.

Before you knew it the day was nearly over. You all waited for the fireworks to begin.You could see out of the corner of your eyes Tyler and Jordan talking to Josh about 10 feet away from where you and Jenna were standing. He looked very anxious. You were about to walk over to see what was happening when the first boom of a firework sounded. To be honest it kind of startled you. Josh and the other guys walked over and joined Jenna and you. Josh pulled you close and you both stared at the fireworks in the sky in awe.

After the firework show you all went to ride a few rides before leaving. As you walked off the last ride you noticed Tyler giving Josh a pat on the back. Josh grabbed your hand and lead you towards a more private area. The rest of the group hung a few feet back and that’s when you turned around to see Jordan with his phone recording you.

“Jordan what are you doin-” your words were unable to form as you turned around to see Josh down on one knee with a velvet box in his hand.

You put your hands over your mouth and tried hard to fight back tears.

“Y/F/N” Josh began to speak. “You truly are the love of my life. I’ve been thinking about this very moment since the day you said yes to going on a date with me. You are my one, my only, my whole heart. I want to be the one that make you smile just like you do to me. Now before I start to shed a tear or fans realize what I’m doing. Y/N Y/L/N, will you become Mrs.Dun and marry me?”

You couldn’t speak . You shook your head yes and he slipped the ring on your finger. He got up and hugged you so tight. You cried happy tears into his chest as people clapped and cheered around you.

“Oh my god, Josh I love you so much. I want to spend my life with you. I’m so happy.” He held your face and wiped away a few stray tears.

“I love you too. I can’t believe you said yes. I wanted to do this in Disney World because this is where I first told you I loved you on our third date.” You smiled remembering back to that day and at how he kept track of the dates you guys went on.

“This is really where dreams come true. I got my dream guy, dream day, and dream proposal.”


After the failure of his first escape attempt, Ted Bundy devised a new plan. Over a period of six months, he starved himself down to 145 pounds and accumulated $500 in cash smuggled in by visitors.  He also acquired a hacksaw blade from another inmate. Little by little, he sawed into his cell ceiling, untill gradually he made a one-foot-square-sized hole. Bundy made numerous practice runs through the area, outlining his escape route. At last, December 30, 1977 was selected as the day for his second try at freedom.  Slipping through the hole and crawling through the vents, Bundy broke through the ceiling and landed in the apartment of the chief jailor.  He changed into clothes from the man’s closet and walked out of the building–and a serial killer was unleashed into the outside world once more.

Through numerous modes of transportation, including several stolen cars, Bundy arrived in Tallahassee, Florida on January 8, 1978.  He rented a room under the name Chris Hagen at a boarding house near Florida State University.  His intention at the time was to live a quiet, unnoticeable existence, to not draw attention to himself in order to enjoy freedom for as long as possible.  However, he was quickly dismayed to feel the urge to kill, unsated for the three years since his last homicide, once again thrust itself to the surface, simmering now with stronger force than ever.  It built and built, itching underneath his skin and pulsing in his blood, until he finally could not take it any longer.  In the early hours of January 15, a mere week after his arrival in Florida, Bundy sneaked into Florida State University’s Chi Omega sorority house.  

At about 2:45 am, he entered the bedroom of the sleeping Margaret Bowman, whom he bludgeoned with a piece of oak firewood and strangled with a pair of pantyhose.  Police would later discover that the girl has been beaten so severely that a portion of her brain was visible.  Moving on to the bedroom of Lisa Levy, Bundy became even more savage in his attack.  As with Bowman, he beat the unconscious woman on the head and strangled her.  He then proceeded to penetrate her vagina with a hairspray bottle and ravage her corpse.  In an animalistic frenzy, he leaned over and and laid his teeth into her buttocks and nipples, nearly severing one of them in the process.  In the next bedroom, he attacked Kathy Kleiner and Karen Chandler, who suffered devastating injuries but nevertheless survived.  Karen Chandler was even strong enough to stagger down the hall to get help from Nita Neary, who had been dropped off by her boyfriend at 3:00 am, and Neary’s roommate Nancy, who ran to the phone to call 911.

His bloodlust still unsatisfied as he ran from the sorority house to evade oncoming police, Bundy broke into a basement apartment eight blocks away and attacked FSU student Cheryl Thomas, dislocating her shoulder and fracturing her jaw and skull in five places.  On her bed, police found a semen stain and a pantyhose mask.  Thomas survived, albeit with permanent deafness and equilibrium damage.

The Frogs

As some of you may know (or not) January and February are actually among the busiest times at the hospital… hence my radio silence recently.  But… that means I’ve been storing up lots of good stories!

