The next question from that anonymous person:

“What is your opinion on Barney, what shoddy craftsmenship, right? Right down to those GARRISH toes.” - Anonymous

I completely agree, Anonymous. Also, for this post, I have redrawn Barney and his friends as accurate and contemporaneous dinosaurs: a subadult Daspletosaurus, a young Arrhinoceratops, a subadult Montanoceratops, and a young Saurolophus. This would obviously make for a much better children’s show.

Arrhinoceratops had a short, deep, wide face with large nostrils. Its two brow horns were moderately long, very pointed, and curved forward. The neck frill was broad with small, oval fenestrae (openings), and was rounded. The only skull of Arrhinoceratops to be found was slightly crushed and distorted, making it difficult to understand the pattern of the skull bones. Paleontologists don’t know what the rest of its body looked like.

Arrhinoceratops lived during the late Cretaceous (70-65 million years ago). It was also closely related to Torosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Pentaceratops, and Triceratops.