arrive a guest

Little Things

1. Barry zipping up Iris’s dress: those two totally fooled around before their guests arrived.


3. The housewarming party was also her idea. Did she have one with Eddie? The petty in me thinks not and that she’s just that much happier to be with Barry.

4. HR of all people being the one toasting to them and promising he’s never met any couple more perfect for each other. If he’s known them for the least amount of time out of all the characters and he’s managed to reach that conclusion from his observations alone, then that’s telling of just how much Barry and Iris belong together.

5. Barry’s insistence that Iris isn’t going to die is borderline anger which I love because it shows the extent he is going to go to protect her along with his fury that Savitar could kill Iris’s spirit like that and scare her. Like Barry is so enraged at Savitar that he’s practically yelling and his rage is even overshadowing his comfort of Iris. That’s how determined he is to save her and probably destroy Savitar for just causing Iris even a shred of distress. But despite his fuming, he still keeps a hand on Iris and lovingly caresses her arms to reassure her.


Evening.  The Tonks household.  Andromeda and Ted are getting ready for a dinner party.  Their daughter is sneaking in after a day out.


Tonks: (calling down) Oh I’m fine, Mum.  I’m fine!

Andromeda: The guests will be arriving in about 10 minutes!

She pulls on some ‘proper’ clothes and tears off as much jewellery as she can see.

Tonks:  Ok, uh… I guess.

Her mother enters.

Andromeda: Masterpieces are not made by ‘free styling’ sweetheart. Try not to be too long, ok?

She goes to leave.

Andromeda: Next time you want to sneak in 10 minutes before our guests arrive…

so I have this headcanon about Sirius and Remus moving in with eachother as soon as they get out of Hogwarts and I think some things would look like this:

  • -they invite lily and james and peter to dinner to celebrate moving in to their new apartment, but when the guests arrive the couple is in the middle of an argument, remus wants to paint their room blue and sirius red
  • after a talk with lily they finally agree on purple, because it’s made from blue and red and they think it’s kind of romantic
  • peter is always there to hang out because he doesn’t know what else to do with his time
  • they give him a key, so he can just come whenever he wants to
  • when he’s feeling lonely or sad he visits them and they marathon movies together (peter is like the biggest movie freak)
  • one time peter walks in on sirius and remus, just taking their clothes off
  • peter gives them his keys back
  • also he now calls when he wants to come over
  • remus cooks because you shouldn’t let sirius near a kitchen, he can’t even make a sandwich for himself
  • when remus is busy reading or watching telly sirius always whispers dirty stuff into his ear
  • remus acts annoyed but secretly likes it
  • sirius knows that
  • they practically did it everywher: in their bedroom, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the balcony…
  • they once got a call from their neighbours because they were too loud
  • sirius sometimes throws parties without remus knowing 
  • so on friday when he comes home there are suddenly random wizards remus vaguely knows apparating to their doorstep 
  • remus gets angry but still gets drunk and flirts with everyone he sees
  • sirius gets jealous and ends the party a bit sooner than planned to get remus to bed
  • james and lily visit them every wednesday for couples night
  • they eat dinner and play everyone’s favourite muggle boardgames
  • lily picks monopoly, remus wants to play cluedo, james chooses jenga and sirius takes scrabble
  • monopoly ends with james throwing his money into their air singing ‘I’m a rich bitch’
  • cluedo ends with sirius suspecting the wrong person and not wanting to accept that the other one was really the murderer
  • jenga results in sirius and james throwing the pieces of wood at eachother
  • and at scrabble lily only lays down only dirty words and remus only writing complicated words noone understands
  • boardgame nights usually end with both couples being in a minor fight and remus and sirius having sex as soon as lily and james are gone

First still of Cillian as Tom in Sally Potter’s new film “The Party”, premiering at the Berlin Film Festival on Feb 13th with screenings Feb 14th. He filmed it over 2 weeks in London last summer with a fantastic cast including Kristin Scott Thomas, Timothy Spall, Patricia Clarkson and Emily Mortimer, and the story unfolds in real time. The plot:

Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) has just been appointed minister in the shadow cabinet – the crowning achievement of her political career. She and her husband Bill (Timothy Spall) plan to celebrate this with a few close friends. The guests arrive at their home in London but the party takes an unexpected turn for the worse when Bill suddenly makes two explosive revelations that shock Janet and everyone present to the core. Love, friendships, political convictions and a whole way of life are now called into question. Underneath their cultivated liberal left-wing surface people are seething. Their dispute leads to the big guns being brought out – even in a literal sense.

