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Television Posters Made By Rabid, Talented Fans

The best thing about a piece of television isn’t the story, or the characters, or the costumes– it’s what the fans do with the work. Spinoffs, fan fiction, all of these obsessions make these shows more than just mindless images to watch– they’re important in people’s lives and they stimulate creativity.

If you liked these, you’ll love these >fan-made banners for Game of Thrones.

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anonymous asked:

significance of the name 'homestuck' given that houses represent heads?

It gives off a vibe of “trapped in your own head”, which can serve the ideas of both mental illness and the inability to overcome a limited state of mind, ie grow up. Both “Failure to Launch” and “Arrested Development” (posters on John and Jane’s walls) are synonyms for Homestuck in a loose sense.

Hussie is also on the record saying that Homestuck is loose synonym for “Earthbound”, which itself is a title meant to emphasize Ness being homesick on his journey. So the name Homestuck also appeals to the longing for a return to innocence and simplicity, which @karkatvantasistrans pointed out is kind of epitomized by the Put The Bunny Back In The Box routine (x)(x).

Also @celebratoryconfetti pointed out that the central Sburb mechanic of building up your house could be construed as expanding your mind? There’s a lot of ways you can go with the symbol.

There’s probably more nuance to the name, that’s what I’m aware of.