First off is the story of the frogs.  This trio came to the hospital all the way from Florida.  They are 18 years old and had all had some serious injuries to their fur.  The plan was to fully recover the little ones, and recover the hands and eyelids on Herman.  They each came with a nametag attached.  First was Herman:

Here is Herman on arrival:

You can see his burnt hands, and the tops of his eyelids (I recovered the hole back).  First we agreed on a fabric for his hands:

Then it was on to his eyelids.  It’s amazing how many shades of green are out there!  All three frogs were different shades, and while the little ones were getting fully recovered, Herman needed a close match for his eyelids.  I finally found it in a donor from Missouri.  Here’s Herman all better:

And here’s a nice view of his new eyelids:

Next up was the littlest frog, Squirt.  Here’s his note:

And here he is on arrival:

p.s. that is not one of the Florida frogs in the background… it’s another donor. Here’s Squirt all better:

Last but not least was Freddie, the middle frog.  Here’s his note:

As noted, he was very faded!  He was supposed to be dark green with a white belly:

It literally took weeks, and lots of trips to various stores and over the web but… I finally found a good fabric!  I was so excited, I took the photo in my car when I left the store to send to the frogs’ family:

And then, Freddie was better too:

And the trio was ready to fly home:

Their people wrote:

The 3 frog just arrived home.  Thanks for packing them so well.   They said you took really good care of them.  Thanks again.

Now usually this would be the end of their story, but… a week later a big box arrived from Florida (not quite as big as the frogs’ box).  It was a box of fancy chocolate covered strawberries, with an additional thank you note from the frogs family!  Just another reason to smile that day. :-)

Israeli rescue workers head for Florida - 8 September 2017

On Thursday at 9:30 a.m. the directorship of the Israel Rescue Coalition (IRC) met in order to make plans for deployment to Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Members of Israel’s Search and Rescue Units, as well as medical and psychological first aid responder from United Hatzalah (UH), discussed plans for deployment and it was decided that the team will be deployed in Miami on Sunday morning.
“Our teams have already begun assembling data and connecting with local teams on the ground in Florida as well as the Israeli consulate and getting regular updates and assessments from the ground,” said Dov Maisel, Director of International Operations for the IRC as well as Vice President of UH. “We spent the day gearing up so that we can make a quick departure on Saturday night in order to arrive in Florida on Sunday morning, hopefully before the full bunt of the storm hits.”
The team will consist of eight members leaving from Israel who will be joined in Florida by four people from the U.S. who will be running logistics and organizing community response. The IRC and UH invite people from the community to get in touch with the teams should they feel they need assistance by contacting the U.S. based team members at
Among the team members making preparations to depart are a team search and rescue veterans who are trained for rescues on land and by sea, diving teams, veteran EMS and natural disaster personnel, as well as a group of Psychotrauma and Crisis Response unit members following the success of this unit’s deployment in Texas last week.
“We’re trying to get out in front of this as much as possible. With resources and volunteers already heavily engaged in Texas, if Irma strikes hard in Florida, people on the ground there will need as much help as they can get, and we are not hesitating to deploy and assist in any way we can,” said Maisel.
This is the IRC’s fourth international mission in three years having had members dispatched to Nepal following the 2015 earthquake, to Haiti in 2016 following Hurricane Matthew, and most recently in Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Chapter Sixty-Five: Party in the USA

Disclaimer: see Prologue

A/N: Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! In other news, there are  parts of Harry’s speech from the Orlando Invictus Games here, just so you know. As always,

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Season 4 Drabble #1: FOUR

Hey loves! So, this idea hit me at work (where all ideas seem to hit me these days). With some inspiration from our recent conversations and my excitement and curiosity about season 4, I came up with this drabble. It’s very short, but I’m just using it as one of my predictions for season 4. These do not take me long to write. Don’t be surprised if you see random drabbles from me until season 4 begins. I have a few predictions and this is my little way of sharing them. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a major prediction, but I would love to see Dersha adapt to their new life in Miami.  Enjoy!

Miami wasn’t home just yet. The Romans had officially arrived in Miami, Florida a week after their honeymoon. For the moment, they were staying in a condo near the American Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat. It would be their home until their next dwelling was built. The move was a big decision but it was good for them. They both were in need of a change, especially now that they were married. Being in Miami, meant being far away from Jelena’s scheming. Derek knew this was for the best because he was already close to handling Jelena himself if she even thought about coming at his wife again. Now that he and Ahsha were a family, Derek felt like he needed to do his job as a protector.

The newlyweds weren’t completely settled into their new lives, but things were coming together. “Baby? Where you hiding,” Derek called out, as the elevator opened into the Miami condo. He had just finished doing interviews for ESPN at the arena. Derek rubbed his hands together when he saw his wife coming down the hall. “New outfit,” he frowned, taking in the white romper that had a deep dip in the back.

“Figured I’d do a little shopping to spruce up my wardrobe. You like,” Ahsha twirled around, giving her husband a show.

“Of course, I like it. But, what’s wrong with your old clothes,” he asked, coming off as the stereotypical man who knew nothing about fashion, nor did he care much.

“I don’t know…I wanted something a little more…grown up. I’m a married woman now,” she added, wrapping her arms around her husband’s neck.

“I don’t know what that has to do with clothes but okay,” Derek chuckled. “Have a good day?”

“Mmmhhhmm,” she hummed, pecking Derek on the lips. “Got some boxes unpacked and stuff put away.”

“You don’t need to be doing all of that, babe,” Derek groaned, causing Ahsha to playfully roll her eyes.