A teaser with blurry Cillian in background -

  • Child Romano: Italy! Why are you always cleaning, doesn't that bore ya?
  • Child Italy: well, it does, but Mr Austria asked me to do so, so I must comply~
  • Child Romano: fuck that, you must rebel! Do that sign that I taught you yesterday, the sign of freedom and voice!
  • Child Italy: oh, okay, big brother~
  • Austria: Italy, I told you to clean this before the guests arrive-
  • Child Italy: Mr Austria! *sticks up two middle fingers*
  • Austria: *eyes twitching*
  • Spain, in the distance: ROMANOOOOO!!

I had a wild night on the sims yesterday (the way all stories should start, tbh). My poor sim was heavily pregnant and her husband decided now would be the BEST time to throw a house party. He invited some people, my sim went into labour but continued going around and greeting friends and tried baking a cake. She got angry at the cake because of labour pain, so abandoned the baking of said cake. There was half-finished food all over the place, and she’s a neat-freak so she got pretty upset on top of all that. She finally gave birth halfway through the party, which would have been a nice and memorable moment if one of the party sims hadn’t decided to use that precise moment to die of old age. She died dramatically, her urn now decorating my pretty kitchen floor, the grim reaper arrived, all of the guests are crying and the baby is in the other room screaming. The grim reaper was in good spirits (ha!) and helped my sims take care of their newborn baby after all the guests had left. Husband sim even managed to secure the grim reapers vote in the next election (he’s a politician), the reaper became friends with family and used our computer to write flirtatious texts to random people on the Sims internet. On the other hand, our apartment was already haunted by a ghost, but now we have a second ghost (dead party sim) spooking around the place.

On July 16th 2011, 17 year old Tyler Hadley bludgeoned both of his parents to death with a claw hammer at their family home, hid their bodies inside a locked bedroom and then spent numerous hours cleaning up the blood before throwing a party.

Around 60 guests arrived that night after Hadley advertised the party on his Facebook page. Within his online invitation, he wrote about how his parents would not be home to stop it from happening. Friends later described that Tyler had seemed very happy and hospitable throughout the evening, but his facade was ruined when he took a friend aside and told him about his killings that same day. He even went as far as to show the guest the traces of blood left behind in the garage, apparently almost boasting about it. That same friend contacted the police shortly afterwards, and Hadley was subsequently arrested the following morning. The mutilated bodies of Blake and Mary Jo Hadley were discovered slumped exactly where Tyler said he had left them.

Initially, Tyler claimed that he had heard voices in his head and also that his father had frequently been violent towards him. However, despite the discovery of anti-depressants in Hadley’s possession, this was soon refuted after further testimony and evidence contradicted these statements. Hadley’s brother, Ryan, spoke of how their parents were “awesome” people and also labelled Tyler a “pathological liar.” Regardless of Tyler Hadley’s disputed psychological state, he was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole in March 2014.



A well-kept road full of wealthy homes, green, sweeping lots, old wealth. ABBY’S car pulls into the circular drive of a large modern home, set back against a cloak of trees - the residence of HARGE’S boss, CY HARRISON. There’s clearly a party going on: music, laughter, well-dressed GUESTS arriving, valets opening doors, taking keys, etc. ABBY shuts off the engine and turns to CAROL, who begins rummaging through her purse in sudden agitation.

Carol (2015)
Captain Canary: Imagine #43 “Were We in Love?”

Imagine:  The Legends Team have been able to apprehend Leonard from the Legion of Doom.  However, portions of his memory have been wiped clean, leaving him as a much colder individual.  

Gideon’s been able to scan his vital and neurological scans, finding one memory safely tucked away…it was the first time he met Sara.  

As a precaution, Sara has been ordered to stay away from Leonard until they can proceed with their next plan. However, Sara’s never been one to follow orders…and can’t seem to stay away.


