You, A Music Major, Need These Composers They Never Told You About In Music History In Your Life, part I

Nadia Boulanger (France, 1887-1979) - Pupil of Fauré, friend of Ravel, teacher of Copland, Piazzolla and Glass plus a lot more. Composed beautiful, impressionistic works. Listen to: Fantasia for piano and orchestra, /// 3 pieces for piano and cello

Lydia Auster (Estonia, 1912-1993) - Studied in Moscow, worked as a pianist in Central Asia. Modern and flowing works for piano, orchestra, voice and many other instruments. Listen to: Piano concerto

Germaine Tailleferre (France, 1893-1983) - Member of Les Six (the French neoclassical group), composed several operas, concertos and other orchestral works. Listen to: Concertino for harp and piano (the heavenly combination of harp and piano is something that you don’t know you need until you listen to this), /// Ballade for piano and orchestra

Claude Arrieu (France, 1903-1990) - Composed many different kinds of works, for example concertos for piano, two pianos, trumpet and flute but also music for movies and theatre. The flute sonatina seems relatively popular. Listen to: Concerto for 2 pianos

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