arrested development confessions

My response to all the haters towards the Arrested Development Confessions page.

If I may take off my pants and pull my analrapist stocking over my head; I think these anonymous blog misanthropes may be suffering from a psychological concept known as denial, that I believe they’re evincing. It’s when a thought is so unnecessarily hateful about a blog of charming blow-hards that the mind literally rejects it. They can keep the denial bottled up, but it will come out. Sometimes in the most unexpected ways. Like leaving a note for said blog’s creator. But why must you scorn, anonymous patrons? So you can try to be John Wayne, build an airport, and fly away from your feelings? You know, first of all, we are doing this for those leading man parts we truly adore, because none one of us wants to complain. And second-of-ly, we know you “Anons” are the big Arrested Development experts - oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, your blogs don’t have any followers!
Well, I won’t just lie there, Anonymous cynics, if that’s what you’re thinking. I will suck it up! We didn’t get into this confession business to please sophomore Tracy Schwartzman or some anonymous cowards on a tumblr page, so… onward and upward!