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Ruth Hopkins updates on the illegal evictions at Standing Rock

[TWEET #1: Helicopters, humvees, assault rifles, being used by police against women and elders on U.S. soil. #NoDAPL

TWEET #2: Armed searches, camp is being swept. This is the raid. #NoDAPL

TWEET #3: They’re arresting the veterans #NoDAPL

TWEET #4: Guns drawn #NoDAPL

TWEET #5: Arresting people praying #NoDAPL

TWEET #6: Grandmother arrested. Please don’t strip her and number her and put her in a dog kennel like you did the rest #NoDAPL

TWEET #7: The people are unarmed, singing and praying in front of police with guns drawn #NoDAPL

TWEET #8: This is not the end. This is just the beginning.]

Feb. 23rd, 2017.

fake ah crew gavin sneaking his phone through his arrest. gavin posting pics on snapchat of him and the other fakes being arrested. gavin live tweeting the whole thing. gavin accidentally trending #lspdcansuckmydick.

the cops dont found out until afterwards and make notes to make sure to check gavin better during his next arrest.

this now happens during every arrest.


With the upcoming Feb. 22nd eviction date for the #NoDAPL camps, police threaten to arrest journalists

[TWEET #1: Tonight North Dakota law enforcement told crowd that they would arrest any journalists in the crowd on the road regardless of press status

TWEET #2: A rep of ND Governor @DougBurgum, when asked, would not guarantee they would respect rights of media to report on upcoming #NoDAPL eviction

TWEET #3: The representative of ND Governor @DougBurgum also claimed he had no control over ND law enforcement who were present on the road. #NoDAPL

TWEET #4: .@DougBurgum’s aide hinted at possibility of a “press area” during Feb 22 eviction,implying possible arrests of journalists outside the area

TWEET #5: Tonight’s advance of riot police with MRAP armored vehicles onto 1806 marks a change from recent calm talks between authorities and campers

TWEET #6: Governor @DougBurgum’s representative reiterated a hard eviction date of Feb 22 despite recent promises from government to be “flexible”]

Feb. 19th, 2017.

I just had a dream that I was hanging out in the general vicinity of Nash Grier and he stole my large cowboy hat, which was a very important possession of mine in the dream. I asked him if he took it, but he said no. I knew it was him so obviously I was very upset by this injustice. I went to the police and proved that he had stolen it by showing he had used it as a prop in his newest video. I got my hat back and he got arrested

today’s been wild tbh. Quick run down of today’s events:

-Martin Shrekli gets arrested because of a tweet and some dude called the cops on shit related to stocks

-the NY branch of the FBI straight up tweet an explainiation as to why they didn’t snag the wu-tang album when arresting shrekli

-A suddenly section of the internet is brought to light, this section of the internet is not only that there is a large group of people still practicing wiccan based magic and take it very serious, but they are literally stealing bones

-the bubsy twofur steam port that got greenlit because of memers has been revealed to be literally just running on snes9x, and is super illegal, currently unknown if action will be taken

-deadmau5 has currently shutdown all of his social media accounts, leaving them to onl be used by PR people. Made a lengthy post on facebook about how everyone on social media are all a bunch of sheep and ends it with him actually typing “i’ve got some fences to jump”

all this happened in like the last 12 hours

Writing on the walls of Run Japanese Ver.

Phone Booth

“Dedicated to all the boys who have lived in this painful world. Shit”

“Res, non verba”

Latin for “deeds rather than words”, or “actions to be used instead of words”. Also appears in bathroom that Taehyung is in.

“Pain past is pleasure”

I can’t find much on the origin of this, however it may derive from the Chinese proverb “苦尽甘来”, which literally translates to “suffering ends, good comes” (may be slightly off because my Chinese is not the best, but it’s along the same lines)

“Dum spiro spero”

Latin for “While I breathe, I hope”. Also appears in the main room.


French for “butterfly”. Papillon was the name of one of the concept shoots for 화양연화 pt. 2.

