There’s a running gag that pops up a few times in Arrested Development’s fourth season. It doesn’t lead to anything significant. There’s no pay off. It’s just … odd: The characters occasionally eat Parmesan cheese and mustard as a meal.

A plate of it. With a fork. On the surface, it means nothing other than a weird combo of food. But this is Arrested Development – a show where damn near everything has a reason and purpose, you just have to figure it out. So, of course, eating Parmesan cheese and mustard is a reference to the 1985 film adaptation of the board game Clue.

Here’s the ridiculous explanation behind the reference: Gene Parmesan is the Bluth family’s go-to bumbling private investigator, and is played by Martin Mull.

Martin Mull co-starred in Clue, wherein he played Colonel Mustard.

Ipso facto, Parmesan and Mustard. Need more evidence that doesn’t actually link to Parmesan and mustard but is also a reference to Clue? In the episode “A New Attitude,” Gene Parmesan buys a knife at a shop next door to a children’s play place that has a ball pit. The name of the play place is My Little Ballroom. The knife is a weapon in Clue, and the ballroom is one of the rooms in Clue.

5 Pop Culture References Nobody Got in Movies and TV Shows

What’s the sound of one tag trending?

  • In entertainment: Vin Diesel called Furious 7 “the biggest movie in history” and expects an Oscar. You can argue with him if you want but the man can crush a cantaloupe in one hand. Also, netflix ordered dozens more episodes of Arrested Development. Dozens! (17, actually).

  • In the news: South Carolinian Walter Scott was shot eight times in the back after being pulled over for a broken taillight. Michael Slager, the arresting officer, was charged with murder and fired. Also: younger of the two Boston-bombing brothers, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was found guilty. Sentencing still to come.

  • In sports: One Direction’s Niall “five iron” Horan is caddying at The Masters for Rory McIlroy, the number one golfer in the world and the second most famous person at the tournament. 

  • In rites of passage: Spring break road trip. McDonald’s breakfast, a rest stop–size bag of Twizzlers, and a four-inch binder of burned CDs, poorly labeled in Sharpie.

  • In games: LEGO is really covering its bases by announcing a video game and a Golden Girls set. Plus, Nintendo’s trailer for the next Fire Emblem—new gameplay and even more screwed-up family dynamics. 

  • In comics: It’s convention season, which means it’s cosplay season. Please be mindful of the less interesting conference taking place in the hotel’s other ballroom.

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