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For an ongoing series entitled Mad Max Movies Cars, Toronto-based art director Scott Park illustrates famous automobiles and motorcycles from TV shows and movies as post-apocalyptic vehicles like those seen in Mad Max: Fury Road. Now Ecto-1, the Batmobile, the Mystery Machine, and even the RV from Breaking Bad are worthy to ride to Valhalla along the Fury Road, including our personal favorite, the Bluth family stair car from Arrested Development:

For more of Scott Park’s awesomely tricked out pop culture cars click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

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'Arrested Development' reunion to shoot this summer, says Will Arnett

Arrested Development’s reunion miniseries and film will shoot this summer, according to Will Arnett.

Arrested Development co-executive producer Dean Lorey announced in January that Arnett,Jason Bateman and Michael Cera will reprise their roles as the Bluth family for a Netflix miniseries that will lead to a full-length movie.

Arnett provided an update on the project while promoting his series Up All Nighton Today on Tuesday (April 10).

“We’re about to start making the Arrested Development miniseries and then right into the movie this summer,” he said.


The Bluth family’s stair car had a cameo in Captain America: Civil War

Joe and Anthony Russo have rapidly risen up the Hollywood ranks, from well-regarded sitcom directors, to their current positions as the superhero-punching, blockbuster kings of all movies. But that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten how they got here, peppering their films with cameos and references to their small-screen legacy. For example, Captain America: Civil War has a pretty obvious one, in the form of Community cast member (and Oscar-winning screenwriter) Jim Rash, who shows up early on as yet another unctuous college official with a bevy of bad ideas. But it turns out that Dean Pelton isn’t the only Russo sitcom alum to crash their big superhero fight. Another beloved “character” from one of their shows also managed to hop on to the production, because when you make a big movie like Civil War, you’re going to get some hop-ons.

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'Arrested Development' team fired up for movie

According to Ron Howard, who just met up with Jason Bateman, the Arrested Development team is “fired up” about making the fourth season and movie happen.

“It sounds a little bit corny, but a lot of the reason the (cast and producers) want to do the movie is that they really feel like they want to respect what the fans are saying. Really, the fans have kept it going, not only in terms of executives realizing there’s a real yearning for more Arrested Development, but also to just keep encouraging the creative team and keep making it pressing. I just had dinner with Jason Bateman in L.A. and the Arrested Development creative team is completely fired up about it and sort of tidying up the business side.”

You hear that, everyone? It was because of you, the loyal fans, that they’re bringing the show back. Good job!