“Je ne regrette rien”

French for “I regret nothing”. Je ne regrette rien was the name of another concept shoot.
Non, Je ne regrette rien was also the title of a song by Édith Piaf near the end of her life, as pointed out by this lovely anon. The lyrics are about forgetting the past and starting over.

“Carpe diem”

Latin saying, often translated to “Seize the day”

“Only me and my…”

I can’t see this one too clearly, but it looks like “Only me and my style”

“Memento mori”

Latin for “remember that you will die”.
It is also the name of a short story by Jonathan Nolan, which is about a man who uses tattoos and notes to keep track of his life as he has anterograde amnesia. The story cuts between two timeframes- while the man is in a mental institution, and when he is on the run after he escapes. This reminds me of the part in Run where Hoseok wakes up in the hospital after Tae and Namjoon have been arrested. It then cuts to the party scene. The contrast between scenes is similar to the contrasting timeframes in Memento Mori.


“La vita dolce”

Italian for “the sweet life”, or “the good life”

“Draw me like one of your french girls”

The iconic line from the Titanic which has become a meme of sorts. This is a seemingly random inclusion from Bighit.

“This train ruined my life”

This line was originally hidden in the music video by Namjoon, but thanks to the new photos that came out, I finally figured out what it said. The trains in the I Need U and Run music videos are probably referenced here. In Run, when Namjoon opens the door to the train carriage, it cuts straight to him entering the party scene. “Train” could be a metaphor for his delinquency, as we later see him vandalising and getting arrested. 

Taehyung’s room

“…while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to die live humbly for one”

This is a quote from J.D. Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye.
The full quote reads: “The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.”
It should be noted that the original quote has been modified, replacing the word “live” with “die”, however “die” is then crossed out and replaced again with “live”. The first half of this quote appears in the main room.

“Hoi doei”

Dutch for “hi bye” (informal)

“Youth is never coming back”

Also appears in the room Jimin is in.

“Don’t fear”

“Won’t trust, can’t trust, don’t trust”

“Save me from myself”

Name of Brian Welch (also know as Head), guitarist of Korn’s autobiography. Also a Christina Aguilera song.

“I paid love”

“Pain paid”

“High & Dry”

Title of a Radiohead song. While reading the lyrics, I noticed the line “You broke another mirror”, which links to Yoongi and his shards of glass from the mirror he broke in Run, which seemed to create some sort of chain reaction among the boys.

“Siste, viator”

Typically used on Roman roadside tombs, meaning “stop, traveller”


“Paradise is”

“I do believe in fairies”

A quote from Peter Pan. @taetaetown has a really good theory on how Peter Pan links to the whole INU/Prologue/Run universe, which you can read here and here.

“To young to die”

Probably supposed to be “too young to die”, which links to the possible deaths of the members. The words are split up into two lines, and the word “paid” is written before “to die”, giving it an overall reading of “paid to die”. Not sure if this was intentional or not, but that seems pretty fishy.

“The end”


Vida has Latin origins, and means “Long live”, or just “Live!” in languages such as Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Seokjin’s room


Name of Intro for 화양연화 pt. 2, as well as an album by Nirvana.

“In bloom”

Song by Nirvana, written by Kurt Cobain. It is the second track in Nevermind.


The black spray paint towards the top right of the butterfly looks like it may have said “Butterfly” before most of the word got erased. There are also butterflies flying in the room, and Seokjin is known to be connected with butterflies throughout the music videos.

“Goodbye Jin”

Originally, I thought this said “collapsing”, which also appears in Taehyung’s room, but it has been since pointed out to me that it might also say “Goodbye Jin”. It’s rare that they included a direct reference to one of the members, and this is significant as it alienates Seokjin even more from the members. Either they have left him, or he has left them.

Main Room


“You only live once”

“Pro Memoria”

Latin for “for memory”. Also in Taehyung’s room. Thank you very much to  @little-boat-boy for telling me that this phrase was said to “remind you not to forget about the dead, and that they are alive in your minds.” This is scarily relevant (if the theories are true) to the fact that the members, apart from Namjoon, have died, and that Seokjin is living with his memories of them. People also added “gloria” to the phrase, which means butterfly. This is because butterflies are fragile yet still important. Butterflies were often related to memories and the dead.

