arrested development 4


ambrose AUSTERO

Job Title: “Stay-at-home Son” (Unemployed)
Aspiration: Soulmate
Traits: Squeamish, Childish, Insane

Ambrose is the definition of a “mama’s boy” and suffers from crippling panic attacks and general nervousness about everything. He shares several traits with toddlers, including hyperactivity after sugar and the need for frequent naps. While Ambrose has never held an actual job he received many accolades as a graduate student, but none were more prestigious than his Motherboy trophy – in which he and his mother won ‘cutest couple’… seventeen years ago.

In an act of defiance against her controlling ways, Ambrose sent in his application after the pair were caught in a heated argument during one of the family’s lavish wine & cheese parties. While Ambrose had no real intention of competing, his inability to read the fine print on the contract now legally obligates him to participate.
Contestant in  @ohmysims404 Bachelorette Challenge