This poor young fox was brought into the centre recently by the RSPCA. He had an advanced case of mange and was covered in scabs.

Luckily, mange is a treatable condition if caught early enough, and we have high hopes that, with time and medication, he will make a full recovery!

[22072017 Sanjoy IG Live] Parts related to Youngjae & GOT7
  • Sanjoy: Yes, Victim of Love after Zindagi 
  • Sanjoy said one of his team,Britney will help with his collaboration track with Youngjae ‘Victim of Love’

  • Sanjoy said he will meet Youngjae after this & he said hopefully he will do something with YJ again
  • Sanjoy said Youngjae has amazing hair than him 
  • Sanjoy is grateful for the fans for connecting him with Youngjae & being able to work together with him. 
  • ‘If he hadn’t taken the leap to come to New York & work together this wouldn’t be possible’ Sanjoy on working with Youngjae

Q: When will Victim of Love release? 

 SJ:will release next month if me& my boy can finish vocals on time

Q: Are u still working with Youngjae today? 

 S: I think so.Yes.. He still sleeping. He loves to sleep kekeke

Q: Do you know the JJProject? 

 SJ: Yes, we just talked about it yesterday

Q: Favorite GOT7 songs? 

 SJ: Just Right & Never Ever  

Q: Will there be Victim of Love MV? 

 SJ: I’ll try very hard coz GOT7 boys are very busy but I promise for the song

I’m really glad that our Youngjae can catch up some sleep while working with Sanjoy since GOT7 had been working non-stop. I can’t wait for Victim of Love and I’m really grateful for Sanjoy too for wanted to work with Youngjae. In the meantime, please show love to Sanjoy new release, Zindagi. It’s available on Spotify & Apple Music.

The 7 minute teaser Louis did for Back To You feels like a back story now, it did a really good job of setting up an entire story line to the music video instead of being more like a sneak peek, especially when the footage from the teaser wasn’t used in the music video at all, it was its own separate thing instead of just a clip from Back To You