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+ Favourite ASOUE moments :: Will Arnett (who plays Daddy Quagmire) played the character of George Oscar Bluth II in the show “Arrested Development”. How is this relevant, you ask. In Arrested Development, the character attended Milford School, which taught its kids “to be neither seen nor heard” (sounds a lot like a school that teaches kids to eavesdrop) 


Tales of Berseria x Arrested Development (S01E01)

Just leave it to Magilou to scar mix-up your childhood memory.. Velvet is not amused. Velvet don’t have time for your magic trick illusion, Magilou.


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Jacques: Where is Lemony?
Beatrice: Oh, who knows? I don’t even know where he lives.
Kit: He doesn’t live at your place?
Bertrand: I’ve always pictured him in a lighthouse.


Corruption AU - [narrative: 1/?]

Michael Bluth is discovering that being President of the Bluth Company is a lot harder than he’d previously thought. There are the discrepancies in the budget reports, for starters. The family is constantly siphoning off funds. And some of the business partners are insisting that if Michael’s wise he’ll launder several million dollars for them quarterly — no questions asked. 

It’s a lot for one guy to handle.

Luckily for Michael, though, he has Gob, his older brother who has been searching for a way to earn Michael’s respect for years. It becomes sort of a win-win arrangement. With Gob acting as his right-hand man, he gets to be an invaluable asset who volunteers to do the dirtiest of Michael’s deeds in exchange for a fair paycheck and his brother’s attention.

Surprisingly, it goes about as well as it possibly can. Maybe that’s why things start changing between them. Maybe it’s the reason Michael starts seeing Gob in a different light. If Gob wants his respect, pride, and love, well, he’s more than deserved them. As for Michael, why shouldn’t he want to feel good about strengthening their previously tenuous bond? It’s gotten them this far. 

Besides, they’ve already gone all in.

ID #59621

Name: Prathiksha
Age: 20
Country: India

Hi, whoever’s reading this. As you probably saw above, I am Prathiksha, currently living in India. Hopefully, I will be able to move to Ireland or Canada for my master’s, this September.

I absolutely love reading and I watch quite a lot of shoes, including Doctor Who, Rick and Morty, Arrested Development, Bates Motel, Sherlock, Supernatural… And the list goes on. And I also absolutely love Hamilton. Protect Eliza at all costs.

I usually don’t do well in social or family circles. I’m just looking for people who I can talk to about anything under the sun.

Gender doesn’t matter.

Preferences: Age: 20-40