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Drug Wars (Pt. 3)

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

‘…you always look like a little angel when you’re beneath me’

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs, graphic descriptions of everything,so please don’t read if you’re easily triggered and please don’t do drugs.

A/N: None of these pictures are mine, credits to the owners. There are mistakes, I’ll reread it later. I’m anxious as fuck, so please, please tell me how you feel about this part and feel free to ask questions. Enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 | The Real Drug War

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Wait what happened in Taiwan? :O

referencing to this post I made

as bangtan were arriving in taiwan today many events took place at that the airport which bighit made a statement about 

fans swarmed bangtan when they arrived giving them no space to walk or basically breathe. these fans were pushing them so much to the point that jimin actually fell over, along with yoongi and jin who also got pushed and almost fell along with incredibly loud screaming/yelling

there are a few fancams but here is one

and here is a trans post regarding jimin falling over and having to be picked up by security to avoid being hurt 

not long after all this, bighit released this statement about the events that took place and informed us of even more actions these ‘fans’ had done towards bangtan and the disrespect of their privacy and personal space


squishy | fluff


Jimin wants to pretend like he doesn’t hear his hyung mumbling behind him. And maybe pretend like he doesn’t like it. He really, really does. But it proves to be difficult when he’s so relentless.


Honestly, since they all got back from vacation, all Hoseok had done was point out that Jimin had gained a bit more weight and god, it flustered him. Especially when the older boy purposely lifted Jimin’s sweater just to bend down and blow raspberries on his stomach, making him whine loudly and practically knee him in the face. Luckily Seokjin called out to them that they were heading out to get to the airport at that exact moment, just seconds before Hoseok ended up with a potential black eye or broken nose.

The ride to the airport doesn’t stop Hoseok either… Jimin settles in the middle row of the back of the van, next to Taehyung, and Jungkook is about to occupy the other side when Hoseok comes bounding up and shoves (as politely as he can) the maknae into the very back seat next to Yoongi. At first Jimin thinks it’s okay, until about halfway to their destination, where Hoseok decided it was a fantastic idea to start pinching at Jimin’s sides and fucking christ– It’s like this for the remainder of the ride because no one else wants to put up with telling the two of them to stop fooling around and dealing with Hoseok’s pouty behavior because he didn’t get his way.

When they arrive at Incheon, the teasing stops for a little bit at least, the boys having decided to eat something before boarding their flight, and Jimin can sit in peace while he munches on a small snack. Airport food was never the greatest, but hell, these mozzarella burgers were pretty damn good and watching Seokjin hyung eat them was hilarious. This hyung and his fixation with cheese…

Flash forward forty minutes later, all of them seated comfortably on the plane and Jimin was so ready to take a nap because they’d woken up entirely too early that morning, especially since they had just returned from their trips back home the previous day. Busan wasn’t exactly close to Seoul and traveling always exhausted him. As he leaned back in his seat, Hoseok slid in next to him and gave him this look… A very sparkly eyed puppy look, like he was asking if it was okay to sit here and wait– wasn’t Tae supposed to be seated next to Jimin? So much for that. Hoseok probably begged him to switch. Not that Jimin really minded, but now there would probably be a very slim chance that he’d actually be able to get any proper sleep on the flight.

And he was so right. The majority of the flight is spent being poked and tickled and Hoseok cooing over how squishy Jimin’s tummy is again. But as red as Jimin’s cheeks become, he can’t tell his hyung to stop or push him away. He just can’t…

Once they arrive in Taiwan, the teasing only grows more intense. Despite being surrounding by a billion people and the 400 fans that came to greet them, Hoseok doesn’t let up. He tries to keep as close to Jimin the entire trip through the airport, although he does end up getting separated from him temporarily. At the end, he catches up and grabs onto Jimin’s shoulder, beaming like the fucking sunshine he is.

“Jiminnie~ I can’t stop touching you. Why would you do this to hyung, huh?”

And damn it, Jimin can’t take this anymore. A wide grins takes over his features and he tries his best to hide it, lifting his small hand to cover his face, but it’s no use because despite being embarrassed as hell, Jimin loves this. He loves being tickled and poked and teased, he loves the attention, and he loves his hyung.

His cheeks hurt from giggling, but as Hoseok drops his hand from Jimin’s shoulder, and loops his arm tightly around the younger’s petite waist, nudging his nose into Jimin’s faded orange locks, he only laughs more, letting out a small squeak while tears prick at the corners of his eyes.

“My Jiminnie’s so squishy~”

If this is what Hoseok loved… then Jimin would be his little squishy. Getting fatter was definitely in his plans for this year.

- admin ji
(excuse me while i sob over jihope and jimin actually saying he plans to get chubbier this year and not have any more abs. precious baby.)


2017/07/16 Blog post by Keiko 『台湾Day2』

Taiwan Day 2

Hello! This is Keiko!