“Teen Spirit”

Probably a reference to Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, the first track in Nevermind.


Not sure if this is completely relevant to the story, but I’ll include it anyway. The 1st of March 2016 marks the 97th anniversary of the Samil Movement. 
This was a series of demonstrations for Korea’s independence from Japan, and was suppressed a year later by the Japanese. Over the year, around two million Koreans participated and many were arrested, wounded or killed.
BTS tweeted about this with the hashtag #Remember1919. 

“What really knocks me out is a book…”

From a quote by J.D. Salinger, author of The Catcher in the Rye.
The rest of the quote doesn’t seem to appear, however the full quote reads: “What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn’t happen much, though.”

Your skin makes me cry”

A line from Radiohead’s Creep. Guitarist and keyboardist Jonny Greenwood once said the song was about “recognizing what you are”.

“Henry II”

This is really random and I can’t seem to find anything at all that links at all to the plot. However it must have some sort of significance, so I’ll be looking into this a bit more.


“Save me”

Also appears in the phone box multiple times. This was revealed to be a track on the new 화양연화 Young Forever album.

“Our home is nowhere”

This could reference the song …But Home Is Nowhere by AFI. The lyrics of the song are pretty cryptic, and seem to fit into the concept. One particular line stood out to me, “discarnate, preternatural”. Discarnate is defined as “not having a physical body”, a reference to spirits and ghosts. Preternatural, in contrast to supernatural, assumes that it is a phenomena with an unknown explanation. It is said to be “suspended between the mundane and the miraculous.”

“You think I’m bad”

Thank you very much to @dailydoseofdia​ for messaging me about this quote. It could be a reference to a book called Kill or Cure, part of The Afterblight Chronicles, in which a plague has killed a large portion of the human population.
The full quote reads: “You think I’m bad, that this society is bad, but that’s only because you haven’t seen the rest of the world.” I think this is a really interesting quote, as it could link to the naivety and youth of the (dead?) members who really haven’t seen much of the world yet.

“Ode to youth”

A poem written in 1820 by Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz. Also the name of the OST for Secretly Greatly.


The word “painful” appears, but it is crossed out. “Pain” is spray painted over and over again on the walls of this room.

“Don’t trust”

Links to “won’t trust, can’t trust, don’t trust”



There seem to be a lot of references to Nirvana.
The state of nirvana is defined as “a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth. It represents the final goal of Buddhism.”
Essentially, it is an ideal state of peace and happiness.

The Catcher in the Rye

The book is quoted on the walls, as is the author, J.D. Salinger.
Published in 1951, it is about a teenager’s struggle with growing up and death. It highlights the innocence of childhood vs. the artificiality of the adult world. A main theme which appears throughout the book is the preservation of youth, which fits perfectly into Bangtan’s concept, and has an ominous link to the recurring line of “youth is never coming back”


The word “easy”, or more often, “easy easy”, appear multiple times throughout the video in different rooms. These words also appear in the photobook for 화양연화 pt. 2. Easy easy is a song by King Krule, who had a troubled childhood and was diagnosed with at least one mental illness. The line “Cause if you going through hell, we just keep going” can be easily linked to the struggles that the boys go through in the music video.

Angel Numbers

I’m going out on a limb here, and I’m not too sure about this. The numbers 626 and 42 appear in that main garage where the dance part of the music video occurs. These numbers must be there for one reason or another, so I looked into the meanings of the angel numbers.
Angel number 626 brings the message of trusting your surroundings and the situations you are put in, and knowing that everything will work out in the end, for the better. It also tells you to trust the energies of the angels guiding you. It is a number which relies greatly on trust, and contrasts with the message of “won’t trust, can’t trust, don’t trust” portrayed in the music video.
Angel number 42 is a message to pursue your passions and fulfil your life purpose. It also encourages you to maintain your faith in the angels, which once again links back to trust. The number 42 is also named as the meaning of life in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Song titles

The titles of some BTS songs appear in the garage as well. I’m not sure if they’re there just to fill up space or if they have some sort of meaning behind them, but Dope, Let Me Know and Just One Day are all written on the walls.