Leonard’s eyes drifted open, seeing a blurry blonde figure in the distance.

“I know you,” he stated, with a groggy tone.

“And, I know you,” Sara replied, still keeping a proper distance from the newly arrived guest. 

“You’re the woman that’s been haunting me,” Leonard responded, taking a deep breath in order to focus on the blonde.

“How so?”

“I don’t remember much of…anything really belong the Legion…but you seem to bleed through all the blank spaces,” Leonard explained, seeing her smiling back at him.  “Were we…”

“What?” Sara inquired, standing closer to him.

“Were we in love?” he whispered, hating the vulnerability in his tone.  “Because, I feel like we were…”

Sara took a deep breath before she uttered her next words…

Words that could change everything…

“We were,” she answered, placing her hand on his.  “And, I still am.”


“Our beautiful bachelorette has a selection of gorgeous men to choose from this series. Our most wealthy bunch to date. That’s right folks, we’re matching money with money, because money speaks! 

“They’re all inside preparing for the arrival of our most honoured guest. But without further ado, let me introduce them to you now.

“First off we have Xander Kyle, a man with a past blighted by his love of vegetables, looking for a girl who will accept him in spite of his diet. He’s here for love, and maybe he’ll find it, who knows? (@finallygettingthere )

“Jazz legacy Jesse Edelstein is here looking for a fairytale romance. His jazz duo parents spent his youth roaming the country, and he’s more into spending the evening on the sofa with a good book. He wants to live the quiet life, but will he find it with our Elizabeth? (@thesimsnoob )

Cohen Esposito, the child sensation with the rock star past. A man after my own heart, really. Has he really cleaned up his act enough to finally settle down? And will his dark past appeal to clean cut Elizabeth?(@thesimsofnoalyn)

“Contestant number four is Colten Lancaster, his past history is too tragic to say here. He wasn’t expecting to be the heir of a large fortune and as such isn’t quite as adept in social circles as one might hope. But will he find support in Elizabeth? (@tenka-sims)

“Next up it’s computer-wizz and entreprenuer extrodinaire Elliot Westbrook. This guy was barely a teenager when he earned his first million. But it’s time to put that virtual loving out the window, kid. and get in touch with a real lady. (@theplumboblife)

“Jordan Burkett has a similiar upbringing to our Bachelorette. Wealthy family, everything handed to him on a plate, but maybe it’s time for him to finally follow his own path, rather than the one his parents have been paving out for him since birth. (@georgiapancakes)

“And we are half way through, this is a big bunch of guys we’ve assembled here this season. Back to the contestants, ever heard of Trimble Wineries? This next guy certainly has, it’s Nicholas Trimble, and let’s hope Elizabeth is a fan of the old nectar as well. (@novasimmer)

Ethan Rochester. What can I say about Ethan? He’s old money, that’s for sure. But there’s new money about him as well. He’s had a successful company for a few years now, those Voidcritters haven’t always been around if you know what I’m saying. (@plumbies)

“Wild child city-boy Austin Wu has become a little lost recently. Well, that’s for sure, he’s not in San Myshuno any more! He’s hoping Elizabeth will help him find his way and together they will discover his path in life. (@simgaia)

“This bunch sure is into their tech! John Reed ladies and gentleman. The quiet, unassuming guy that brought us mobile version of Don’t Wake the Llama, much more portable! And, well that’s just one of many things. Look through your phone, you might see his name a few times. (@108sims)

“Ash Malle ever heard of the name? Nope, well me either. But I heard he’s about to make it big, like real big, in the world of music. He’s been working his way up for years. He’s had to take a pause though becuase mumma’s about to stop the cheques if this guy doesn’t get hitched soon! (@zauglom)

And last, but by no means least we have Ruben Harvey, the last of his name. Oh sorry, am I not allowed to audition for Game of Groans here? Nevermind. It’s true though, the family behind the ‘Orange’ product range have decesed leaving Mr Harvey here the sole heir, let’s see if we can make his life a little less lonely. (@itssimplesimblr)

“But the big question still remains. Which one of these eligible bachelors will our bachelorette choose? I’m afraid only Elizabeth Homily can answer that question.”

tygermama  asked:

My grandpa was a grade A goofball. My mom told me one year when she was little, they planned a surprise party for his birthday & to keep the surprise, they didn't mention his b-day to him at all. Naturally he decided this meant that NO ONE REMEMBERED. He went to town, bought himself a deck of cards AS A PRESENT, then he went the Elks' Club, got STINKIN' DRUNK, came home & passed out. Then all the guests arrived & my auntie had to wake him up. He spent the whole party showing people his cards.

