arrives 100 years late with starbucks

how punctual are the signs?
  • aries: feels weirdly anxious when early. fifteen minutes late.
  • taurus: five minutes early
  • gemini: fluctuates between ten minutes early to ten minutes late.
  • cancer: three minutes early. thinks you ditched them.
  • leo: fashionably late
  • virgo: always on time
  • libra: showed up early but pretends they just got there
  • scorpio: is secretly glad that you're running late because they're also running late. doesn't tell you and gives you a hard time, anyway
  • sagittarius: arrives 100 years late with starbucks
  • capricorn: got there five hours early
  • aquarius: twenty mintues late. REALLY apologetic. like too apologetic.
  • pisces: never shows