Top Shot: The Arrival

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A fishermen’s boat is going back home in Reine, Lofoten Islands (Norway), under a fierce winter storm. Photograph by Maurizio De Rosa

Arriving ||Open

Jack went to the boot of his car and stopped as he looked around at all the people that were on campus. He pushed the thought aside and closed his eyes ,letting out a small sigh as he grabbed his navy blue book bag and his two suitcase’s that had the same matching colors as his school bag. Jack throws his book bag on his bag and started carrying his stuff to his dorm room.When Jack arrived at his dorm after walking across the almost cheerful looking campus and into one of the buildings and down the the long white hallway to the door. Jack fumbled with key’s in his pocket nervously as he took them out and unlocked it hoping there wasn’t someone in there.He unlocked click the door unlocked and he pushed it open he stepped in and sat his book bag and suitcase’s down as he looked around the room it had two beds and two desks on each side of the room and a small window that was in between the beds. 

Jack assumed that there was no one else sharing the room with him since the whole room seemed to be bland.No blankets,no pillows,no posters of celebrities or photos of someones family and friends just white blank walls staring back at Jack.Jack started unpacking and laying out his black and blue comforters on the bed on the right side of the room along with two black and blue striped pillows to complete the bed. He sat down after that and stared out the window before he began unpacking his clothes and putting them under his bed folded properly so he could easily get to them.Jack finished with that and soon was taking out the one spider man poster he brought and hung it above his bed.Jack looked at the only things left in his suitcase: his hair brush,hair products,body wash,conditioner,shampoo ,tooth brush ,tooth paste and razor to shave his facial hair with.

Those he would obviously keep tucked away for when he showered but the two photo’s-both of him and his long time friend Dean he would take out. He grabbed both of the framed photo’s and placed them on the desk by his bed. He flashed a smile at the photographs before sliding his suitcase by the closet in his room.He took one final look at the room before he stepped out thinking it would be a good idea to explore the campus. Jack made his way down the hallway once again this time almost running into some guy and girl making out ,he apologized and made his way out of the building.

Jack bites his lip and makes his way across the campus,his eyes wide with excitement and nervousness as he looked around at the beautiful campus,stopping right in front of one of the tree’s on the campus and looked around at all the people ,his gaze now more nervous then excited.