THIS IS EXCELLENT.  But did he get anyone to play cards with him so he could win money and/or favors?

My family never did surprise parties because ADHD/Autism spec/reflexively punching when startled runs in both sides like the mighty Colorado River, and meltdown fistfights really don’t belong at birthday parties.


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Records spinning, heart pins on, first special guests arriving last night and a quick team pic 📸 - happy weekends all, love #TeamTrekstock

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Last night we showcased some new short films, hosted by our brilliant Trustees at the awesome Gibson space. Thanks @BowerJamie for swinging by and hearing from inspiring guys including Toby. (something festively cool with Jamie will be coming #Trekstocking’s way…) 🖐🏻
We look forward to sharing them with you soon… 📽

Jay-Z, performing at an MTV-filmed party celebrating the success of his fifth studio album The Dynasty: Roc La Familia in November 2000.

Hov held the party to celebrate the album’s #1 debut on the Billboard 200, with around 560,000 copies sold first week. It has since been certified Multi-Platinum with over 2.3 million copies sold.

The party’s location was the roller rink Skateland in Northridge, California, with security giving the 200 guests a pair of skates on arrival. Others guests included Puff Daddy, Rashida Jones, Busta Rhymes, Redman, Carmen Electra, Ja Rule - and of course the entire Roc-A-Fella Records family. On the 1s and 2s was DJ Mark Ronson.

First sending a shout-out to OutKast, who debuted #2 with Stankonia, Hov told the crowd: “I want to thank all the fans out there, everybody out there for making me #1 in the country. I really, really appreciate all the support over the years. This is my fifth album in four years, and they’re still right there with me, like all the way, even stronger. My first album did 34,000 units the first week, maybe 40,000. It’s a long way from half a million. It’s a long, long way.”


How MC can show the Shandy Wedding-

So, I saw this video a few months ago and now that Sharon and Andy are officially engaged this is how I’m hoping the wedding itself will be shown. Realistically I know MC isn’t a soap opera and we aren’t going to get to see the whole wedding and hear all the vows and the exchanging of rings–though I wouldn’t be adverse to an entire episode devoted to the wedding :-). But I think this is a way they can show the whole wedding and reception–make it a real event. 

Of course we’d have lead up to the wedding throughout the episode and then at the end we get a video montage like this one.  In the MC montage we could see a little bit of each of them preparing–the boys calming Andy, the girls helping Sharon–then we see the guests arriving at church–or the venue– Provenza and Patrice, Fritz and Brenda, Amy and Cooper, and the rest of the MC team–then the wedding. Love the way they’ve changed the lyrics to make it wedding relevant, the words are perfect.  “The groom looks up and gives a smile” I mean, come ON it’s Andy Flynn, who’s got a better smile? Can’t you just picture the grin he’d give Sharon when he looks up and see her walking down the aisle. In my head canon their only attendants would be their children, Ricky, Rusty and Andy’s son and Nicole and Emily–and it would be cute to see Andy’s step grandkids as ring bearers.

My favorite part is from 2:20-2:45. How great would it be to see Andy and Sharon  saying their vows like this, nearly forehead to forehead and getting to see the exchanging of rings and the kiss. Then if I were the director I’d move into their kids and the MC team hugging the couple and then maybe ending with a clip of Andy and Sharon dancing at their reception–Provenza giving a toast–but I want to see the dancing. This way we get to see the whole wedding in less than five minutes–though I’d hope to have a lot more lead in throughout the episode leading up to the main event.

I’m trying to be prepared for what we’ll probably get–a rushed city hall quickie with just Sharon and Andy–maybe Rusty and Gus and Provenza-with Andy and Sharon barely looking any different than they normally do, a dress and a suit and no sense of occasion–or worse, it will take place while on hiatus— but I’m DREAMING for a real wedding. Who knows maybe dreams will come true