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Standing Rock: Live update on the camp the morning after evacuation, night of arrests

  • On the morning of Thursday, Feb. 23, Standing Rock was burning.
  • Just one day after the Wednesday deadline to evacuate the camp, only an estimated 25 to 50 protesters remained, reluctant to abandon the last vestiges of the failed movement to oppose the Dakota Access pipeline.
  • Those that stayed set fire to tents and other monuments around the encampment. North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum said that cleanup crews were scheduled to enter the once-bustling camp at 9 a.m. local time.
  • Wednesday night police in riot gear detained 10 protesters on the road near the camp’s main entrance on Wednesday night.
  • During the press conference, Burgum said that those who were arrested would be charged with “Obstruction of a Government Function,” a class B misdemeanor.
  • Chase Iron Eyes, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe that led the resistance, said that shutting down the camp would not dampen protesters’ spirits.
  • “You can’t arrest a movement,” he told Reuters. “You can’t arrest a spiritual revolution.” Read more (2/23/17 11:22 AM)
On This Day: May 10

Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Awareness Day

  • 1857: The Indian Rebellion begins as troops mutiny in the town of Meerut, quickly spreading across the region.
  • 1866: American Equal Rights Association Founded.
  • 1887: Albert “Ginger” Goodwin born in Treeton, United Kingdom. He was a coal miner activist for workers’ rights. His death inspired 1918 Vancouver general strike.
  • 1905: Oscar Wilde’s play Salome opened.
  • 1920: Dock workers in England refuse to coal the Jolly George, loaded with arms to be used against Revolutionary Russia.
  • 1926: British General Strike: PM Baldwin declares that Britain’s ‘threatened with a revolution’; government arrests 374 Communists.
  • 1926: British General Strike: The Flying Scotsman derailed by strikers in Northumberland.
  • 1967: Captain Dr Howard Levy, imprisoned for 3 years for refusing to train soldiers for Vietnam. He considered it a violation of his medical ethics.
  • 1968: Léo Ferré composed his song The Anarchists during the events of May 1968 in France.
  • 1968: The Night of the Barricades in Paris as student protesters battle police.
  • 1971: Attorney General John N. Mitchell compares the anti-war protesters to Nazis.
  • 1980: 20,000 march in a funeral procession for slain Protesters in San Salvador, El Salvador.
  • 1980: National Organization for Women (NOW) organizes 85,000 in Chicago to march for Illinois to ratify Equal Rights Amendment.
  • 2008: Skorpion Zinc strike in Namibia begins at Africa’s largest mine.
  • 2012: Quebec Student Strike: Smoke bombs set off at various points on the Montreal metro system during the morning rush hour, disrupting subway service on a rainy morning. Four people arrested and detained for days. Supporters hold demonstration at Montreal courthouse.

Arrest Development- Revolution Classic!

“Now see, I understand what my people have said. They tell me to fight. Fight for the ancestors who are dead. For Harriet Tubman, Move Organization, David Walker, The Black Panthers, Kwame Nkrumah, Marcus Garvey, Jane Pittman…Revolution!”