“I may be married to a baller but I’m still a regular girl, Derek. Moving a few boxes won’t kill me. No big deal.”

She was still the same Ahsha and Derek could appreciate that. Money and fame didn’t change her one bit. Knowing he wouldn’t win this fight, Derek shrugged it off. “Chad wants us to meet him at 7, so we can take a look around the property,” he said, changing the subject. “Just in case you wanted to change out of this sexy ass outfit.”

Wrapping his arms around Ahsha’s waist, he attacked her cheek and neck with kisses causing her to shriek with laughter.


A couple of hours later, the lovebirds met up with their builder to view property and begin a blueprint for the home. This all still felt like a dream to them. Marriage, building their first home together, Miami living…it was all new.  But they got to experience it together, which made it even more special. They pulled up to an empty lot that looked out at the beach. Imagining their home in the empty spot, had them excited and it was written all over their faces when they met Chad on the walkway.

“Mr. and Mrs. Roman,” Chad smiled holding out his hand. “Nice to actually see you all in person.” After their introductions, Chad took the young couple on a tour of the property. “We can put a gate right here and all around your property line. This neighborhood is already fenced in and protected by security and security cameras. But many people still use the gate entrance and exit service,” the builder explained.

“We’d like a gate just to be safe. Can’t be putting my family at risk,” Derek replied, grabbing Ahsha’s hand as they walked down the hill.

“Yeah, you never know with people these days. Plus, with the media, we want our privacy,” Ahsha added. She could picture the paparazzi hiding out in front of their home if there wasn’t a gate protecting them.

“Understandable. A lot of your neighbors have gated property. Especially when they have families. You two know what style of home you want?”

“I love the modern look. Big windows, open space…but has a family feel it too,” Ahsha explained, turning her head towards her husband. He only smiled and nodded. He had already had his dream home and wanted Ahsha to have her chance.

“I’m leaving that up to you,” he grinned holding his hands up in surrender.

“Ha! You’re learning the ropes already. Happy wife, happy life,” Chad joked, slapping Derek’s shoulder. “Modern is good. I have some examples back in my office. How many rooms?”

The couple glanced at each other, then back at Chad. “We plan on having a big family, so we’ll need enough rooms for them,” Derek expressed, rubbing Ahsha’s flat stomach. “About 7 rooms.”

“Whoa! Me pushing out 7 kids? Not if they have your head,” came his wife’s reply.

“Uh oh, Mr. Roman. Watch out. Well, let’s go back to my office to start a blue print,” Chad suggested, Derek and Ahsha following him down the sidewalk. Walking hand in hand, Derek and Ahsha couldn’t help but smile. Those smiles had been stuck on their faces since the wedding.


Being officially introduced to the Heat family was the next thing on their agenda. Derek had already met his teammates and Ahsha had met her new teammates a few days after. The fans and media had not officially met their two new Heat family members. Press lined up outside the arena to get the first pictures of The Romans. “Mr. Roman, over here,” a cameraman shouted while snapping shots of the beautiful pair.

“Ahsha, you look beautiful. How is Miami treating you,” another guy shouted at the dancer.

“Thank you, I’m loving it,” she answered sweetly, as Derek put a protective hand on her lower back. Security were on all sides of them, protecting the couple from overly excited fans and pushy media.

“Derek, any hard feelings towards the Devils? How do you think they’ll do this year under Jelena Howard?”

The baller paused when they reached the entrance. “The Heat will have a good year and I’m excited to join such a professional and well-respected organization. Can’t wait to get started.”

“Was that a dig at your previous organization,” a reported questioned, holding out her recorder.

“Not at all. I’m just focused on the present. The Devils will always have a place in my heart, but Miami is home now,” Derek added. “Thanks for the warm welcome.”

Reporters were still shouting questions at Derek and Ahsha when they entered the arena. “Wow, didn’t think this many people would show up,” she said when they were clear of the crowd.

“This town has been on ten since the news broke about the trade,” one of the security guards said. “Having Derek Roman here is like the next coming of LeBron. People can’t stop talking about it.”

They arrived in the press conference room a few minutes later. The team owner and other staff greeted them and took them up on the stage set up in the media room.  “So good to have you both here today.  It’s a pleasure to have you in our family now,” Micky Arison, the owner, spoke.

“Thank you for having us,” Derek replied.

“We’re excited to be here, thank you,” Ahsha replied, shaking Mr. Arison’s hand.

“That’s good to hear,” he stated in response. “This press conference is pretty much your introduction to the community. No funny business. The fans want to get to know you two.”

Journalists and other media members had already filed into the room by the time Derek and Ahsha took their seats at the table. Derek reached over and grabbed Ahsha’s hand. “You ready, Mrs. Roman?”

Gazing at the flashing cameras and eager press, Ahsha turned back to Derek with a smile, “Now I am.” This was her new life. Sure, it was a lot to get used to but with Derek by her side, things would be okay.

Though Ahsha and Derek were the new King and Queen of the Miami world, Los Angeles would be calling them back soon.

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