the signs as running arrested development jokes

aries: “STEVE HOLT!”

taurus: the literal doctor

gemini: the cornballer 

cancer: "C’MON”

leo: “MARRY ME”

virgo: nevernudes

libra: “i’ve made a huge mistake”

scorpio: tobias accidentally saying something sexual

sagittarius: gob’s chicken impersonation.. dance…. thing

capricorn: “…her?”

aquarius: “for british eyes only” & “mr. f”

pisces: family comes first/family is the most important thing

I was asked by several people to tell them what sort of headcanon I have regarding the confrontation between Michael and Gob in A New Attitude.

I need to clarify that when I wrote about having a headcanon I was referring to why I thought Michael looked rather confrontational and aggressive in that scene, not to how I thought he arrived to the conclusion of “always knowing”.

I don’t think Michael considers Gob to be bisexual. I think he thinks that he’s a closet case, a gay man, who was always fooling around with men behind the family’s back, while maintaining the facade of a womaniser.

If Michael believes that, then it would mean that he believes that Gob deceived Marta, hurt her, then destroyed Michael’s chance for happiness with her just and only because he was like a child that doesn’t want to play with a toy but damn anyone else who’s trying to play with it. “I don’t want this, I never wanted this, but I don’t want anyone else to have it”. That doesn’t even touch the mess with Ann and that Gob literally broke her and George Michael up. IF Michael think Gob’s gay, IF he thinks Gob was just using these women as beards and wasn’t in the slightest attracted to them or had any genuine feelings towards them, then he was hurting them and family for no other reason than just because he felt like it.

That interpretation of course makes no sense if Michael thinks that Gob is bisexual.

So going back to the roofie-less confrontation? I think Michael would accuse Gob of being a liar and deceiver, and threaten to out him to the rest of the family (specifically, their parents).
I don’t think he would consider the repercussions of being forcefully outed or why people are in the closet. He would see this as a black/white situation, where the entire family and Gob’s ex-girlfriends (mostly Marta and Ann) had been wronged and are the victims, and Gob is the offender.

I’m sure that he’d quickly come around and offer his support but in that moment Gob’s “lie” would be more important than why he lied.