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tiny little “off” rough stuff for Happy traditional Lovers’ Day, on the 7th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar, also today 😝 …man i miss here and miss drawing them SO MUCH 😢😢😢 it’s the last week working on the comic book case, will be free and back then! 🍻🍹🍾
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happy Valentine's Day to you!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too <3 <3 <3
You guys are the sweetest really!!!!! I’m really sorry for the inactivity all these while;;;;

And this is how to rock a lover’s shirt ((no
Stay tuned for more lawlight doodles? i hope///////

(here you go? ^^;;; sorry it’s kinda random and probably not all that good, but yeah? It’s… Jean centric? Is that the term?)

He wasn’t sure what to think. On the one hand, fun picnic at the lake with his boyfriend and girlfriend. On the other hand, though… well, he wasn’t exactly liking the fact that Marco’s lap got Mikasa’s head while he was stuck with her feet. Not that he didn’t like her feet. They were cute. But Marco was rubbing it in his face by playing with the sleeping Mikasa’s hair and smirking all the while, knowing that if he tried to do something to her feet, she’d wake up and accidentally kick him.

“Hey, Marco,” he began. His fingers twitched in the grass as Marco braided part of Mikasa’s bangs. “Let’s switch places.”

“And wake the sleeping beauty?” Marco teased. Still smirking. “That’s bad, Jean. Look at her face. Isn’t she pretty?”

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I want to switch. So I can look better.”

“No way. You got to wake up to her face this morning. I just had a face full of… whatever you call your haircut!”

“You were liking it last night.” And it wasn’t his fault that the two decided he’d be the one in the middle last night. “C’mon, Marco…”

“No. My turn." 

Okay, time for the most secret of weapons. The puppy dog pout. “Pwease?”

"…Ugh…” Marco sighed and shifted over. Mikasa mumbled something sleepily as Marco arranged the three of them so that Mikasa’s head was still in Marco’s lap, but her back was in his. “There. Compromise.”

“Fine.” He could see and play with Mikasa’s hair from here, which is all he wanted to do. For bonus points, though, he could rest his head on Marco’s shoulder while he did so! “Perfect.”

“Yeah, yeah. I expect a proper thanks later.”

“I’ll plot something just for you then.”


When Mikasa woke up some time later, she was amused by the number of braids her hair had picked up, and how her boys looked so adorable sleeping next to each other. That is, until she rolled their asses into the lake for more fun time in the water. She’d ‘apologize’ later.


only boys this time… more newsies!! i tried making them all look younger.. i’ll ink and color these later… :)

Monsta X reaction to their crush doing ‘that’ in front him and the boys

requested by anon~

well, ‘that’ means their crush unknowingly or innocently deep throats a popsicle


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Shownu; This boy would be so shook to be honest. Everyone was just enjoying some popsicle when all of their eyes landed on you, who literally shoved the whole popsicle in her mouth. Shownu wouldn’t be able to speak up and he’d just stare at you  in shock. When one of the boys asked you  about it, Shownu would immediately dismiss them, making sure that you wouldn’t feel embarrassed or anything.

Oppa, are you okay?”

“….. *avoids eye contact* u-uh… i have to go and feed the sheep”

“You guys don’t own any sheep and you guys live in the city.”

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Wonho; By the second you shoved the whole popsicle into your mouth,Wonho would be surprised and probably.. .turned on…. But then when he remembers that the boys are in the room, he’d immediately diverts their attention by screaming something out of the blue and it also makes you remove the popsicle out of your mouth. And this would literally make Wonho sigh in relief when the boys finally got their attention transferred to him.


“What’s wrong oppa?”

“Nothing hehehehe”

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Minhyuk; This ball of sunshine would probably scream his lungs out and hides you behind his back, making everyone wonder what he’s doing. Of course, he doesn’t want the boys to get dirty thoughts about his crush. He’d just shrug it off with a sigh and would probably “accidentally” slap that popsicle off from your hands, making you look at him in disbelief. He’d just flash you a cheeky grin before returning to his previous position.