Today is our third day in Taiwan and the weather is even better than it was yesterday, perfect for our final performance in Taiwan. ♪
It’s a real shame…ever since we have arrived in Taiwan we haven’t been able to walk through the streets, explore the area or take any pictures. Every day has been hectic; we have been going from the airport → hotel → live venue etc (/。\)

I will be able to take many pictures tomorrow (‘ω `)
Last night’s first show in Taiwan felt like coming home because everyone greeted us warmly with “Welcome back!”. We created many passionate moments together with our Taiwanese fans and everyone who came from Japan. Today I want to once more sing with all my heart, conveying all my feelings of gratitude to the Taiwanese audience. ♪

PS … All the gifts and letters we received from everyone in Taiwan, we treasure them a lot ♪

Setlist for Day 2 of 『Kalafina “9+ONE” in Taiwan』 07/16

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Cheering him up

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Cheering him up

Bucky Barnes x reader

Prompt: “Could you do a Bucky X Reader in which he’s feeling down and the reader comforts him? Eventually it just ends up with them accidentally falling asleep with each other and Steve finds them all cuddled up.”

Notes: this is my first Bucky x reader fanfic so it my be a bit rough around the edges if you know what I mean. 

Warnings: one (kinda) swear?

You just arrived back from a single mission in Afghanistan to find the avengers headquarters empty. Most of the avengers (Steve, Tony, Natasha, Sam, Vision, Wanda) were all in Taiwan for a Gruesome battle against a terrorist organization. Your latest mission was to track down that terrorist organization and find out where they would be going next, which is Taiwan (obviously).

You sighed and exited the jet into the empty dim locker room. Quickly you took off your uniform and washed off the dirt and dried red blood from your clothing and skin. After your shower you changed into your favorite pair of yoga pants and an old tank top. You pulled on a hoodie and left the room and into the lounge area.

You heard a large thunder clap and your head snapped toward the window. It was now raining several hard on the window and a bright light of lightning lit up the film sky.

“Thank god the storm started now,” you absolutely hated flying the quinjet in a thunderstorm ever since you crashed one after a strike hit you. You were about to flop yourself on the couch when you heard something crash in the hallway. You ran to the bar and grabbed the gun that was underneath the granite countertop.

It’s probably just the wind blowing something over you thought to yourself as
you started to walk down the hall quietly. You felt a light breeze coming from a room across from Steve’s room and decided that’s where the noise came from. Breathing in quietly you approached the room, you lodged your gun and barged into the room with your gun raised.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry Bucky, I didn’t think you were here,” you dropped the gun in your hand and walked over to Bucky who was looking through a book.

“It’s fine (y/n), it has happened a few times here,” Bucky said as he looked up from his book. You looked into Bucky’s eye they seemed red like they have been crying.

“Have you been crying,” you said kindly as you took a seat next to him on the couch.

“No I just uh watched a sad movie that’s all,” you rolled your eyes as you looked at the tv remote which is in the same place as it always was.

“You can trust me Buck. You don’t need to lie to me.”

“Ok maybe i’ve been crying but it’s just because I’m just feeling down at the moment,” he said as he put his book down of the table beside him.

“Can I cheer you up in anyway,” you said with a smile.


Your smile turned into a frown and you turned on the tv near his bed again, “well I am going to cheer you up somehow,” Bucky sighed as you got up and sat on his bed. He turned around to see what you were doing.

“What the hell are you doing (y/n)?”

“Buying the entire Star Wars movie collection so we can watch them together,” you pronounced with a smirk.

“What the heck is Star Wars,”you groaned and put your head in your hands.  

“I don’t know, maybe just the best movie trilogy ever!,” you got up from the bed and grabbed Bucky’s hand pulled him onto the bed so that he could see the movie screen.

“Whatever, at least I get to stop reading that book. Steve said I should read it and it sucks,” you laughed and the both of you leaned against the headboard of his bed.

The two of you stayed up late watching the movie trilogy. Most of the night was very quiet but there was the occasional gasp and laugh from Bucky but nothing compared to when he found out who Luke’s father was. He almost fell out of his seat next to you.

It was around 1:30 in the morning when Bucky and you fell asleep on his bed. You rested his head on his shoulder while Bucky slept with his arms around you and his head up. Your goal was fulfilled you have cheered Bucky up.


It was the early morning, you and Bucky were still fast asleep but the rest of the Avengers had just arrived back from Taiwan.

Steve walked back to his room quietly still wearing his now dirty uniform. He stood still in his doorway once he heard the Star Wars theme music coming from Buckys room.

He peaked inside the room, wondering why Bucky would be watching Star Wars and found you and Bucky were still asleep. Steve blushed as he saw the both of you together and went back into his room smirking.

“Damn buck you have always been the lady’s man.”


06.012.16 | june 12th, 2016

my last day here in europe (actually june 8th) and i wanted to stop by this muji store that was literally a minute walk from our hotel in milan ; we don’t have muji stores in arizona, so this is my first time and oH MY GOODNESS IT WAS LITERAL STATIONERY GALORE // bought pens only because i had to restrain myself, but i might buy notebooks when i arrive in china & taiwan ; might make a post featuring the pens more closely (still up in the air)

Blog #4

Before arriving to Taiwan, the committee would always cook at our meetings, so I had high expectations of the food and I am not disappointed. The food here is fresh and delicious. I have always loved trying new foods, but Taiwan has truly challenged my taste buds. I would never consider myself a picky eater, but I am very straight forward with what i dislike; nuts, coconut, tofu, watermelon, tomatoes, and candy. However Taiwan has unfortunately lengthen my list; intestines (not that bad fried), soy bean pudding, and red bean ice cream. I love my host family for never condemning me for not liking something, but i still feel bad. Eating different foods is an amazing way to connect with a person and their culture. Thankfully my counterpart is excited to try more American restaurants and I can’t wait to take him.