Eighth rest

The musical symbol for an eighth rest, or quaver rest, appears in more than one room. It is the notation for 1/8 of a beat of silence.

I think I got most of the important ones, if there’s any I missed please message me~

Here are the special date for the Dan and Phil calendar

as requested by sherlockisonfire


5= Happy You-probably-broke-your-resolution Day!

15= National Hat Day- wear your swaggiest hat!

30=Phil’s Birthday!


1= #MovieStarPet- Dress your pet as a film star and tweet us!

17=Pancake day


1= MERRY CHRISTMAS! lol jk April Fool’s Day

14= National Dolphin Day- go hug a dolphin!

17=National Bat Appreciation Day- go hug a bat!


1=#IActuallyWentOutside-tweet a picture to prove you braved nature

29= National Paperclip Day- go hug a paperclip!


11=Dan’s Birthday!

21=Longest day of the year!

25= National Handshake Day- invent a new one with someone!


14=National Nude Day (don’t get arrested)


1=#DerpySelfieDay- Tweet us with your most horrific face

10=National Lazy Day(zzz)


19=International Talk Like a Pirate Day

22=Elephant Appreciation Day- go hug an elephant!


1=Tweet us with your nose! #ITweetedThisWithMyNose

9=World Egg Day


23=National Cashew Nut Day





Taylor’s phone started ringing, deferring her attention from the TV. She reached for it while Adam paused the Grey’s anatomy episode.

“Hello?” She answered, the phone. “Are you serious?” She sighed. Adam could only hear one side of the conversation. He knew that by the tone of her voice and expression that it wasn’t good. “Please inform me if anything too suspicious happens, okay?” Adam furrowed his eyebrows, wondering what was going on. “We’ll have meeting tomorrow to discuss it in detail, alright? Okay. Thank you.” She hung up the phone, setting it on the bedside table.

“Who was that?” He asked her and she sighed, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“The head of security.” She told him.

“What happened?”

“Apparently this dude they’ve been watching on Twitter has been to every location where I’ve been photographed which means that he’s in LA and his tweets have been getting a little more disturbing.” His eyes widened as she spoke.

“How long have they been watching this guy?”

“For few months.”

“A few months? Why didn’t I know about this?” He questioned.

“Because you don’t need to worry about it. Security can keep me safe, they have many times before.”

“Many-Taylor what? There’s more?” She lifted her head off his shoulder to look at him.

“Adam, did you really expect a pop star to not have stalkers? There’s a pile of files in management of dudes like that.”

“Can’t you get them all arrested?” He inquired, his worry about her safety increasing by the second.

“No, not until we have a solid reason for that. The police can’t arrest them based on tweets or letters or whatever they do. They can’t arrest them unless they actually do something. All we can do is watch them. The police have been alerted too.” She explained. He was worried about this, he couldn’t imagine how this felt for her.

“Taylor! Why didn’t you tell me about this? Don’t you think I should know? We’ve been together for two years. How come I’ve never heard about this?”

“Because security don’t tell me unless it’s something really serious. Otherwise I’d get calls every hour about some new guy they found.” She watched his face, knowing how worried he was. “Baby, I’ll tell you anything you want to know about it from now on, okay?” She kissed his cheek.

“What’s the guy’s Twitter? I wanna know what he’s been saying.”

“Adam, don’t. Trust me, you don’t want to know.” She warned him seriously. “Let’s just watch our episode, and let’s drop this, please? I hate talking about it.” He sighed, pressing his lips to her head.

“Promise me you’ll tell me from now on?” She nodded, whispering I love you to him, before setting back on his chest.


He wasn’t going to let it go soon. He wanted to know what the guy had been saying. He was so worried about her. He always was but what she told him just tripled the amount of worry he had going on his mind.

He called security so they gave him the guy’s username when Taylor left to go to lunch with Gigi. He knew she would kill him because she didn’t want him to know. She knew he would be too worried and he would want to go after this guy although he couldn’t. And he hated going behind her back but needed to know. He really did.

