“On the night of January 28, 1968 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Jim Morrison was arrested at the Pussycat a’ Go Go for public drunkenness and vagrancy.  Apparently, Jim was beat up by the bouncers because he was smoking a cigarette like it was a joint.  One of the bouncers hit Jim over the head with a billyclub which caused Jim’s head to bleed.  Chaos ensued and the cops arrived and Jim was arrested.  On the ride to the station and while being booked, Jim was livid and incited the cops who threatened to beat him up after their shift ended.”

Lawmakers arrested at Washington rally for immigration reform

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., and Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., were among several lawmakers arrested Tuesday at an immigration rally on the National Mall in Washington.

Ellison’s staff confirmed to Al Jazeera that Ellison, who sat in the middle of Independence Avenue together with other House Democrats, had planned his act of civil disobedience to push for a law that, among other things, would allow undocumented residents to apply for U.S. citizenship.

Ellison is expected to release a formal statement on his protest later.

More than 100 demonstrators were also lined up to be arrested.

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Photo: Jason Reed/Reuters

One in 25 Americans Was Arrested in 2011 | Huffington Post

According to the FBI, in 2011 there were 3991.1 arrests for every 100,000 people living in America. That means over the course of a single year, one in 25 Americans was arrested. The arrest rate for violent crime was just 172 per 100,000, and for property crimes, it was 531. That means that in 2011, one in 33 Americans were arrested for crimes that didn’t involve violence against another person, or theft of or damage to property. More people were arrested for drug crimes than any other class of crimes – about one in every 207 of us. 

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NYPD Cracks Down Hard On Baltimore Solidarity “Shut It Down” Protest

“[The NYPD] made a tactical and a political decision not to” allow protesters to march in the street, Oliver said, “and that set a tone. Right when people exited Union Square, there was an opportunity for the police to make a game-day decision, as they frequently do, to give them a lane. But that wasn’t the plan. That’s not how they were deployed. It was a very upsetting turn, and I hope it’s not reflective of a broader policy shift.”

The Mayor’s Office has not responded to a request for comment on last night’s actions.

Whatever the cause, the NYPD appeared to electively turn a peaceful protest into a chaotic sequence of mass arrests. As one senior officer told a protester on video, “If we could arrest you all, we might.”

The NYPD is threatening the city by not doing their jobs 

ests for all kinds of crimes and tickets for minor infractions have declined sharply across New York City, reports the New York Times. The New York Post has described the drop in activity — a 94% drop in arrests or tickets for minor offenses, and a 66% decrease in arrests overall compared to the same time last year— as a “virtual work stoppage.”

Is this the New York Police Department’s attempt at reforming its increasingly controversial “broken windows” approach to policing? On the contrary, it could be yet another act of political spite by the NYPD, whose most powerful unions have responded to the murder of two of its officers in December by lashing out at the mayor and city protesters.

Nov 14 (Reuters) - Venezuela’s socialist government has arrested more than 100 “bourgeois” businessmen in a crackdown on alleged price-gouging at hundreds of shops and companies since the weekend, President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday.

“They are barbaric, these capitalist parasites!” Maduro thundered in the latest of his lengthy daily speeches. “We have more than 100 of the bourgeoisie behind bars at the moment.”

The successor to the late Hugo Chavez also said his government was preparing a law to limit Venezuelan businesses’ profits to between 15 percent and 30 percent.

Officials say unscrupulous companies have been hiking prices of electronics and other goods more than 1,000 percent. 

“Goodyear has to lower its prices even more, 15 percent is not enough, the inspectors have go there straightaway,” Maduro said in his evening address, sending officials to check local operations of the U.S.-based tire manufacturer.

Since the weekend, soldiers and inspectors have gone into 1,400 shops, taken over operations at an electronics firm and a battery-making company, and rounded up a handful of looters.

Awesome. Now can somebody tell Reuters that ‘bourgeois businessmen’ is kinda redundant?