Hey! I wasn’t finished.”

“Oops, sorry [y/n] I didn’t mean to let your popsicle fall.”

“Are you sure?”

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Kihyun; This boy would be taken aback of what’s happening right in front of him. Seeing you deep throat the whole popsicle would literally make him think of ways on how to stop the boys from looking at you. Looking at their faces, he’d literally throw something at them, telling them to not stare and whatnot. But then he’d be so quiet that he wouldn’t be able to talk to you because he didn’t expect you to be able to do that.

Yah! *throws the honey butter chips at the boys only to make a big mess*”

“Hyung! What are you doing?!”

“Oh no!! Those poor chips *cries in potato language*”

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Hyungwon; Chae Pepe would be unleashed to be honest. By the moment you put that popsicle in, he couldn’t help but hold his laugh but then just doing that, he’d actually get scolded by the boys. Hyungwon wouldn’t be able to surpress how it literally amazed him to see you deep throat that popsicle in just one go. He wouldn’t also be able to stop himself from asking you random questions.

Is it not big?”

“It isn’t. It fits perfectly to be honest.”

“Pfttt…… oho….. *holds in his laughter*”

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Jooheon; This boy would somehow loose his appetite tho. He’d put the popsicle away from his hand would look away when you deep throat the popsicle. He’d be flushed and embarrassed at the same time. But then once Jooheon notices that the boys were totally looking at you while putting that popsicle in, he’d literally whine and smack some of them on the thigh. 

Hyung what the heck?!”

“Changkyun don’t you even!!”

“What are you doing!? Put that popsicle down!”

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I.M; This boy would be utterly amused on what he’s seeing. He’s also the type to tease you to be honest. The moment you look at him while enjoying the popsicle, he’d have this sly smile plastered on his face, making you wonder what’s up with him. When you’re about to look away, he’d attack you with a one liner question, only to make you more confused.

Is that popsicle that good, [y/n]?”

“What do you mean?”

“Is it that good?”

Mega Man X: The Novel Chapter 2

Hey all, sorry for the long wait! Chapter 2 is finally complete!! As usual, I thank my lovely team for their work! Edgekagami was the translator this time, and my editors were the lovely moidang and Lambency!

For the most updated versions of each chapter, please check the google doc! I will be updating the tumblr posts when a new version is released but it’ll lag behind a bit.

In this chapter, a penguin has no chill, and our blue hero is stealing the trademark of another blue hero.


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hey lustfulcat, I am so sorry for bombarding you with so many questions! I wanted to ask you do you get annoyed with Doumeki's vulnerability with Yashiro? At times I wonder should Doumeki be more dismissive or even off with Yashiro because I keep having this anxiety of Yashiro's emotions. Will Yashiro ever concede to his emotions of DOumeki and love him just as hard as Doumeki has? Yashiro is so complicated and BEAUTIFUL and Doumeki is ARRGHHH just beyond words. Sorry once again.

Listen, you don’t need to apologize for talking to me about something I’m OBSESSED with. It’s why I’m here.  ♥

And I never get mad at Doumeki because he’s the very thing that Yashiro needs. The fact that he is so vulnerable with Yashiro makes their relationship work. Other people got defensive or dismissive with Yashiro because he wants them to, but Doumeki doesn’t give Yashiro what he wants, he gives him what he needs, even if Yashiro doesn’t know he needs those things.

I do believe that Yashiro has a great capacity for love and I think he will eventually show it to Doumeki. He doesn’t really have a choice. THIS ENTIRE TIME Yashiro has been trying to get rid of Doumeki and look how well that’s worked. He isn’t able to resist his bodyguard and he’ll have to own up and admit his feelings at some point. I also believe that he’ll be overprotective of Doumeki and hella possessive, which is adorable.