He scrolled through the guy’s Twitter, getting more and more disgusted by the second. The guy wanted her, he wanted to do things with her that Adam couldn’t bring himself to think about. He felt helpless. There were so many awful people out there and security was there to protect her anytime but he wanted to protect her too, he wanted her with him at all times. He needed to know she was safe every hour of the day after what he had just read. And the worst was that this guy wasn’t the only one, there were more. It made him sick to the stomach to think about so many dudes out there wanting to hurt his girlfriend. He hated it.

Adam was sitting on the couch not even paying attention to the TV when Taylor walked into his house. He had given her a key a little over a year ago, just as she had given him a key to her place.

“Hey, babe.” He smiled as she leaned down to press her lips to his.

“Hey.” He greeted back. He stood up following her into the kitchen. He watched as she got a glass of water. He loved that they were both so comfortable in each other’s houses, he knew where everything in her house was, just as she did in his. It was comfortable and he loved that.

“Everything okay with you?” She raised an eyebrow.

“What?” He cleared his throat as she snapped him out of his thoughts.

“Did you hear anything I just said?” She laughed, stepping closer to him.

“Sorry, babe. I was distracted.”

“I can see that.” She chuckled, kissing his lips softly. “Is everything okay?” She wondered, a serious look on her face and he nodded his head, pulling closer and burying his face in her shoulder. “Adam.” She murmured.

“Move in with me.” He mumbled into her shoulder and she froze for a few seconds.


“Move in with me.” He repeated, this time looking at her. “I want to live with you.”

“This is random.” She smirked at him.

“I’ve been thinking about it ever since you told me about these stalkers. I want to live with you so I know you’re safe any time of the day. I don’t want some guy wanting to have sex with you and getting into you’re house when you’re alone.” He told her.

“You read the tweets, didn’t you?” She rolled her eyes, sighing.

“I’m sorry I went behind your back but I needed to know.” He said. “I talked to security, I know about all those obsessive letters and kidnapping threats and I want you to live with me. We can buy a new house or you can move into my house or I’ll move into yours. I just want you to be with me so I know you’re safe.” She could hear how much he cared in his voice.

“A new house.” She spoke with a smile. “I want us to have a new house if we’re going to move in together.”

“Really?” She nodded her head and he closed the gap between them, crashing his lips into hers. “I want more security with us.”

“Adam, we already have enough security.” She whined. She already hated that she had to have security with her, she didn’t really want more.

“I know but I want more. It’ll me make me worry less.” He argued. “And in the future when we have kids, we won’t have to double it or anything because we’ll have enough.”

“Well, someone’s thinking ahead.” She teased, poking his stomach. “Fine. You know I turn into a fluff ball when you mention kids. That was a low blow.” He laughed, shaking his head.

“So we’re moving in together?” He asked her.

“Yes.” She grinned at him.

“Great.” He let out a sigh of relief. All he wanted was for her to be safe. As safe as she could be and he would go the end of the world to make sure she was.



Ya’ll tho - this was really fun. Ori very kindly asked if Chelsea & I would help at the kissing booth put up in the threepatchpodcast room (thanks again for inviting us!!). There are other photos floating around, so I only have the ones from my phone & these are fucking golden. Also this amazing tweet omg

  1. Lestrade arresting Moriarty (scopesandskullties) AT LAST! I was afraid to snap the handcuffs all the way shut so it ended up being a failed arrest for NSY. 
  2. Um John & Sherlock, be serious please. 
  3. this is an important moment, wankers. 
  4. FINE. 
  5. The best awkward prom. johnfuckingwatson is genuinely confused. jupitereyed nailed the prom face. This turned into a full on awkward train a few seconds after this photo. 
  6. Moriarty wins again - Pirates of the Caribbean style. Lestrade can never catch a break. 
  7. Billy was looking dapper as fuckkk (the props were incredible!). 
  8. Sue Vertue (fffinnagain) taking care of her crew. 

I know I’m saying that each post is my favorite, but this one might be my favorite. I can’t pick.