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“Permanent Record, Part 2″ - Kurt/Blaine

Blaine wracks his brain for all the offhanded bits and pieces of Kurt’s past that he’s collected so far. There’s the virginity thing, the Cheerio thing, getting arrested, Scandals, the Glee club exit Kurt blatantly refused to talk about just this morning… The root of all this could be anywhere, so Blaine settles on a familiar place. “Remember when you said you’d thought about going to Dalton? Why did you want to transfer? And… why didn’t you go?”

Part 13 of the Cuffed Verse

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Kurt hasn’t said a word since they left the Scandals parking lot.

Blaine glances over at him every so often from the driver’s seat, but he can’t bring himself to say anything. Kurt still seems unsettled, curled up in the passenger seat with his arms wrapped around himself. It’s scary, if Blaine’s honest, and the silence is far from comfortable.

“This—today has been—” Blaine stops, sighs, and anxiously flexes his hands around the steering wheel. He can see Kurt in the corner of his eye, staring out the window and looking at nothing.

“Started shitty, ended shitty,” Kurt replies. He looks exhausted.

Blaine thinks of their awkward morning and tense afternoon with a fair amount of guilt in his stomach. The spark in Kurt’s eye has been flickering and threatening to go out all day, ever since Blaine pushed him away at his locker and showed Kurt how much of a coward he is. Kurt had said he understood, and didn’t want Blaine to beat himself up over it, but if there’s a reason this day ‘started shitty,’ Blaine’s pretty sure it comes down to him.

He pulls into the Hummels’ driveway and parks the car, then reaches over and gently pulls one of Kurt’s hands from where it’s hidden in his folded arms. “You don’t have to tell me everything right now if you don’t want to. We could save it for tomorrow, or any other day. I mean, I do need to hear it, and I know I’m the one who wanted to talk about it tonight, but if it’s too much right now, I can wait.”

Kurt finally looks at him, tired blue-green eyes blinking slowly as he shakes his head. “If we wait, then I have to feel like this even longer. Let’s talk.”

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Happy 8th Anniversary To:

 Ellen  & Portia DeGeneres

Senator Mike Duffy (Senate Scandal, has 31 criminal charges including bribery, fraud, breach of trust)

Senator Patrick Brazeau (Senate scandal, arrested for domestic violence, has been charged for Assault, cocaine possession, uttering threats, breaking bail conditions)

Senator Pamella Wallin (Senate scandal, RCMP allege she committed breach of trust and fraud)

Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu (being investigated by the RCMP as part of the Senate Audit, resigned)

Senator Don Meredith (Kicked out of Conservative caucus after it was revealed that he had an innapropriate sexual relationship with a 16 year old girl)

The list just keeps getting longer and longer. All of these people were appointed by Stephen Harper.

Eventually we have to point the finger at the PM himself. This shows very poor judgement.

So the massive FIFA corruption arrest scandal is all over the news today, but maybe you heard that FIFA President, and my main man, Sepp Blatter is officially not involved. Because they could not prove that Russia bribed him to award us the 2018 World Cup. Because I hid the Swiss bank account codes in the soccer ball.

Which is all to say that—official account notwithstanding—we don’t know exactly how Bland died. But we do know how she got to jail to begin with. A minor traffic stop. And what’s clear from the evidence is that, while Bland’s ultimate death was a tragedy, her stop and arrest is a scandal, a testament to biased procedures and troubling problems in American policing.